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BUY ALBEGO NO PRESCRIPTION, While it doesn't indulge in the same kind of thematic miserablism of other movies about transgender sex workers, Olaf de Fleur Johannesson's The Amazing Truth About Queen Raquela (2008) still can't avoid the fact that at least part of its narrative--arguably the dominant part--is constructed from a cisgender man's preconceptions of who transgender people are. The conceit of the movie is that it's half documentary and half fiction, Buy cheap ALBEGO no rx, mixed together in such a way as to obscure the lines between the real and the fake. The director himself calls this shambolic portmanteau structure a "visiomentary." You can probably see the flaws in this approach without even seeing the movie, but I'll elaborate anyway, ALBEGO alternatives.

The movie begins with its central character, Rx free ALBEGO, a trans sex worker in Cebu City, The Philippines, speaking directly to the camera and swearing to tell the truth and the whole truth, ALBEGO brand name. This is Raquela Rios, ALBEGO online cod, essentially playing herself. The filmmakers spend a good deal of time following Rios through her life, which includes interactions with her family, attempts to find employment outside of the sex trade, clubbing with her friends, and generally walking around the city, BUY ALBEGO NO PRESCRIPTION. This is where the film is heavy on the documentary and while it's letting Raquela speak for herself, the movie is on pretty firm ground, buy ALBEGO without a prescription. Raquela is bright, Where can i buy ALBEGO online, funny, optimistic, and gregarious, ALBEGO interactions. Were she in different circumstances, ALBEGO dose, she would undoubtedly be a success at whatever she did. The same might be said for her friends, Aubrey and Olivia, ALBEGO blogs, who also make their livings as "ladyboy" sex workers. BUY ALBEGO NO PRESCRIPTION, Unfortunately, the filmmakers can't leave well enough alone. ALBEGO dangers, They also start the film with a title card that says, "Raquela is transsexual. A chick with a dick, ALBEGO pharmacy," and once the movie acquires a narrative, ALBEGO no rx, the attitude behind that pronouncement seeps into the whole enterprise.

Slowly but surely, it becomes the task of cis white men to explain the lot of the ladyboy, order ALBEGO online c.o.d, and with that shift in focus, ALBEGO cost, the movie begins to patronize its subject. The mouthpiece for all of this is Mike, an internet pornographer who makes his living with ladyboy porn from places like The Philippines and Brazil, ALBEGO australia, uk, us, usa. In a memorable pronouncement on how trans women live their lives, he compares them to cicadas, dormant for the early parts of their lives only to bloom for a short and intense period in which their longing to be something they can never be leads them into risky behaviors, BUY ALBEGO NO PRESCRIPTION. There's a troubling essentialism to the pronouncements the film puts in this guy's mouth, Online buy ALBEGO without a prescription, and the filmmakers wisely make it clear that he's a douchebag, but he also carries himself like an authority figure (there's that white male privilege asserting itself) and the movie doesn't quite shake that off.

In the movie's defense, where to buy ALBEGO, some of the individual scenes here bring Raquela to life as a living, ALBEGO coupon, breathing human being just like the rest of them. The audience is invited to share her heartbreak at being denied entrance into nursing school and to share her mounting apprehension as she waits for the results of an AIDS test. Her defense of the kinds of risky sex she uses to validate her gender identity surely comes from the actress rather than the filmmakers, ALBEGO natural. BUY ALBEGO NO PRESCRIPTION, Her candor in sharing these moments gives her performance in the fictional portions of the film a degree of verisimilitude. When she concludes that Mike the Pornographer is kind of an asshole after he regales her with ugly Americanisms all through Paris, Get ALBEGO, it rings true even though Mike himself is a part and she's talking about someone who doesn't really exist.

The sex trade hangs over all of this, though, ALBEGO from mexico. It's the elephant in the room, Purchase ALBEGO for sale, and the movie plays to it rather than offering a critique. As a counterpart to Raquela's failure to get into nursing school, for one example, canada, mexico, india, is a scene shortly afterward that dresses her in a latex nurse outfit for the benefit of her webcam chat business. This seems almost cruel in context, and there's definitely a fetishistic gaze involved in the director's choice to make the film in the first place that makes me wonder if he's not a chaser himself, BUY ALBEGO NO PRESCRIPTION. Where can i cheapest ALBEGO online, Meanwhile, there's no real acknowledgement of the human cost of the sex trade and its attendant relationship with human trafficking. The movie bills itself as a kind of Cinderella tale, ALBEGO mg, in which Raquela is given the chance to live her dream of visiting Paris, Is ALBEGO addictive, but the film blithely creates this plot without realizing that the scenario it constructs is disturbingly similar to the modus operandi of slavers: provide the money to travel, indenture the victim to the money. The movie omits the indenture, herbal ALBEGO. One of the film's more unbelievable elements is the notion that Mike the Pornographer takes Raquela to Paris out of the goodness of his heart, ALBEGO treatment, especially once the movie establishes that he's kind of a prick. BUY ALBEGO NO PRESCRIPTION, This casts a sinister pall over the director's assertion that the film is about globalization and the commodification of human beings, because he seems not to have a clue as to what he's portraying.

Marginally less troubling is the persistent enforcement of a gender binary worldview and the fixed social roles it portends. The movie already indicates that it thinks that Raquela will never inhabit her desired gender (never mind that movie categorically depicts her doing exactly that), ALBEGO street price. There's a shot--surely staged--of Raquela and her two friends standing at urinals with their skirts hiked up; this is obviously a shot that enforces the film's essentialist ideas of gender identity. The world of this film is also a world without social mobility, where in spite of Raquela's jaunt to Europe, she still winds up back home with no prospects, walking arm and arm down the street with her girlfriends. While there's an inherently humane element to this shot, friends being friends and all, it indicates that Raquela has been running in place, BUY ALBEGO NO PRESCRIPTION. She's never going to move out of her current social role, the movie suggests, and the shadow of dangerous sex, crushing poverty, and (perceived) self-delusion looms large in the end.

As a postscript, I would be remiss if I didn't mention the packaging for this film. Here's the DVD cover:

THAT'S not a prejudicial image. Not at all. Sheesh.

The Amazing Truth About Queen Raquela is available on DVD from E1 Entertainment for purchase or rent from the usual suspects. Also, I need to give a shout out to Gina over at Skip the Makeup, who pointed me at the movie in the first place.

--Dr. Morbius.

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BUY FLOMAX NO PRESCRIPTION, As a filmmaker (or, perhaps more truthily, an art student who did not receive an F for her sole video project) I feel it is my duty to view as many films depicting trans folk as the doctors will allow me. 'Tis a quest not without peril. When a visit to the SF LGBT Center brought me face to face with Clair Farley, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, a subject of Red Without Blue and number three on my list of “people who have inspired me to do make great changes in my life who I hope never to meet in person because I know I'd lose my shit”, FLOMAX used for, spoiler alert: a lot of shit was lost. I stared at the floor, dodged her questions (did I mention I met she was doing my intake for an employment services program, my FLOMAX experience. OF COURSE I DIDN'T, Buying FLOMAX online over the counter, UGH SO FUCKING LIKE ME) and when I realized that the chances of me winning that golden ticket that would let me rearrange reality so that instead of giggling uncomfortably to myself I could instead escape to a universe where I was gainfully employed and she and I were bff who played Chu Chu Rocket on the weekends were fairly slim I just made shit up. Dante never specified what the punishment in hell is for people who try to convince their heroes that blogging counts as a form of community volunteering, but I'm willing to guess it involves having something put in your anus that you'd rather not, BUY FLOMAX NO PRESCRIPTION. Oh, and once I was asked to leave a screening of Normal, FLOMAX trusted pharmacy reviews, but it was agreed that if I never stated who I threw my notebook at and why they would keep it off my record and let me squeak by with a written apology. Buy cheap FLOMAX, Dangers be damned, I saw Beautiful Boxer, the biopic about Muay Thai boxer Parinya Charoemphol, discount FLOMAX, or Nong Toom. Australia, uk, us, usa, As a safety precaution, I had Ms. Pacman plugged in just in case I needed emergency escort to my “happy place”, generic FLOMAX. BUY FLOMAX NO PRESCRIPTION, Much to my surprise, I thought it was an amazing film, and my gripes with it were limited and tied entirely with the storytelling and not the portrayal of Parinya (I thought the dream sequences were contextually inappropriate when done outside of her first person narrative, though I must admit they were poetically executed and relevant to the film's message). So rare do I find films that engage me emotionally while sating my hunger for organically choreographed violence. FLOMAX price, I feel it served as an illustration of the fallacy behind the notion of transitioning to avoid the struggles and challenges traditionally assigned to men, or as my father put it “acting delicate and weak and girly to avoid having to live up to my responsibilities”. And I thought Kyoko Inoue playing herself was pretty fucking neat, where can i buy cheapest FLOMAX online. Yeah, Online FLOMAX without a prescription, that's all I have to say about it. This isn't a film review, BUY FLOMAX NO PRESCRIPTION. This is a reaction piece. So yeah, online buying FLOMAX hcl, you're still gonna have to rent it or read the reviews on IMDB if you want to bluff your way through a conversation about it in your little Livejournal group. Purchase FLOMAX online no prescription, Sorry.

The film is very clear with presenting and expressing a common criticism levied against Parinya and those behind her career: she was a gimmick and novelty act that mocked the sport of kickboxing and her trans identity was exploited and paraded about for profit. BUY FLOMAX NO PRESCRIPTION, To this I say “eh, that's one way of looking at it, where I come from we call that the wrong way”.

To suggest that the Thai boxing establishment's acceptance, purchase FLOMAX, support, FLOMAX schedule, and promotion of Parinya's gender expression was somehow more profit-minded than the minds behind Manon Rheaume (the first and only woman to play in the NHL)'s stint with the Tampa Bay Lightning or fuck, let's just go for broke here, Jackie Robinson playing in the MLB, comprar en línea FLOMAX, comprar FLOMAX baratos, is to contribute to a the ignorance of the machinations of the kyriarchy. FLOMAX class, The underdog from a troubled, prejudiced life who's talent just has to be shared with the masses regardless of their latent bigotry is a noblie lie disguised as a marketing ploy disguised as a human message. The real tragedy is not, FLOMAX without a prescription, I believe, FLOMAX pharmacy, in the tokenization of one's identity to be part of the majority's broadway production, but in the refusal by those who have benefitted from your sacrifice to acknowledge the good you may have done for your community. Without the scream queen, online buying FLOMAX, there'd be no ass-kicking Whedonverse heroine. Without the Hays Code-era sissy, there'd be no Brokeback Mountain, BUY FLOMAX NO PRESCRIPTION. Buying FLOMAX online over the counter, That's just how hiearchy works. When we break free from our cage in the kyriarchal circus, they'll just find someone else to fill our place, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, and then we, Order FLOMAX no prescription, sitting in the audience, will have to decide between shutting the fuck up and eating our kettle corn or bum rushing the stage and burning the tent down.

In a society where hierarchies exist (i.e, FLOMAX alternatives. all of them) the minority takes on an air of mystique and curiosity. BUY FLOMAX NO PRESCRIPTION, Thus we are forced to ask ourselves, as minorities, whether it is better to be an attraction or risk being unseen by society. FLOMAX use, The answer will be different for each and every one of us. Parinya played the game, made enough money to afford SRS, FLOMAX dose, is a successful model/actress, Generic FLOMAX, and could probably break every bone in the body of any asshole who thinks they'll “teach this shemale a lesson”. If you could play the system like that and win by that much of a margin, you'd have already picked out your stage name, after FLOMAX. But you can't. The minority underdog is the bizarro affirmative action: they meet their quota once and then it's closed to everyone else, BUY FLOMAX NO PRESCRIPTION. Ordering FLOMAX online, Personally, I prefer my chances against the system as opposed to with it. But fuck, ask me in a year or two if and when Comedy Central is looking for a caustic plus-sized trans woman with no indoor voice. For now, I find it more efficient in the long run to just be happy for her success and hopeful that it will start a trend of acceptance of trans people in professional sports and instead direct my rage to those instances where people are being played by the system. The bearded lady, the conjoined twins, they know they are part of a sideshow. BUY FLOMAX NO PRESCRIPTION, The microcephalic (or “pinhead” for those of you who fear Wikipedia) does not. Try, if you can, to fight and prevent the greater injustice of the two. The famous and successful can take care of themselves.

And they're giving me the sign to wrap up, but I do want to point out that Parinya Charoemphol is often credited with pulling Thai kickboxing out of its slump and re-establishing its popularity in Thailand.

Me-1 You -0.

Get used to this.




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BUY CIPRO NO PRESCRIPTION, I apologize. I'm caught up in a nearly fulltime job hunt, CIPRO from mexico, Buy CIPRO from canada, plus trying to get some freelance computer work done. But hey, order CIPRO online overnight delivery no prescription, Rx free CIPRO, if you're really hungry for some CL, well, buy CIPRO without a prescription, CIPRO description, Amanda Hess of the always brilliant The Sexist blog has an interview with me, on the subject of boob implants, CIPRO brand name, Is CIPRO addictive, feminism, and beauty standards, my CIPRO experience. Buying CIPRO online over the counter, So drop on by there (and stay a while, Amanda's fabulous.), CIPRO schedule. Purchase CIPRO online. Buy CIPRO without a prescription. Purchase CIPRO online no prescription. Order CIPRO no prescription. Rx free CIPRO. Get CIPRO. CIPRO gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release. CIPRO trusted pharmacy reviews. CIPRO natural. CIPRO no prescription. Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal. Where can i order CIPRO without prescription. CIPRO canada, mexico, india. Buy generic CIPRO. CIPRO no rx. Online buy CIPRO without a prescription. Buy CIPRO from canada. CIPRO blogs. CIPRO maximum dosage.

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BUY ZELNORM NO PRESCRIPTION, Today is the anniversary of my surgery. In fact, as I type this now, ZELNORM street price, I am about a year removed from my first full day of having a vagina--Thailand being twelve hours ahead of my local time, ZELNORM reviews, and the six or more hours of my surgery having started at noon Bangkok time. (I don't remember how long the surgery lasted, as I slept through it and for a long time afterwards, purchase ZELNORM online, only waking up for a brief moment to say goodnight to my significant other of variable and often fabulous gender.)

In fact, ZELNORM over the counter, there's almost a week of time that I have very little recollection of--the five days I had to stay immobile in bed, according to my surgeon's regimen. Not everyone does this; had I gone to the Canadian surgeon I first considered, comprar en línea ZELNORM, comprar ZELNORM baratos, I'd have been up and walking around after about a day or so. Purchase ZELNORM online no prescription, Everybody does things differently. But I'm somewhat glad for being immobile; during that five days I only moved once, and that was because I'd thrown up on myself the first day after my surgery--juice boxes and opiates don't agree all that well, BUY ZELNORM NO PRESCRIPTION. The only way to get me clean sheets was to move me to an entirely new bed. Which meant I had to crab walk over to it, where can i cheapest ZELNORM online. Now, ZELNORM class, even under normal circumstances, that would be both uncomfortable and ungraceful; but I had to not only contend with the pain from my brand-new down there, with the attendant catheter and surgical drains, buy generic ZELNORM, but since I'd also opted to have my boobs done at the same time, ZELNORM overnight, I could barely move my arms; the surgeon went in under my armpits, and to be honest that pain was more omnipresent and inconveniencing than the other.

But other than that, and my SOOVAOFG saying goodbye to me to fly home--we'd spent ten days together bumping around India and Cambodia prior to my surgery, ZELNORM natural, and vacation time is precious nowadays--I really don't remember much. ZELNORM no prescription, I slept a lot; I was too out of it to even watch TV. BUY ZELNORM NO PRESCRIPTION, Every so often, they'd bring me a thick creamy soup and some juice boxes to eat and drink. I rarely ate the soup, but I drank the juice, ZELNORM dosage. (As an aside, Generic ZELNORM, Thai sweets of all kinds tend to be sweeter than American sweets--probably because they use real sugar.) I've come to realize that it wasn't so much that I was drugged out of my head--Thais don't practice American pain management, and I didn't even have a morphine drip--but because nothing changed. There was me; my bed; my room with the blinds drawn; and the occasional ministrations of kind Thai nurses who spoke little English, herbal ZELNORM. (My Thai was suspect at its best and no match for my pain and grogginess.)

But eventually they packed me up and sent me home, Where can i buy cheapest ZELNORM online, after giving me a huge, cumbersome, old-fashioned bra, buy ZELNORM no prescription. It was trimmed with lace and looked like something from the "18-hour bra" commercials I'd seen as a kid, BUY ZELNORM NO PRESCRIPTION. And then I was dumped back in my hotel room, About ZELNORM, just me and my catheter bag--they didn't take the catheter out until the next day, which was a little scary and gross. On the other hand, online buy ZELNORM without a prescription, it was pretty convenient for lying in bed and drinking stuff, Effects of ZELNORM, which was about all I was up for.

But it's surprising how quickly you can heal. I was moving around the hotel room that, night, where can i order ZELNORM without prescription, had enough energy to make breakfast the next day, Canada, mexico, india, and even hosted a pizza party for some of the other patients of my surgeon a day or so after that. (We had a couple of these affairs. BUY ZELNORM NO PRESCRIPTION, They were interesting; we'd have a great time for about an hour, and then everyone would be in too much pain to continue. But they were fun while they lasted.)

That was all a year ago.

Things have changed, cheap ZELNORM. For one thing, ZELNORM photos, I now only have to dilate once a day for about 30 minutes. That will mean I can actually get up at the same time but still get to work earlier, which will help me have more time and energy to write in the evening, order ZELNORM from mexican pharmacy. I've had sex, ZELNORM canada, mexico, india, by which I mean--this being America and all--PIV sex, so now I know how much I've been missing. My recovery has been remarkably hassle free, even with the UTI I developed a month after getting home.

There's more, of course, much more, BUY ZELNORM NO PRESCRIPTION. But how can I put it all in words, ZELNORM interactions. There are days when I forget that I never had a vagina, ZELNORM maximum dosage, and there are days when I forget for a second that I do. There are many days when I am astonished by the miracle of it all, and many more days when I simply take it for granted, after ZELNORM. And most of all, Purchase ZELNORM, I feel like what I am supposed to be. I feel like a woman.

BUY ZELNORM NO PRESCRIPTION, And I felt that way before. I am not going to play pussy politics with you and engage in zero-sum games about the proper anatomy a woman needs. It's reductive, and cruel, and ignores the economic reality of far too many trans women.

But there's no question that I like myself better this way, that I feel a peace with my body I never felt before. That I had to wound myself to heal.

Not that I'm completely healed. None of us, I suppose, ever really can be--and I'm not just talking about trans people. If we measure lives by ideals, then we're all a little broken, all in need of some kind of healing, BUY ZELNORM NO PRESCRIPTION. And I've come so very far.

But there are still times when I resent that passage; when I resent all the things that were taken from me, all the things that I never had--even the bad things, even the things that in a sense I was fortunate enough to miss: if I feel the omnipresent judgment of every damn TV commercial on how I should look, act, think, and feel simply because of my gender, can I really long to have had that drummed into my head from the moment it poked into our world. Do I really feel sorry for myself for not having spent three and a half decades as a victim of sexism?

No. Not really. But I do regret the necessity of it all, the long slow struggle to find out who I am, the summoning up of awful reserves of energy just to survive each day, and then the ultimate effort to make myself into the person I desperately needed to be. And so I regret BUY ZELNORM NO PRESCRIPTION, that passage; but I am grateful, oh so very grateful, to have survived it.

And you could say, maybe, that my vagina is a symbol of that: a physical manifestation of not just my womanhood, but my struggle to achieve that womanhood, a signpost showing how far I've come and how much I had to undergo to reach it. I suppose that would be fine; I'd hardly be the first woman to eulogize my vagina, and I doubt I'll be the last, cis or trans.

But I don't really do that much. Because most of the time it's just a vagina. And believe me, that is more than enough. In fact, it's perfect.




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PRILOSEC FOR SALE, Now, ducks, before you think that I mean that my surgeon had some, er, interesting ideas about anatomy, by a long tail I just mean: I have a past. It was not particularly unaccomplished, My PRILOSEC experience, although--duh--it wasn't exactly fulfilled. But I did some cool things, was on (syndicated) TV a few times, PRILOSEC long term, got married, PRILOSEC without prescription, got divorced, wrote a couple dozen books, learned to speak French, purchase PRILOSEC online, even learned a little aikido.

Oh, PRILOSEC samples, the books. Yeah, you might have guessed that's what I wanted to talk about.

Now, generic PRILOSEC, before you search the ISBN catalog (and begin speculation that I am actually John Irving, Where to buy PRILOSEC, finally over his castration issues), let me hasten to say: as writing goes, this was pretty assembly-line stuff, PRILOSEC gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release. I wrote, PRILOSEC schedule, mostly as work-for-hire, not-quite-textbooks. For 8th graders.

I say not-quite textbooks because they weren't text books: that is, you wouldn't teach a class using them, PRILOSEC FOR SALE. Instead, where can i buy cheapest PRILOSEC online, these were the books you'd read to do a book report on, PRILOSEC street price, say, Gold. (I didn't write one on gold, PRILOSEC coupon, but I kinda wish I had--it was more interesting than some of the stuff I did write about.)

Now, PRILOSEC price, I'm telling you all this because a few months ago I got something from my publisher. I was rather astonished--it couldn't be a royalty check, those dried up years ago, after PRILOSEC. But I was even more surprised when I read what was inside:

Fan mail.

It seems that a young boy had read my book about a famous sports figure of the previous century, PRILOSEC pictures, and written me a letter.

Well, not me exactly.

Me, just before, PRILOSEC maximum dosage. PRILOSEC FOR SALE, The other me., Where can i order PRILOSEC without prescription, you get the picture.

So, I've been trying to figure out what to do with this: it was a nice letter, though it asks some interesting questions (did I play football as a boy, PRILOSEC forum, for example), PRILOSEC used for, and rather charmingly lets me know how cool it would be for an author to write back to him.

But--and this is the dilemma of me and my tail--how on earth do I go about this. Write back using my old name. No offense, real brand PRILOSEC online, but I hate having to do that; I still have a few accounts under my old name and I never call their customer service anymore, PRILOSEC brand name, because I'd have's too gruesome to contemplate.

Or do I write back and say that Old Name was a pseudonym (not exactly a lie) and I'd be happy to correspond but I am, you know, a girl, online buy PRILOSEC without a prescription. Not super honest, Where can i buy PRILOSEC online, but maybe more palatable.

Or do I do evangelism. Say, hey kid, here's an update about me: and maybe open his mind up to queer and other possibilities, PRILOSEC FOR SALE. Is that too heavy to dump on a kid. Sheesh, what is PRILOSEC, I don't even know how old he is!

(Hmm, Taking PRILOSEC, maybe I could write to his parents. Hadn't thought of that.)

Anyway, I've been going back and forth about this; I've kept the letter pegged to my apartment door, PRILOSEC images, so I see it every time I leave. Buy cheap PRILOSEC no rx, And it was a nice letter, and maybe deserves a response.

Then I realized: hey, I have a smart readership, where can i cheapest PRILOSEC online. Small, Online buying PRILOSEC hcl, but smart: you guys are like the elite core of my future dominance of a tiny little corner of the trans internet. So, I thought I'd ask you all to weigh in, PRILOSEC cost, ducks: I put it up as a poll at the upper right. Or answer in the comments. Or ignore the question--trust me, I sympathize.




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BUY ZESTRIL NO PRESCRIPTION, Well, ducks. It's been a week since I did my little UK stomp and kicked over a fair-sized, even by Guardian standards, ZESTRIL duration, ant hill. ZESTRIL steet value, Such fun!

Let me be serious. For a change. A surprise, ZESTRIL use. A first, BUY ZESTRIL NO PRESCRIPTION. C.L. ZESTRIL mg, serious on her own blog!

I want to talk about one of those very tricky things that come up when trans folks, and most especially trans women, get talked about, order ZESTRIL online c.o.d. Pretty universally, ZESTRIL over the counter, I should hasten to add, when cis folks talk about trans folks; but then I said people, and don't we all know that people means cis people, ZESTRIL blogs. Silly ducks.

The bugbear in the room is, Online buying ZESTRIL, of course, "women-only spaces." In its most extreme form, this resolves to the old "bathroom libel": the idea that, ZESTRIL recreational, say, Buy ZESTRIL online cod, allowing trans people to use the rest rooms that match their gender presentation will open a flood of rapists donning drag in order to rape unsuspecting women. BUY ZESTRIL NO PRESCRIPTION, That no trans person has ever done this, and that women get raped in women's rooms by men not wearing dresses, never seems to make a dent in this argument; but then it's held by only the most set in their way anti-trans folks.

Sadly, this includes a large number of otherwise noteworthy feminists. Google it; I'll wait.

A less extreme version of the "women's spaces exclusion" doesn't have a problem with trans folk in the ladies', (perhaps because being booted from your stall for looking too masculine can happen to cis women too), ZESTRIL for sale, but still make an exception for other spaces: women's spiritual circles, ZESTRIL dose, social groups, and, most--notoriously isn't the right word, ZESTRIL interactions, but bear with me for a second--rape crisis centers.

Yes, Cheap ZESTRIL, that's right--I'm bringing Kimberley Nixon into this again.

For those of you who don't know, a precis: Ms. Nixon is a trans woman who lived in Vancouver, buy generic ZESTRIL. She applied for a volunteer counseling position at Vancouver Rape Relief, ZESTRIL class, and passed their initial phone interview. When she showed up for training, however, is ZESTRIL addictive, she was read as trans and told that she could not be a counselor because of VRR's woman-only policy. Ms, BUY ZESTRIL NO PRESCRIPTION. Order ZESTRIL online overnight delivery no prescription, Nixon eventually sued the center, won one trial, but the decision was overturned on appeal.

That's the basics, fast shipping ZESTRIL. VRR claimed that the legal fees put them in danger of closing. Purchase ZESTRIL for sale, Julie Bindel and many other trans-exclusionary feminists castigated Ms. Nixon.

But when you go deeper, it gets a whole lot more complicated.

For starters, ZESTRIL reviews, Ms. BUY ZESTRIL NO PRESCRIPTION, Nixon herself had been raped and battered by her male partner. ZESTRIL online cod, After receiving help from a different group for battered women, she entered their counseling training course, and did very well; she would later be described as a "superior" counselor, where can i find ZESTRIL online. But the first group wanted her to wait a year to heal before she became a counselor, Purchase ZESTRIL online no prescription, which led her to VRR.

Now hearken with me to the little lower layer. Above, I linked to an article about a butch cis woman who was unceremoniously tossed from a restaurant bathroom for looking too masculine, ZESTRIL photos. This is precisely what happened to Ms. Nixon, BUY ZESTRIL NO PRESCRIPTION. Order ZESTRIL from mexican pharmacy, Yet Ms. Farmer would be allowed to counsel for VRR, and Ms, buy ZESTRIL no prescription. Nixon wouldn't. Canada, mexico, india, Even though they both looked "masculine."

Ponder that one in light of feminist principles, if you will.

Dig even deeper: it is a misconception that Ms. BUY ZESTRIL NO PRESCRIPTION, Nixon was demanding a spot as a counselor for VRR; what she wanted was the chance to prove herself on her own merits, and not be judged by her appearance. Furthermore, ZESTRIL from canadian pharmacy, VRR claimed that her presence might traumatize other women, ZESTRIL from mexico, who might harbor fear or resentment or hatred towards men. Fair enough, I suppose, though one would think that this could apply to very butch cis women as well. But the thing is, we'll never know if Ms. Nixon would traumatize people; we'll never know if she could have fit in, if she could have provided healing services to women. We'll never know, because she never got the chance.

And neither did any of the women who might use the shelter; VRR made the decision for them.

I don't think there's any way to slice this that doesn't come up as prejudice, BUY ZESTRIL NO PRESCRIPTION. They could have done any number of things; had her help in the office and get training from the counselors, so that even if she didn't work out there, she would gain experience; have her act as a liaison to the trans community (one would assume that VRR would also turn away trans women who were the victims of rape as well); any number of things.

But instead they said, you look like a man. You are a man. You cannot come here.

Now, it may surprise you to know that I am ambivalent--very--about these situations. I can see many sides to these issues, and they're always tricky. BUY ZESTRIL NO PRESCRIPTION, And I do not dispute for a second that there is a very real difference in the background of trans and cis women, especially trans women who transition after, say, their twenties (present company included.) We, I, don't have the experience of growing up female; we don't have the same bodily experiences as the majority of cis women. (This is why I will never be teaching a class on Your Period and You.)

But--and this is so important that in needs to be said, again and again--the question remains: is that condition unredemediable. Is it so impossible to think that a trans woman who has spent 25 years living as a woman might have insight into women's lives approaching that of a 25-year old cis woman. Think on this: you could transition as soon as you were of age, have been on hormone blockers so you never experienced male puberty, spent your teens and twenties living as a woman, majored in women's studies, gone on to become a social worker specializing in the problems of battered women and rape victims, worked for ten years in public health--and you will be less qualified, in the eyes of VRR, than a high school drop out who happens to be cis.

That is to say, that not judging a person on her merits is discriminatory. Unless, of course, you're trans. Then it's totes feminist.

Next: I'll take this to Tiger Beatdown and do some feminism and gender analysis..

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ILOSONE FOR SALE, Hey, the takedown of that London Times article I did over at Tiger Beatdown got included in the 13th Carnival of Feminists. Drop by to read the other stuff, ILOSONE samples, Buy ILOSONE online no prescription, you know it's good!

And in other unexpected pleasures, I haven't been flayed to pieces in the comments section at the Guardian, where can i find ILOSONE online. ILOSONE steet value, And Julie Bindel replied to me. And I replied back, ILOSONE use. Buy generic ILOSONE, Wow. ILOSONE over the counter. Australia, uk, us, usa. ILOSONE photos. Buy cheap ILOSONE no rx. ILOSONE gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release. Purchase ILOSONE for sale. Buy ILOSONE without a prescription. ILOSONE dangers. ILOSONE pharmacy. ILOSONE forum. About ILOSONE. Doses ILOSONE work. ILOSONE results. Buy ILOSONE no prescription. ILOSONE long term. ILOSONE interactions. ILOSONE price. ILOSONE wiki. Cheap ILOSONE. ILOSONE natural. Order ILOSONE from mexican pharmacy. ILOSONE price, coupon. Order ILOSONE online c.o.d. Buy no prescription ILOSONE online.

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BUY LEUKERAN NO PRESCRIPTION, Hey, I haven't said anything about David Letterman yet!

I mean, not that there's often much to say about David Letterman, besides he's mostly a jerk. Where can i buy LEUKERAN online, It's, you know, LEUKERAN treatment, LEUKERAN dangers, what he's famous for.

But I guess you might have heard about this...

Yeah. OK, LEUKERAN without a prescription. LEUKERAN use, Wow, a show hosted by a known jerk (of the douchey, ordering LEUKERAN online, Comprar en línea LEUKERAN, comprar LEUKERAN baratos, cheating on his wife with interns in a bedroom he had built at the studio just for that purpose kind of way) engages in some cheap-shot transphobia. Yawn, is LEUKERAN safe. Hand me the remote...

But what's that you say, BUY LEUKERAN NO PRESCRIPTION. Purchase LEUKERAN, Speak up, Straw-Reader-I-am-making-up-for-this-piece, buying LEUKERAN online over the counter. No prescription LEUKERAN online, Are you saying that Dave at least sort of respectable towards Ms. Sampson, where can i order LEUKERAN without prescription. LEUKERAN from canadian pharmacy, And that the joke is really on sidekick douchebag Kalter. BUY LEUKERAN NO PRESCRIPTION, That I should not, you know, get my panties all in a twist about things, you hysterical trann--sorry, you like to be called a transgenderdamajig now, right?

Sorry, Straw Reader, you're wrong. A transgendamajig is a drink, buy generic LEUKERAN, Kjøpe LEUKERAN på nett, köpa LEUKERAN online, not a gender identity, one of the many fascinating cocktails I dreamed up while vacationing on painkillers in Thailand, LEUKERAN price, coupon. LEUKERAN australia, uk, us, usa, But you're also wrong about the joke.

Sure, true to his straightdouche persona, LEUKERAN photos, LEUKERAN duration, Dave didn't say anything spiteful about Ms. Sanders, LEUKERAN schedule. LEUKERAN over the counter, (He also called her a transgendered person, not woman, LEUKERAN coupon. Asshole.) But the joke wasn't on Kalter--it was decidedly on Ms, BUY LEUKERAN NO PRESCRIPTION. LEUKERAN dose, Sampson.

Because, you see, generic LEUKERAN, LEUKERAN gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, at heart this was a gay joke. (Amazing, LEUKERAN street price. LEUKERAN description, Letterman homophobic too. Whodathunkit?) Kalter is upset because he slept with a "man, LEUKERAN recreational, LEUKERAN results, " not a transgendered woman. At heart, online buy LEUKERAN without a prescription, this bit was calling Ms. Sanders a man.

Which is pretty much the definition of transphobia.

I of course, don't watch any of the talk shows myself--I really could care less about the latest vapid anecdote or stupid plug a celebrity comes on to talk about. (And even The Daily Show is wearing thin on me these days.) Instead, when not reading Russian novels in French or French movies in Russian, I watch Monty Python reruns. Because our world is so surreal nowadays that they seem positively normal.




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I really like the Bilerico ATOMOXETINE FOR SALE, project--it's a great place for queer and trans folks and their allies to meet and discuss things. And it's never shied away from controversy.

Bilerico recently added a new contributor, ATOMOXETINE long term, Online ATOMOXETINE without a prescription, Ronald Gold, and reading his biography he's just the kind of person you want to have there--a long time gay activist, ATOMOXETINE description, Online buy ATOMOXETINE without a prescription, one of the founders of the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, and a man who was instrumental in getting homosexuality removed from the DSM.

So it's an enormous disappointment to read his first post, ATOMOXETINE duration, Real brand ATOMOXETINE online, officially titled "'No' to the notion of transgender" but if you look at the url it must have been called "Transgender: a disease that doesn't exist" at some point. And, ATOMOXETINE dangers, ATOMOXETINE without a prescription, well, let's see if you, buy no prescription ATOMOXETINE online, Is ATOMOXETINE safe, Gentle Reader, can understand why I was shocked to see it on Bilerico:

What is transgender, cheap ATOMOXETINE no rx. Cheap ATOMOXETINE, Well, there are two sorts who seem to be covered by the name, ATOMOXETINE no prescription, ATOMOXETINE photos, the drag kings and queens so good at portraying cartoon imitations of straight people, and transsexuals, get ATOMOXETINE, Effects of ATOMOXETINE, the folks who report that from an early age they've felt themselves trapped in the wrong bodies. Despite the equipment they were born with that belies their assertions, ATOMOXETINE overnight, ATOMOXETINE pics, they say they are really men or really women.
 Holy fuck. Did I just read that at a queer site, ATOMOXETINE FOR SALE. Seriously? Please tell me this is some kind of horrid fundamentalist satire...
I recall reading something by Jan Morris in which it seemed that he thought he needed a sex change because he wanted men to hold doors open for him and kiss him goodbye at train stations, ATOMOXETINE pictures. ATOMOXETINE images, For starters, I'd have told him that I've had these nice things happen to me and I've still got my pecker.
Oh ye ghods.

Oh, ATOMOXETINE from canada, Where can i cheapest ATOMOXETINE online, but he isn't prejudiced against trans folk. See, order ATOMOXETINE no prescription, ATOMOXETINE maximum dosage, this is how he ends the piece:
Perhaps it isn't needless to say that a No to the notion of transgender does not excuse discrimination against cross-dressers or post-op "transsexuals" in employment, housing and public accommodation; and I strongly support legislation that would forbid it, ATOMOXETINE class. Buying ATOMOXETINE online over the counter, I would, however, where can i find ATOMOXETINE online, Ordering ATOMOXETINE online, get after the doctors - the psychiatrists who use a phony medical model to invent a disease that doesn't exist, and the surgeons who use such spurious diagnoses to mutilate the bodies of the deluded.
 See, is ATOMOXETINE addictive. I just think you're deluded ATOMOXETINE FOR SALE, , C.L.--but that's no reason for people to be cruel to you. Australia, uk, us, usa, That is, for levels of cruelty beyond calling you a man and a "transsexual."

If I was to be charitable (I am reliably informed that for some reason December is a month we're supposed to do so, here in Merka; the media says so), I guess I could scratch out some kind of "hmm, he's really against gender essentialism, which I'm down with" Except, oddly enough, as I write this he's sharing the front page with Autumn Sandeen, the transgender barista from Pam's House Blend, and whom I'm sure enjoys having her identity crumpled up in front of her eyes and tossed away.

I just...can't understand why this of all things should be the first post this guy makes at Bilerico. Didn't somebody tell him there are actual trans people who visit. Or even, you know, write stuff there. Holy cow.

Grumble...gotta write that "how to take an ally to task" post that everybody is writing nowadays...sheesh.




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CARDIZEM FOR SALE, Several years ago, back when I was still a crossdresser myself (and working as a man), I came across a picture on an old hard drive of my boss. CARDIZEM use, Wearing tight leather pants, a low-cut blouse, purchase CARDIZEM, CARDIZEM price, and makeup. And written in a pink script on the picture was a feminine name that shared his first initial.

I was caught somewhere between completely weirded out and strangely relieved to know I wasn't the only trans person in the office.

Which leads me to events in East Cleveland, CARDIZEM used for, Kjøpe CARDIZEM på nett, köpa CARDIZEM online, Ohio, where mayor Eric Brewer was recently defeated in a primary election, CARDIZEM street price. Buy CARDIZEM no prescription, Unremarkable, right?

Well...except for the fact that like me and my boss, where can i buy CARDIZEM online, Where to buy CARDIZEM, somebody found pictures that seem to look like the ex-mayor on his computer hard drive. Wearing lingerie.

I'm not going to reprint the photos here--you can find them easy enough, CARDIZEM description, CARDIZEM without a prescription, ducks--except to say that they do look like the mayor, and that they "vibe" crossdresser for me, where can i cheapest CARDIZEM online. (When you've been around as long as I have, you've seen this sort of thing before.)

And speaking of seeing this thing before, it reminds me of another crossdressing pol who was outed before an election: Sam Walls, a conservative Republican in Texas who lost a runoff election for the state House in 2004, CARDIZEM FOR SALE. CARDIZEM for sale, Now, in Walls' case, generic CARDIZEM, CARDIZEM photos, you just have to wonder how he didn't think this would happen: not only (as the pics showed) had he been out and about while crossdressed, but for Pete's sake he seems to have been the treasurer of the local chapter of Tri-Ess, CARDIZEM wiki, Rx free CARDIZEM, the national crossdressers' organization.

Cases like Walls' and Brewer's show some of the disturbing inequities of life under the transgendered umbrella. One may point out that people like Walls or Brewer retained substantial privilege and did not face everyday transphobia--something that MtF transsexuals often have to deal with every day, CARDIZEM over the counter. CARDIZEM brand name, But. Even in Oklahoma, doses CARDIZEM work, CARDIZEM from canadian pharmacy, a trans woman can run for office and be open about her history, whereas neither of the crossdressing politicians felt comfortable doing that.

And that shows the relatively large gap in both visibility and acceptance between transsexuals and crossdressers, CARDIZEM natural. CARDIZEM FOR SALE, Television shows, news reports, books--all concentrate on transsexuals, not on crossdressers; and the leadership of many trans organizations is dominated by transsexuals. CARDIZEM forum, Now, again, CARDIZEM dangers, CARDIZEM cost, some of this is because there is a greater incentive for transsexuals, especially trans women, purchase CARDIZEM online no prescription, CARDIZEM gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, to push for their rights. There is too what helen boyd once called the "fear of queer": crossdressers can look "normal" in their everyday presentation and can fear (or feel no need) to lose that part of their gender identity in service to activism.

But that obscures--just as crossdressers themselves are obscured; no one is really sure how many there are, online buying CARDIZEM hcl, CARDIZEM canada, mexico, india, since so many are relatively closeted--the very real pain and angst of being a crossdresser, of not having the comforting narrative of transition--a story that seems, purchase CARDIZEM for sale, at least, to have a beginning, middle and end. If people now seem to understand, if not accept all the time, the transsexual narrative--"you're a woman on the inside" or "born wrong" or whatever the current popular meme is--but how do you explain that you only need to be a woman part of the time. That you only seek temporary solutions. That you live in the shadow of, as helen has also said, the other shoe never dropping?

A crossdresser I used to know wrote about this once*:

[...]my transness will always be subordinate to other people's experience of either womanhood or transhood, CARDIZEM FOR SALE. Women can look down at me because I'm a "part-time" woman, who dresses in costume and "doesn't know what a real woman's life is like"; transwomen can throw the same criticism at me, with the added vector that my transness can't be serious because it doesn't manifest itself constantly or as urgently as it does for a transsexual.

But it isn't true; I'm trans all the time, and there are a lot of times that I feel trapped in an endless cycle of oscillation between femininity and masculinity with no way to end the cycle.

Sure, compared to transitioning, my problems are the difference between jumping off of a cliff and riding the kiddie roller coaster. But who the hell wants to ride on the kiddie coaster for the rest of their lives?
But let's not stay all doom and gloom...courtesy of Joe My God, here's Donna Sachet performing the national anthem before a Giants game in San Francisco--the first drag performer to ever do so. Rock on, Ms. Sachet!

*She later transitioned, so take it with a grain of salt. Still, it's a good sentiment..

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