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BUY ZELNORM NO PRESCRIPTION, Today is the anniversary of my surgery. In fact, as I type this now, ZELNORM street price, I am about a year removed from my first full day of having a vagina--Thailand being twelve hours ahead of my local time, ZELNORM reviews, and the six or more hours of my surgery having started at noon Bangkok time. (I don't remember how long the surgery lasted, as I slept through it and for a long time afterwards, purchase ZELNORM online, only waking up for a brief moment to say goodnight to my significant other of variable and often fabulous gender.)

In fact, ZELNORM over the counter, there's almost a week of time that I have very little recollection of--the five days I had to stay immobile in bed, according to my surgeon's regimen. Not everyone does this; had I gone to the Canadian surgeon I first considered, comprar en línea ZELNORM, comprar ZELNORM baratos, I'd have been up and walking around after about a day or so. Purchase ZELNORM online no prescription, Everybody does things differently. But I'm somewhat glad for being immobile; during that five days I only moved once, and that was because I'd thrown up on myself the first day after my surgery--juice boxes and opiates don't agree all that well, BUY ZELNORM NO PRESCRIPTION. The only way to get me clean sheets was to move me to an entirely new bed. Which meant I had to crab walk over to it, where can i cheapest ZELNORM online. Now, ZELNORM class, even under normal circumstances, that would be both uncomfortable and ungraceful; but I had to not only contend with the pain from my brand-new down there, with the attendant catheter and surgical drains, buy generic ZELNORM, but since I'd also opted to have my boobs done at the same time, ZELNORM overnight, I could barely move my arms; the surgeon went in under my armpits, and to be honest that pain was more omnipresent and inconveniencing than the other.

But other than that, and my SOOVAOFG saying goodbye to me to fly home--we'd spent ten days together bumping around India and Cambodia prior to my surgery, ZELNORM natural, and vacation time is precious nowadays--I really don't remember much. ZELNORM no prescription, I slept a lot; I was too out of it to even watch TV. BUY ZELNORM NO PRESCRIPTION, Every so often, they'd bring me a thick creamy soup and some juice boxes to eat and drink. I rarely ate the soup, but I drank the juice, ZELNORM dosage. (As an aside, Generic ZELNORM, Thai sweets of all kinds tend to be sweeter than American sweets--probably because they use real sugar.) I've come to realize that it wasn't so much that I was drugged out of my head--Thais don't practice American pain management, and I didn't even have a morphine drip--but because nothing changed. There was me; my bed; my room with the blinds drawn; and the occasional ministrations of kind Thai nurses who spoke little English, herbal ZELNORM. (My Thai was suspect at its best and no match for my pain and grogginess.)

But eventually they packed me up and sent me home, Where can i buy cheapest ZELNORM online, after giving me a huge, cumbersome, old-fashioned bra, buy ZELNORM no prescription. It was trimmed with lace and looked like something from the "18-hour bra" commercials I'd seen as a kid, BUY ZELNORM NO PRESCRIPTION. And then I was dumped back in my hotel room, About ZELNORM, just me and my catheter bag--they didn't take the catheter out until the next day, which was a little scary and gross. On the other hand, online buy ZELNORM without a prescription, it was pretty convenient for lying in bed and drinking stuff, Effects of ZELNORM, which was about all I was up for.

But it's surprising how quickly you can heal. I was moving around the hotel room that, night, where can i order ZELNORM without prescription, had enough energy to make breakfast the next day, Canada, mexico, india, and even hosted a pizza party for some of the other patients of my surgeon a day or so after that. (We had a couple of these affairs. BUY ZELNORM NO PRESCRIPTION, They were interesting; we'd have a great time for about an hour, and then everyone would be in too much pain to continue. But they were fun while they lasted.)

That was all a year ago.

Things have changed, cheap ZELNORM. For one thing, ZELNORM photos, I now only have to dilate once a day for about 30 minutes. That will mean I can actually get up at the same time but still get to work earlier, which will help me have more time and energy to write in the evening, order ZELNORM from mexican pharmacy. I've had sex, ZELNORM canada, mexico, india, by which I mean--this being America and all--PIV sex, so now I know how much I've been missing. My recovery has been remarkably hassle free, even with the UTI I developed a month after getting home.

There's more, of course, much more, BUY ZELNORM NO PRESCRIPTION. But how can I put it all in words, ZELNORM interactions. There are days when I forget that I never had a vagina, ZELNORM maximum dosage, and there are days when I forget for a second that I do. There are many days when I am astonished by the miracle of it all, and many more days when I simply take it for granted, after ZELNORM. And most of all, Purchase ZELNORM, I feel like what I am supposed to be. I feel like a woman.

BUY ZELNORM NO PRESCRIPTION, And I felt that way before. I am not going to play pussy politics with you and engage in zero-sum games about the proper anatomy a woman needs. It's reductive, and cruel, and ignores the economic reality of far too many trans women.

But there's no question that I like myself better this way, that I feel a peace with my body I never felt before. That I had to wound myself to heal.

Not that I'm completely healed. None of us, I suppose, ever really can be--and I'm not just talking about trans people. If we measure lives by ideals, then we're all a little broken, all in need of some kind of healing, BUY ZELNORM NO PRESCRIPTION. And I've come so very far.

But there are still times when I resent that passage; when I resent all the things that were taken from me, all the things that I never had--even the bad things, even the things that in a sense I was fortunate enough to miss: if I feel the omnipresent judgment of every damn TV commercial on how I should look, act, think, and feel simply because of my gender, can I really long to have had that drummed into my head from the moment it poked into our world. Do I really feel sorry for myself for not having spent three and a half decades as a victim of sexism?

No. Not really. But I do regret the necessity of it all, the long slow struggle to find out who I am, the summoning up of awful reserves of energy just to survive each day, and then the ultimate effort to make myself into the person I desperately needed to be. And so I regret BUY ZELNORM NO PRESCRIPTION, that passage; but I am grateful, oh so very grateful, to have survived it.

And you could say, maybe, that my vagina is a symbol of that: a physical manifestation of not just my womanhood, but my struggle to achieve that womanhood, a signpost showing how far I've come and how much I had to undergo to reach it. I suppose that would be fine; I'd hardly be the first woman to eulogize my vagina, and I doubt I'll be the last, cis or trans.

But I don't really do that much. Because most of the time it's just a vagina. And believe me, that is more than enough. In fact, it's perfect.




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BUY LEXAPRO NO PRESCRIPTION, My last three days in Paris, I went to museums twice; since on Tuesdays most of the museums are closed, I stayed in and worked that day. (Pity, it was another beautiful day--but at least I went out and had some Senegalese food that night, LEXAPRO from mexico. Chicken Yassa is incredibly yummy!)

That Monday I went to the Louvre. LEXAPRO brand name, Because, as I said last time, you just have to, LEXAPRO reviews. Since I've been sharing my favorite paintings with you, Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, I guess I should include my favorite painting in the Louvre not named La Gioconde (or the Mona Lisa, if you're feeling vulgar, heh.) It's by Caravaggio--I just love the voluptuousness of his canvases:

It's an astonishing work, LEXAPRO interactions, although I understand why the monks who commissioned it ended up rejecting the painting--there's absolutely nothing transcendent about it at all, LEXAPRO dose, except for the all-too-human transcendence of grief. No halos (well, just a tiny one), no angels, no heavenly light, just a corpse and mourners, BUY LEXAPRO NO PRESCRIPTION. Amazing.

Then Wednesday, my last day in Paris...I wrote a post that you may remember, fast shipping LEXAPRO, then headed out to the newest museum in the city, LEXAPRO treatment, the Musée du Quai Branly. This is an ethnography museum. (We call it history if you can beat us in a war, buy LEXAPRO from mexico, and ethnography when you can't.) And it's a stunning place: beautifully designed, LEXAPRO natural, with a wonderful garden surrounding a modern building with a pleasantly chunky, open interior. Of course, LEXAPRO dosage, given that it's an ethnography museum, Buy LEXAPRO without prescription, everything is done up in shades of brown and ocher, with plenty of shadows and dim lighting; c'est normal.

I don't want to run the place down too much, because it really has an amazing collection, buying LEXAPRO online over the counter. BUY LEXAPRO NO PRESCRIPTION, But there were amusing moments. If you follow the suggested path, Cheap LEXAPRO, you start in Oceania, and right at the start they have a lot of items having to do with the initiation into the various men's societies that are a rite of adolescence in New Guinea. And I was reading one of the placards about these rites, buy LEXAPRO online no prescription, which mentioned in passing: "women's societies are known to exist, Online buying LEXAPRO, but very little is known about them." Which surprised me--not. Because I'm sure the male anthropologists were a) not able to gain access to the rites and b) really didn't care too much, either.

I get bitey sometimes.

The one part of the museum that truly stunned me, where can i buy cheapest LEXAPRO online, though, Ordering LEXAPRO online, was a temporary exhibit on Tarzan. Being of an occasionally pulpy mindset, I thought that might be an interesting thing to see: especially because there's certainly a lot to be looked at in the Tarzan mythos, order LEXAPRO online overnight delivery no prescription, and how it relates to Western perceptions of Africa, LEXAPRO used for, and African perceptions of those perceptions. And while there does indeed remain a lot to be said, this exhibit sure the fuck wasn't going to say it.

Oh no, ducks, BUY LEXAPRO NO PRESCRIPTION. Instead, it started out comparing Tarzan to the heroes of ancient Greek and Roman myths, buy LEXAPRO online cod, and actually went downhill from there. LEXAPRO pharmacy, There were plenty of blown up pages from Tarzan comics (continuous salient feature: Africa had a lot of people in it, but almost none of them were black--there were lost Romans, lost Egyptians--drawn as Caucasians, no prescription LEXAPRO online, natch--lost explorers, LEXAPRO without prescription, lost elephants, but damn few not-lost-at-all-because-we-live-here Africans.) There were video exhibits of King Kong (uncommented upon: the, uh, LEXAPRO samples, racism?) and in general an astonishing avoidance of the fact that the Tarzan myth is about a white English lord who rules over a kingdom of black apes. LEXAPRO trusted pharmacy reviews, No metaphors for colonialization there, no sir, just keep on walking!

And of course this is--surprising, LEXAPRO forum. Maybe not really?--for a country that once claimed a significant portion of sub-Saharan Africa as its territory. And has remained uncomfortable with that legacy ever since.

BUY LEXAPRO NO PRESCRIPTION, That chewed up most of the day. Canada, mexico, india, For dinner, I went to a bistro called Boullion Chartier in the 9th. It was recommended by my exchange mate as a very traditional French bistro--so traditional that they actually keep track of your check by writing it on the tablecloth, buy no prescription LEXAPRO online. Since I was alone, Doses LEXAPRO work, they seated me with somebody--the place was empty, but it fills up quickly. He turned out to be a montréalais who spoke excellent English, so I had one last anglophone conversation in Paris over my steak au poivre and profiteroles. Then I went home and watched the last episode of Heroes, Season 1: my exchange mate had a copy, which I was able to switch over to English, except for the subtitles for the Japanese characters; those I had to read, quickly, in French (and French as it's spoken, at that: but now I know that Je l'ai reussi! means "I did it!" in French.)

So that was my Paris sojourn, my attempt to find out what it would be like to live in the City of Light. And I think I succeeded; it was a good fit, though I recognize to really live there I'd have to truly immerse myself in the language and not spend so much time in self-created anglophone spaces. And of course I found privilege there, expected and unexpected, much that was the same as home, and a few that were quite different.

But you knew that already; heck, it's really not even fair: I always find privilege.




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BUY BACTRIM NO PRESCRIPTION, Bon jour, mes canards. Paris may be a fading memory, BACTRIM price, coupon, Get BACTRIM, but I will try and catch you up on the last few days of the Cahiers Parisiens.

Maybe it didn't come through, but I didn't talk much with people while I was in Paris, BACTRIM pics. My BACTRIM experience, This is not that unusual. I work either from home or at a desk marooned at the other end of the floor from everyone else; I don't often go out to bars either home or in Europe; and in general, BACTRIM steet value, BACTRIM street price, I am a misanthropic sour puss. This helps out in the writing game, BACTRIM photos, Online BACTRIM without a prescription, but isn't so much use in other places.

But...well, the last few days in Paris I actually had some interactions with people.

The first couple happened on Sunday last, buy BACTRIM no prescription. I went up to the Canal St, BUY BACTRIM NO PRESCRIPTION. Buy cheap BACTRIM no rx, Martin, which is a hip spot to hang out nowadays, BACTRIM australia, uk, us, usa. BACTRIM recreational, The canal is indeed quite lovely, and they close off motor traffic along it on the weekends, buy BACTRIM from canada. Rx free BACTRIM, I stopped at a little cafe (amusingly, when I asked for the menu, BACTRIM use, BACTRIM images, the waitress brought an enormous blackboard with the specials written on it out to my table.) While I roasted in the sun I wrote the first draft of my long screed below. (I had what amounted to a mess of egg over good country ham with some sort of vinegar sauce--it was fabulous.)

After brunch I walked over towards Buttes Chaumont park, BACTRIM wiki, BACTRIM from canada, one of the gems of non-tourist Paris, a magnificent landscape of hills, order BACTRIM from mexican pharmacy, Is BACTRIM safe, crags, and a lovely lake, online buy BACTRIM without a prescription. Here's a picture of the grotto in the center of the park: BUY BACTRIM NO PRESCRIPTION, However, on the way over to the park, I had my first experience with...Latin lovers.

I was crossing the street when a young Tunisian guy (as he told me) came up to me to tell me how pretty I was. BACTRIM recreational, Which was nice of him, but I kept walking, online buying BACTRIM hcl. Comprar en línea BACTRIM, comprar BACTRIM baratos, He followed me, and we struck up a bit of a conversation in French, BACTRIM mg. BACTRIM alternatives, Admittedly, I was a bit lonely, buy BACTRIM from mexico, BACTRIM gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, which let me fall into the trap of talking with this guy, something I wouldn't have done in English, BACTRIM price. Rx free BACTRIM, And of course, he got a bit grabby as the conversation progressed. I did finally manage to extricate myself (after a bunch of "arretes" and "ma relationship est grave!") but it left me slightly shaken, BUY BACTRIM NO PRESCRIPTION. And of course this all flows into my background as a trans woman: should I be worried because I don't have the experience that would have helped me learn the skills to deflect guys like this, or relieved because I haven't spent my whole life deflecting guys like this?

Later that day, as I was walking home (baguette in hand, of course), another guy came up to me and began to talk rapidly in French to me. I couldn't really follow him, but it wasn't hard to figure out what he was after. I let him down firmly but gently: "S'il vous plait lassez-moi suele." (Please leave me alone.)

And oh. On Monday, I went to pay my respects at the Louvre (you have to see the Mona Lisa while you're in just do.) And as I was walking to the Metro, another guy wanted to "make my acquaintance." This time I just said I didn't speak French.

But the best story has to be when I was walking home from the Louvre on Monday. BUY BACTRIM NO PRESCRIPTION, I passed a store I had previously seen, and just had to snap a pic, because...well, because the sign is a rather weak joke:

The name of the store is Les Bonnes Compines which in French means something approximately like "The Good Girlfriends." Fair enough...but it's written with out the space between Les and Bonnes, making it look a bit like...something else in English.

As I said, a weak joke. I'm not proud

Like most of the stores in that region of Paris, it's a wholesaler--I had basically landed in the Parisian garment district, with "Ne vente pas au detail" (wholesale only) in almost every window. And for some reason, when I took the pic, a woman in a telephone booth (yes, they still have them there) started to scream at me.

I couldn't follow everything she said, but it was mostly about how I shouldn't take a pic. I tried to explain, but only got as far as Parce que...("because...") before she started to scream again. She even spit on the ground. Eventually I just walked away...I guess she thought I was some sort of corporate spy or something.

Shows what you get for acting like a tourist; I should know better.

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BUY WYMOX NO PRESCRIPTION, I've finally escaped my Catcave the last several days, making my way out to a few museums I hadn't visited before. First was the Musée Carnavalet on Friday, down in the Marais, WYMOX over the counter. Carnavalet focuses on the history of Paris itself, WYMOX forum, and has dioramas, objects d'art, paintings, WYMOX canada, mexico, india, etc. WYMOX wiki, from various time periods. They also had a special exhibition on the French Revolution, which engaged the military historiophile and the Francophile in me: the Revolution is one of my favorite time periods, purchase WYMOX for sale, and they had a wealth of stuff. Including some of the commemorative models of the Bastille that were actually carved from the stones of the Bastille itself.

Plus I discovered that I could read the Declaration of the Rights of Man in French, BUY WYMOX NO PRESCRIPTION. Doses WYMOX work, Score one for me.

I've been eating lunch rather than dinner the last several days, since lunch is cheaper, so I had my traditional, generic WYMOX, once a trip croque monsieur at a nearby cafe, Buy WYMOX no prescription, washed down with some Haut-Médoc and a cup of strong French espresso. I've taken to drinking coffee in the French style after meals--espresso, with some sugar to cut the bitterness, WYMOX cost. It makes me feel all expatriate and such. WYMOX street price, Though I suppose I'd really need to drink some Pernods in a bar with a zinc counter top, and scribble furiously away in my notebooks about running the bulls at Pamplona and other homoerotic displays of masculinity.

Wait. BUY WYMOX NO PRESCRIPTION, That's not me. That was Hemmingway, no prescription WYMOX online. Maybe I've been drinking too much wine.

Saturday I had a real treat...well, Fast shipping WYMOX, not an unproblematic treat. But you've probably come to expect that of me. I went to the Musée Guimet, WYMOX dose, over by the Trocadero. This is the main Asian art museum in Paris, BUY WYMOX NO PRESCRIPTION. Is WYMOX addictive, I didn't go straight there, acutally: I had a large lunch nearby first, which included a desert of profiteroles--cream puffs stuffed with vanilla ice cream and drenched in chocolate sause--my favorite desert in the world, online buy WYMOX without a prescription, and something that it is almost impossible to get (at least, WYMOX long term, impossible to get done right) back in the states:

Anyway, the museum really has an excellent collection, from all parts of Asia, get WYMOX. The India collection was quite good; and as someone that has been interested in Shiva since my days researching Indian mythology, WYMOX results, I was happy to see this marvelous bronze of Shiva Nataraja, the Lord of the Dance:

They have an excellent Cambodian section. As I've been to Cambodia this year, is WYMOX safe, it was quite pleasant at first to reacquaint myself with the amazing and monumental Khmer art--to see one of the gently smiling, WYMOX class, inexplicable faces of the Bayon silently contemplating me again, to look at a marvelously preserved naga, to see a beautiful bas-relief apsara.

But something began to bother me, buy cheap WYMOX no rx. When I would read the labels to see where these things came from, What is WYMOX, I began to feel...uncomfortable. That's because I've actually been BUY WYMOX NO PRESCRIPTION, to those places; I've seen the elephant terrace, the royal palace, the Bayon of Angkor Thom. And given that Cambodia was a French colony for ninety years, I thought it was a pretty good bet that they didn't ask if they could take any of those things.

This isn't a new issue, WYMOX treatment, of course: the Louvre has the best egyptology collection outside of Egypt, Real brand WYMOX online, because of Napoleon's conquests there; the British plundered the Greek world to build their amazing collections; even within Europe itself museum collections are often the plunder of war.

Still, the enormous gap of wealth, privilege and power between the colonial nations of the nineteenth century and the countries they subjugated seems to lend an air of disquietude that doesn't linger over the internecine push and shove of Europe's long shabby history of warfare, buy no prescription WYMOX online. Because they essentially stole these things from people who found it difficult or impossible to resist. Herbal WYMOX, Stole, and left no recompense, and often no regrets, WYMOX used for. Even the great humanist Andre Malraux got into the act, Order WYMOX no prescription, trying to steal artifacts and whole bas-reliefs from the newly-rediscovered and beautifully-preserved Banteay Srei in Cambodia.

Of course, it's nice that people in other places in the world can see these things, and it's good to have some of them safe in a museum--the Angkor artifacts suffered during the reign of the Khmer Rouge, order WYMOX online overnight delivery no prescription. But that still doesn't make up for the crime of taking them in the first place. Where can i buy cheapest WYMOX online, I mean...they could have just asked.

In any case, maybe it's appropriate that this guy, donated by the women of the United States in the memory of Lafayette, should be right outside the museum:

(Yeah, that's good ol' George himself.).




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BUY HERBAL XANAX NO PRESCRIPTION, Last night I was having a somewhat dismal (in Paris, that means it was actually decent) meal over on République when I think I saw the mostly iconic image of 21st century Paris I've ever seen: a guy on a rented bicycle, smoking a cigarette as he rode down the boulevards.

Paris, of course, has an uncomfortable relationship with the modern world. It retains it's preeminent place in the world of fashion, HERBAL XANAX pictures, is a major political and business center for Europe, and remains the center of gravity of the francophone world. And, buy generic HERBAL XANAX, of course, After HERBAL XANAX, it is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe.

But so much of that comes from its curious sense of being frozen in time: the perfection of the nineteenth-century vision of Good City Life, the architecture frozen in place, the parks looking almost identitical to the images on the canvases of the Musée d'Orsay, HERBAL XANAX dosage. It's static the way New York, Purchase HERBAL XANAX online, my other favorite city in the world, never is: New York reinvents itself every day, in a furious pace of rebuilding, order HERBAL XANAX from mexican pharmacy, modifying, Where can i order HERBAL XANAX without prescription, reconsidering, reconfiguring. Paris sedately glides by, HERBAL XANAX images, asleep in the long belle rêve of Haussman.

Sometimes I think only Paris' status as the capital of a major country in Europe keeps it a living city. That, and the changing face of the French world.

I am staying in the Oberkampf district, on the northeastern edge of the city, BUY HERBAL XANAX NO PRESCRIPTION. HERBAL XANAX for sale, I'm guessing it's going through a gentrification cycle; it's close to the Marais, the former Jewish ghetto that has become not only the heart of gay and lesbian Paris, but the home of most forward-looking fashion designers, HERBAL XANAX wiki. It's an area of former factories being transformed into a residential district.

Out here, Is HERBAL XANAX safe, not quite in the periphery (let alone the banlieues, the suburbs that ring Paris), I still see more people of color than you do in central Paris, HERBAL XANAX pharmacy, tourist Paris: Africans and Berbers from the old colonies, HERBAL XANAX trusted pharmacy reviews, Indians, Vietnamese, Chinese, HERBAL XANAX interactions, Arabs. Cheap HERBAL XANAX, It makes me homesick and feel at home at the same time, resembling my ethnically mixed neighborhood in the Great American Metropolis. (Also a rapidly gentrifying area with great restaurants.)

I won't rehearse for you the litany of troubles the changing population of France has brought on: the difficulties in assimilating different ethnicities into the French self-conception, HERBAL XANAX class, the poverty and racism and rioting in the banlieues, Is HERBAL XANAX addictive, the fact that the President of France once threatened retributary violence on those same rioters, before he was elected. BUY HERBAL XANAX NO PRESCRIPTION, France bans the veil at school, championing the cause of secularism and human rights, and we are left with profoundly mixed feelings about exactly what liberties are being abridged, and who has the right to do that. Etre Muslulman en France, ordering HERBAL XANAX online, screams the headline of one magazine I see advertised: being Muslim in France. Online buying HERBAL XANAX hcl, What is it like, I, they, HERBAL XANAX results, wonder, Comprar en línea HERBAL XANAX, comprar HERBAL XANAX baratos, to be marooned in a culture that regards you cautiously, obliged to help you because of the mythic ideals of its own past, but not sure how to come to terms with being more than it was in the past: plural, HERBAL XANAX street price, multiple, HERBAL XANAX duration, different. How it is to be Other until that happens, if it ever does.

I could claim some parcel of this terrain, HERBAL XANAX dose, as both a woman and trans, HERBAL XANAX over the counter, but I really doubt it's the same: here, as in America, the swath my privilege as a white, canada, mexico, india, able-bodied, Buy HERBAL XANAX without a prescription, educated person cuts through most hindrances.

Still: Tuesday night I went to an aikido class. The dojo has a very different style compared to my dojo back home: much harder, more concerned with proper form than movement, online buying HERBAL XANAX. A good experience, but too much like my original aikido dojo for my taste.

I've talked about my French being better on this trip, but the truth is, it's still very weak, comparatively, BUY HERBAL XANAX NO PRESCRIPTION. I can read it passably well (today I was reading the "Declaration of the Rights of Man" in French and getting most of it), HERBAL XANAX steet value, but anyone who speaks even moderately fast will have me in the dust. So, when the teacher would explain the technique, HERBAL XANAX brand name, I would be...lost. I have almost no vocabulary for body parts: no word for wrist, barely able to recognize "leg" or "knee." I would get a word in every so often, and occasionally a general sense, but for the most part I'd be lost, and have to rely only on what I could see.

Which is the best way to learn, actually. But in those moments...I was the other. I was the one lost in a sea of incomprehension, struggling to use all my wits to figure things out, almost mute, ignorent. (There are times I grow so frustrated with how I speak, because my mind leaps so far out in front of what I actually know how to say: and I know I must sound stupid, with my mangled syntax and wonky accent.) And this is a valuable lesson to learn, to hold to myself the next time I get frustrated with someone else.

We never learn more about our privilege than when we are called on it. Or made to see the other side of it.




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CLOMID FOR SALE, Désolée, mes canards. Sorry, Ducks, buy CLOMID online cod. Been an odd few days--an exhausting theory fight on a board I belong to, Fast shipping CLOMID, and general exhaustion. You see, it would seem that I did an apartment exchange with a French person who only drinks tea, herbal CLOMID. That's right. No means of creating coffee in the apartment except a jar of instant coffee, CLOMID FOR SALE. Generic CLOMID, Which I was actually desperate enough to use.

So I've been drinking tea. Now, I know that the UKians in my audience will think this odd, CLOMID without prescription, but tea doesn't wake me up, Where can i buy CLOMID online, or at least not enough, not like coffee. And I think I've been going into serious caffeine withdrawal, CLOMID natural, which has completely messed up my sleep cycle. Online CLOMID without a prescription, So today's big accomplishments--on the day I needed to do a solid day's work to get back on track--was walking down the Boulevard Voltaire to a kitchen appliances store where I got a tiny french press to make coffee with. CLOMID FOR SALE, And after I'd had a pot, and took a long nap, I finally am feeling human again.

So anyway. Do you like puns. do you like obscure French puns that only make sense in English, CLOMID images. I do. CLOMID cost, I've named two blogs after that way, and the title of this post. Which I will explain below.

On Monday I went to the opening of Titian, Tintoretto, Veronese: Venetian Rivalries at the Louvre, thanks to a ticket my exchange mate scored for me, CLOMID FOR SALE. I'm not a huge fan of the Cinquecento, discount CLOMID, but there's obviously some insanely good stuff done by these painters, Order CLOMID online overnight delivery no prescription, so I was happy to go--plus sailing into the special exhibition hall in the Louvre was pretty posh.

The show has some really good paintings, and they are really beautiful--though I agree a bit with Michelangelo's critique that the Venetian painters placed color over drawing skill. (It's okay; you can make the same criticism of my favorite painting in the world, buy CLOMID online no prescription, which has some awkward bits--look at the way the arm kind of hangs out there in the foreground.) And as I walked through the exhibit, CLOMID dangers, two thoughts came immediately to mind:

A) These guys painted real women!
Take a look at the centerpiece of the exhibit, one of Titian's most famous paintings, Danaë:

It's astonishing to contrast Danaë with media images today--her breasts, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, hips, Kjøpe CLOMID på nett, köpa CLOMID online, thighs, arms--and look, she even has a bit of stomach, CLOMID coupon. And she's a gorgeous, Doses CLOMID work, idealized image of femininity; this is what women were supposed to look like.

In fact, she looks a lot like Lizzi Miller...the plus-size (size 14) model:

Although she's hardly idealized, at least by some people:

So what do you think, no prescription CLOMID online. Does Lizzi Miller look fantastic or is this lowering standards for stick thinness industrywide?
(For a little more intelligent discussion, Where can i buy cheapest CLOMID online, see this Below the Belt post.)

However, my appreciation for this fact was kinda mitigate by my next observation...

B) This exhibit is a little...rapey

OK, a lot rapey.

I mean, CLOMID online cod, the signature painting of the exhibit--the afore-referenced Danaë--depicts, Buy generic CLOMID, well, the rape of a woman by Zeus. CLOMID FOR SALE, Oh, and did I mention that she had been kidnapped by her father and locked up to prevent her from having a kid? I know the Greeks weren't really big on happy stories, but still.

In fact, and I guess sort of to it's credit, the exhibit has a whole couple of rooms about the ways nudes are depicted in the arts of these masters. But even that was a bit problematic: wall to wall naked women, purchase CLOMID, offering themselves up to men, Where can i find CLOMID online, or the male gaze, or alone by themselves (letting you gaze voyeuristically at them.) And in one room, there were five separate treatments of the Rape of Lucretia, CLOMID maximum dosage. Which is a lot of rape to have in one room, Buy cheap CLOMID no rx, even if the paintings themselves are exquisitely decorated.

So that takes me back to French puns.

One of the things you say in French when you are introduced to someone is Ravissante à faire vôtre conaissance. Now, ravissante means ravished; and in French, this is basically only used in the way we use the English word ravishing, buy CLOMID no prescription, that is, CLOMID use, beautiful.

But it comes from the same roots and same sense as ravished in English: to take, to carry rape.

So that's why I flipped it around in my post title, one translation of which might be: "to meet you, get CLOMID, I am ravished."

I don't mean to say that in French you say that you're raped when you meet people. CLOMID price, That's not what it means anymore. But it is an artifact of how rape, how the principles of rape--that a woman's body belongs not to her, but the men who look at her, who can take her--pervades every corner of our culture. You can see it art; you can hear it in language; you can feel it in the way men look at you, or in the long lists that people send you telling you how you can avoid being assaulted--because assault is an implacable force of nature, not the acts of people with the moral capacity to make decisions.

But hey, don't believe me. Just ask Tucker Max.

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ZYBAN FOR SALE, Bon jour, mes canards. I'm spending the next two weeks here in Paris, ZYBAN coupon, ZYBAN mg, doing the apartment exchange thing (there's some value to living in the Great American Metropolis--people want your place!) I hope to report on le feminisme and transness here in France, and also make some of you green with envy.

More later--I splurged on a traditional dinner (vegetable soup, ZYBAN class, Buy ZYBAN without prescription, confit de canard, crème caramel and 50 bloody cl of wine) and need to sleep it off, ZYBAN steet value. Online ZYBAN without a prescription. Order ZYBAN online overnight delivery no prescription. ZYBAN trusted pharmacy reviews. ZYBAN for sale. Buy generic ZYBAN. ZYBAN results. My ZYBAN experience. Discount ZYBAN. Where can i order ZYBAN without prescription. Online buy ZYBAN without a prescription. ZYBAN without a prescription. ZYBAN price, coupon. Buy ZYBAN from mexico. Cheap ZYBAN no rx. Buy cheap ZYBAN no rx. Order ZYBAN from mexican pharmacy. ZYBAN without prescription. ZYBAN images. Rx free ZYBAN. ZYBAN reviews. Where can i buy cheapest ZYBAN online. Where can i buy ZYBAN online. Generic ZYBAN. After ZYBAN. Buy ZYBAN from canada.

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A dear friend of mine recently had her GRS done up in Montreal PREMARIN FOR SALE, . Get PREMARIN, She's had a long history of complications from surgery, and sadly this was no exception--so yesterday her son and I hit the road and took a seven-hour road trip up to visit her, buy generic PREMARIN. My PREMARIN experience, (It would have been six hours, but I always get lost--also, PREMARIN steet value, PREMARIN overnight, asking a truck driver for directions to a gas station when you speak a very imperfect French is a wonderfully Dadist exercise.)

She's doing a little better today, and was surprised and pleased to see us, PREMARIN from mexico, Online buying PREMARIN hcl, so I'm very glad we were able to run up here.

It also reminds me of a few things.

This isn't the first time I've visited Dr. Brassard's clinic; I came here last spring, PREMARIN wiki, PREMARIN treatment, when I was considering using him as my surgeon. (I ended up going to Thailand when I decided to have more things done; it cost the same to go to India and Cambodia--and fly home via business class--as it would have cost to have everything done in Canada.)

Back then, PREMARIN used for, PREMARIN no rx, I still wasn't sure when I would even want to get surgery; it wouldn't be until the fall of that year that it would take on a sudden urgency. I ended up hanging out over the weekend with a few of the patients who were waiting to have their surgery done--there was a very pre-op vibe.

Appropriately enough, thios time all the patients are post-op, the last group of surgeries before the clinic's summer vacation, PREMARIN FOR SALE. And it carries me back to my own early post-operative days, PREMARIN description, PREMARIN results, the camraderie between me and the other patients who were staying at the hotel. (We had two pizza parties while I was there, PREMARIN from canada, PREMARIN pics, and generally hung around in each other's rooms for a while; I also met the nicest person in the world there, a trans woman who had made the trip on short notice to be with her friend who was having the surgery.)

I don't use the word comrade lightly, generic PREMARIN, PREMARIN price, either; we were like any group of disparate people thrown together by a painful shared experience--we bonded fairly tightly while we were together, but our natural differences pulled us apart afterwards, PREMARIN alternatives. PREMARIN over the counter, I've seen so many different takes on what we went through: from people who convinced this was the most important and transformative experience of their lives to grim-faced agnostics like myself who were convinced that nothing important would change after surgery. (I was wrong, PREMARIN cost, Purchase PREMARIN, though not necessarily about what the surgery did to me; it was how I felt about myself afterward that was the radical difference.)

The residence where people stay to recuperate here is quite pleasant, and is another what if place for me: because this is more or less what it would have been like to stay here had I done my own surgery here, australia, uk, us, usa. Order PREMARIN from United States pharmacy, In some ways, it would have been easier--on the same continent as my family, PREMARIN from canadian pharmacy, PREMARIN canada, mexico, india, and my French is about eleventy-million times better than my Thai (and my French ain't that great, so you get the picture.) Not that I regret my trip, real brand PREMARIN online, PREMARIN price, coupon, because I got to finally see India and Angkor Wat, and even use my French when talking to Frenchwomen in Thailand for their own surgery, PREMARIN australia, uk, us, usa. PREMARIN without prescription, But it is kinda nice to make it up here and see what it would have been like.

Meanwhile, I'm worried about my friend, taking PREMARIN, but happy as well to be able to be up here for her. Send her some good wishes if you can.

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BUY CRESTOR NO PRESCRIPTION, Welcome again, ducks. Today's post comes to you live from Amtrak. I am on my way to visit my parents, and as we are a Green outfit here at TSA, CRESTOR dangers, we're riding mass transit. I am writing this on my trusty blue Acer Inspire One, CRESTOR samples, which I bought for the trip to Thailand and has become my indispensable travelling companion--it fits in all my purses, and with the wireless broadband modem, I can blog anywhere!

Speaking of that trip, I passed through a large swath of Asia during it, order CRESTOR from United States pharmacy, and in honor of the first post I've written at 50 miles per hour, I thought I'd share some impressions of sex roles and segregation I gathered on the way.

Our first stop was Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates. Where can i buy cheapest CRESTOR online, We only were there to transfer flights--if you're flying to India or Thailand, I highly recommend Etihad Airlways; they spare no expense, the planes are comfortable even in coach, and the food was actually good, CRESTOR long term. But even that brief layover gave me a sense of the character of the place, BUY CRESTOR NO PRESCRIPTION. There were women working, but mostly as servers; the salesmen we saw at the various stores were, CRESTOR forum, well, men. Abu Dhabi is a crossroads in the Persian Gulf, so we saw all varieties of dress, kjøpe CRESTOR på nett, köpa CRESTOR online, from full burqas to women in completely Western dress. (The flight attendants on Etihad, CRESTOR street price, though, wore these odd combination pillbox hats and veils.) The bathrooms were a bit different; there was an attendant/chaperone, and they follow the British custom of having full-own rooms with doors instead of stalls.

One definite difference: the metal detectors were sex-segregated, to make sure that you were only touched by someone of the same gender, online buying CRESTOR. (This was to be a recurring theme, we shall see, CRESTOR alternatives, and one that usually left me pretty worried.)

India: Saying anything authoritative about India is an excercise in futility; it's too big, too varied, too everything. BUY CRESTOR NO PRESCRIPTION, Our tour was exclusively in the northern part, so there were more Muslims there than other parts of India; again, there was a lot of variety in how Muslim women dressed, though when we visited the Jammu Mosque in Delhi, I saw quite a few people in burquas.

Indian standards of modesty are different than those found in America: bare bellies are fine (and an artifact of wearing a sari, as I know now--I bought two), but shoulders and knees should be covered. Both my boyfriend and I had to don ceremonial, CRESTOR interactions, wildly-patterned caftans when we visited the Jammu Masjid; once again, the metal detectors and clothing attendants were strictly sex-segragated.

Indian business and commerce are far more completely dominated by men than I was used to. CRESTOR trusted pharmacy reviews, We did meet several businesswomen, but almost exclusively in hotels; in stores, and the various "local craftsman" factories we were taken to by our guides (so we could be browbeat for 20 minutes in the hope of buying a rug/inlaid marble table/block printed cloth--the guide got a commission, of course), CRESTOR blogs, the people who did the talking were always male. As were all our guides; come to think of it, Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, I think all the Indian guides I saw were male, as were a majority of the servers in restaurants.

Plate 1: The Author contemplates that the most beautiful building in the world was built for a dead woman.

Moreover, the quintessential picture of Indian poverty, I am sad to say, cheap CRESTOR, is a woman with her children. While I'm sure I saw some men begging--I certainly saw many, CRESTOR no prescription, many poor people of both sexes; in India, if a space is flat, somebody's living on it--the people who approached us were almost universally women. (On the other hand, the people who tried to sell us overpriced trinkets while we waited on various lines were exclusively male.) Every public bathroom I went to in India had an attendant; I'm not sure if that was always true for my boyfriend, but it was for me, BUY CRESTOR NO PRESCRIPTION. These were very poor women (or heartbreakingly, online CRESTOR without a prescription, little girls) who handed you a napkin to use to wipe yourself in exchange for a small tip; we usually gave them 50 ruppes, around a dollar. Buy CRESTOR online cod, I can't speak with any sure knowledge, but I would hardly be surprised to find that these women were Dalits.

On our way out of Indira Gandhi Airport (the first place I ever saw a traffic jam of luggage carts), we once again were run through sex-segregated metal detectors. These were more elaborate than the ones in Abu Dhabi; you were in a completely screened-off area, CRESTOR over the counter, where you got wanded by the guard. Of the proper sex, CRESTOR pictures, of course.

Perhaps nothing captures the attitudes I encountered in India better than this: I was the one who booked the trip, who paid for it, who had negotiated with the tour company. BUY CRESTOR NO PRESCRIPTION, When we arrived in Delhi, my name was on the card the tour representative held up at the airport exit. Yet when we got in the car--I was sitting right behind the rep--he turned to my boyfriend and said, CRESTOR without prescription, "So, sir, Online buying CRESTOR hcl, is this your first time in India?"

Invisibility and being pushed around by men were the hallmarks of the trip for me.

Cambodia: Once we left India, we noticed a marked change in the presence of women in business--in that we actually saw several. Men still did most of the jobs that involved talking, including guide to foreign tourists, CRESTOR no rx. Like India, my boyfriend was spoken to first and more often.

I have no idea what the rules for the separation of the sexes are in Cambodia, Doses CRESTOR work, but there seemed to be something subtle going on around us: our guide, Mr. K, constantly talked about the pictures of the apsara, effects of CRESTOR, or dancing girls that you see in bas-relief everywhere on the Angkor temples. He was often wistful about it, whispering: "Aspara, BUY CRESTOR NO PRESCRIPTION. Dancing girls. CRESTOR pics, Very beautiful girls." We suspected dating was pretty complicated in Cambodia.

Plate 2: Mr. K wants you to know he feels nothing for these women. Nothing!

Thailand: We passed through Thailand twice, actually: once, buy CRESTOR without a prescription, very briefly, on the way to Siem Reap in Cambodia, Buy generic CRESTOR, and then of course of the Purpose of the Visit. BUY CRESTOR NO PRESCRIPTION, Thailand, least in Bangkok and Suvarnabhumi Airport is huge, and more modern than LAX or Newark Liberty; if not for the presence of signs in Thai, you'd hardly know you weren't in America.

Plate 3: It's like Los Angeles, just with worse traffic.

In Thailand we finally saw something approaching gender equity. Women were firmly entrenched in the workplace, at about the same proportion that you find in America. Men talked to me--sometimes even first!--and women were definitely assertive, CRESTOR steet value, at least to me.

That isn't to say that there wasn't a lot of sexism; there was. Thai (or at least Bangkok) culture has something resembling a mix of 50s-style mores, Buy cheap CRESTOR no rx, plus a thousand years of Buddhism, plus modern capitalistic ruthless. My nurses told me, for example, that it was still considered somewhat risque for women to smoke--I mean, holy Mad Men!

But at least in Thailand (and Cambodia) I could pee by myself; there weren't any bathroom attendants. And the metal detectors were unisex.

This is the face of progress, ducks: a man being wanded by a female security guard.