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PERIACTIN FOR SALE, In our ongoing quest to track the downfall of New York State's douchiest public servant,* this story brings a smile to us:

The State Senate on Tuesday expelled a senator convicted of domestic assault, the first time in nearly a century that the Legislature has forced a member from office.

The Senate voted 53-to-8 to immediately oust the senator, Hiram Monserrate, a Queens Democrat convicted last fall of a misdemeanor for dragging his companion down the hallway of his apartment building.
Monserrate has vowed to fight the expulsion, and his lawyers are expected to file a restraining order today, if they can make it through the snow. Sadly, ordering PERIACTIN online, Effects of PERIACTIN, one of them is Norman Siegel, past head of the New York Civil Liberties Union and candidate for Public Advocate; a guy, order PERIACTIN no prescription, PERIACTIN dosage, in fact, that I voted for, PERIACTIN from canada. PERIACTIN no prescription, Not so happy to see his name there.

Still, the Senate voting to expel somebody for a misdemeanor--normally in Albany, PERIACTIN results, Kjøpe PERIACTIN på nett, köpa PERIACTIN online, you get a mulligan on your first five or six of those--is a welcome change, and the fact that it was mainly because of the specific crime he was convicted for--battering a woman--is an even more welcome change, PERIACTIN pharmacy. Australia, uk, us, usa, This being Albany, however, no prescription PERIACTIN online, Is PERIACTIN safe, who knows how this will end. Probably with the Monster Rat as majority leader, PERIACTIN natural. Herbal PERIACTIN,

*At the state level. There's a lot of competition above and below him, PERIACTIN no rx. Buy PERIACTIN online no prescription. PERIACTIN trusted pharmacy reviews. Discount PERIACTIN. Buy PERIACTIN from mexico. Rx free PERIACTIN. Buy PERIACTIN without prescription. PERIACTIN overnight. Purchase PERIACTIN. Comprar en línea PERIACTIN, comprar PERIACTIN baratos. Online PERIACTIN without a prescription. Buy no prescription PERIACTIN online. Order PERIACTIN from United States pharmacy. PERIACTIN treatment. Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal. PERIACTIN without a prescription.

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RONDIMEN FOR SALE, Here's a quick duck-in to discuss some hobbyhorses of mine--the Polanski debacle, and the Senate filibuster rules. (What, buy no prescription RONDIMEN online, Purchase RONDIMEN online no prescription, you didn't know I have an obsession with that. Good thing most of you haven't met me in person, RONDIMEN overnight, RONDIMEN samples, I natter on about them a lot.)

First, Jay Smooth does an amazing take down of all the arguments people have been throwing around about why Rapin' Roman should go free or something:

Like a lot of people, RONDIMEN canada, mexico, india, RONDIMEN dangers, I always like Jay Smooth, but that was teh awesome.

(h/t to the fabulous Lena D.)

Next, RONDIMEN steet value, RONDIMEN reviews, here's a nifty piece from Gail Collins and everyone's favorite muddle-headed voice of conservative received wisdom, David Brooks, RONDIMEN natural, RONDIMEN without a prescription, where they talk about the House's recent health care bill. Gail voices one of my particular frustrations with the Senate's arcane rules:

We used to think of the filibuster as a dramatic, RONDIMEN cost, RONDIMEN pics, once-in-a-blue-moon vehicle that was used only in extreme circumstances, like Jimmy Stewart in “Mr, buy RONDIMEN online cod. Buy RONDIMEN no prescription, Smith Goes to Washington.” (What I like about that movie, in retrospect, online buy RONDIMEN without a prescription, Purchase RONDIMEN online, is that Stewart was not standing there, holding the floor all by himself for hour after hour until he collapsed from exhaustion, RONDIMEN used for, My RONDIMEN experience, in order to save puppies or fight unemployment. It was because the evil Claude Rains was trying to destroy his career, and Jimmy had to prove that he was as saintly as ever, RONDIMEN FOR SALE. It was all about him, cheap RONDIMEN no rx. Comprar en línea RONDIMEN, comprar RONDIMEN baratos, So very Senate like.) Or, of course, buy RONDIMEN online no prescription, RONDIMEN over the counter, when the Southerners wanted to stop civil rights legislation.

But now, a minority of senators don’t have to bother to actually keep talking, RONDIMEN images, Generic RONDIMEN, or take turns talking, or even hang around the chambers to bring progress to a screeching halt, no prescription RONDIMEN online. Buy RONDIMEN from canada, They just declare their intention (it’s the thought that counts) and nothing can go forward without 60 votes.

That’s crazy. If we’re going to have this system, herbal RONDIMEN, RONDIMEN without prescription, the filibuster should be reserved for matters that can’t be undone later, like important judicial nominations, doses RONDIMEN work. RONDIMEN FOR SALE, Or wars. About RONDIMEN, Not normal domestic policy, no matter how large.
 I so 100% agree with that. It would be a will of the people moment--if you've judged opinion correctly, then people will support your principled stand against oppressive legislation; otherwise, they'll think you're a bunch of obstructionist clowns.

Honestly, I can't see why the Democrats wouldn't go for this--can you imagine the glee in Chuck Shumer's face as he goes on talk show after talk show to run the same damn clip of Orrin Hatch reading the AMA membership lists into the Congressional Record. It would be great.

Gail then goes on to attack Joe Lieberman, which is always good fun. She doesn't, however, mention the single largest problem with the health care bills: the evil Stupak-Pitts amendment, the greatest rollback in women's health and reproductive rights in over a quarter of a century, and something Ms. Collins might presumably be interested in.

Unless, of course, she thinks it's just "politics" instead of "fundamental rights."

Or maybe she was afraid of offending Bobo's delicate sensibilities. WEV.




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BUY SIBUTRAMINE NO PRESCRIPTION, O HAI AGAIN, DUCKS. And yes, this really is a Monday Media Watch--I get in just under the wire by virtue of being in California.And being in California, Where can i buy SIBUTRAMINE online, I decided to put aside my usual Monday Media Watch sparring opponent--the New York Times--and try one of the local papers for a change.

So today's target: The San Francisco Comical, er, Chronicle, and specifically this article on Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, online buying SIBUTRAMINE hcl. Take it away, Joel Brinkley:

So Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi is shaming his nation. Rx free SIBUTRAMINE, That's what pundits and commentators are saying as the Italian courts pursue charges of bribery, corruption and tax evasion. But by far the most visible allegations revolve around his sexual escapades.

But before we all clamber aboard that bandwagon, is it possible we misunderstand?
 Hey, SIBUTRAMINE reviews, that is one promising start, Mr. Brinkley--because certainly lady people have noticed a disturbing trend to judge us by our sexual escapades rather than the substance of our scandals, BUY SIBUTRAMINE NO PRESCRIPTION. SIBUTRAMINE mg, In fact, we often get judged on our "sexual escapades" in the absence of any other "scandal". Let's take a look at Mr. Berlusconi's issues:
After all, SIBUTRAMINE dosage, as the prime minister explained at a recent news conference, "to my male colleagues present here I say: Raise your hand and tell me you don't think it's nice to rest your eyes on pleasant and enjoyable feminine presences - rather than sitting at a table with people lacking aesthetic qualities."
Oh. SIBUTRAMINE online cod, I see. BUY SIBUTRAMINE NO PRESCRIPTION, I think I can diagnose these difficulties. He's a douche.

Now, "pleasant and enjoyable feminine presences" by its very nature is enough to make me do a Radfem Stomp. But for the sake of my blood pressure, purchase SIBUTRAMINE online no prescription, and the possible edification of a dudebro who stumbles upon this site, let's unpack that: first, Purchase SIBUTRAMINE, only feminine presences are pleasant and enjoyable--this comes as a surprise not only to big ol' bisexual me, who has been known to find masculine presences both pleasant and mm-hmm-hmm enjoyable, but it also pretends that there are no men who might agree with Your Duckmistress about said pleasant and enjoyable masculinities.

But let's dig, Starbuck, buying SIBUTRAMINE online over the counter, to the little lower layer: you can't just utter a sentence like that without it seeping context. And the context for it is that for men in power, SIBUTRAMINE no prescription, women have far too long been seen only as, well, pleasant decoration and the occasional useful sex object. One would presume, SIBUTRAMINE from mexico, just from his saying such an asinine thing, that a room with Chancellor Merkel, SIBUTRAMINE pictures, Baroness Thatcher, Secretary Clinton, and Secretary Albright would not be one of "pleasant and enjoyable" presences, despite all the named presences being female, cheap SIBUTRAMINE no rx. So to sum up, on the Berlusconi scorecard of douchiness:

Female Heterosexual Desire....................................................Inconsequential
Male Homosexual Desire........................................................Invisible
"Plesant and Enjoyable" Males................................................Ignorable
Women Who Aren't "Pleasant and Enjoyable"
by virtue of Silvio's Lust..........................................................Inconceivable

Okay, I know what you're saying: I'm making some leaps of logic here, BUY SIBUTRAMINE NO PRESCRIPTION. Maybe his (very debatable) Excellency isn't a douchebag--maybe he's just a man of his time, well-meaning but saying douchey stuff. Online SIBUTRAMINE without a prescription, Allowances should be made, etc. And maybe you're right; maybe I haven't given him a fair shake...
Certainly that must be why he showed up at 18-year-old Noemi Letizia's birthday party last spring. It's probably a coincidence that Letizia, SIBUTRAMINE pics, a model, poses for provocative photos in her underwear. BUY SIBUTRAMINE NO PRESCRIPTION, That couldn't have been why he gave her a nice birthday present, a gold necklace worth about $10,000.

Berlusconi's wife was angry. SIBUTRAMINE price, coupon, She left him, saying his visit to the birthday party "really surprised me because he has never come to the 18th birthday parties of any of our three children, despite being invited."

Come, now, SIBUTRAMINE coupon. Berlusconi is the prime minister of Italy. He has a busy schedule. Comprar en línea SIBUTRAMINE, comprar SIBUTRAMINE baratos, Even a young Noemi Letizia understands that. "I am in awe of him," she told an interviewer, BUY SIBUTRAMINE NO PRESCRIPTION. "He calls me, and I go to him." But only "if he has time."
 Right. Well-meaning guy who can make time for underwear models but not his own children...como si dice "douchebag" in italiano?

But let's not stop at Italian heads of state--there's plenty of members of the doucheoisie right here at home!
For example, SIBUTRAMINE overnight, two newspapers, Corriere della Sera and La Stampa, Taking SIBUTRAMINE, recently reported that [businessman Giampaolo] Tarantini told police he lined up 30 women for Berlusconi and his friends, "if the need arose," and brought them to 18 parties in Berlusconi's homes in Rome and Sardinia in 2008 and 2009.

"I wanted to meet Premier Berlusconi, and to that end I spent a lot to get into contact with him, SIBUTRAMINE results, knowing his taste for women," Tarantini told the papers. SIBUTRAMINE street price, "I merely accompanied to his house young women who I introduced as my friends while keeping quiet about the fact that I sometimes paid them."

You'd assume that all of the press coverage, all of that back-room business, would spell Berlusconi's political demise. Think of Gov, SIBUTRAMINE price. BUY SIBUTRAMINE NO PRESCRIPTION, Mark Sanford of South Carolina and Sen. John Ensign of Nevada, both of whom are accused of covering up extramarital affairs. SIBUTRAMINE samples, The South Carolina legislature is considering impeachment, and Ensign's re-election prospects in 2012 appear to be slim.

What about Berlusconi. Do we misunderstand. If the public opinion polls are an indicator, SIBUTRAMINE over the counter, we do. His popularity among Italians, in recent polls, stands at 63 percent - a figure any chief of state would envy.

What do Italians know that we don't?
Well, Joel, first off, maybe Americans do know something about this--President Clinton had approval ratings at or near the 60% range all during l'affaire Lewinsky, BUY SIBUTRAMINE NO PRESCRIPTION. And you conveniently ignore the fact that in the case of Urbin and Sanford, Australia, uk, us, usa, a huge part of the scandal is the hypocrisy of a candidate who deliberately cultivates an image of being squeaky clean and virginal (outside the God-sanctioned marriage bed) being caught metaphorically with their trousers down. Neither Berlusconi nor Clinton built their image around their presumed superior morals, and more importantly neither routinely made political hay out of condemning other people for their presumed moral failings.

And of course the article ignores, or minimizes, SIBUTRAMINE natural, the fact that Berlusconi is the richest man in Italy, someone who routinely throws bushels of money into his various political campaigns (he owns his own political party) and has been mired in controversy, Buy SIBUTRAMINE from canada, legal actions, and charges of criminality pretty much from the inception of his political career. With Berlusconi, his sexist actions are just the tip of the iceberg, SIBUTRAMINE australia, uk, us, usa. Which could have been an interesting jumping off point for an article that might look at how hidebound belief in personal superiority (such as sexism) might also be revealed in other aspects of someone's personal dealings (such as rampant corruption from within the government.) But that wouldn't be as fun to write as a "Europe good sexy fun, America evil Puritanical morals police" article, which continues to get written whenever any scandal remotely sniffing of sex heaves into view--witness how often people have taken this precise tack over the Polansky arrest, even when European opinion is hardly neither uniform nor even close to the perception of the writer.

And besides--writing about how a European leader who is both sexist and corrupt, and whose sexism reveals things about his corruption, might force you to consider the same things about American leaders--and then who would invite you to the cool parties, or give you op-eds in local papers?


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Hiram Monserrate BUY ATIVAN NO PRESCRIPTION, is a douchebag.

Need proof, ATIVAN pharmacy. Buy ATIVAN from mexico, Consider the lovely legislative record of the freshman NYS senator: he not once, but twice threatened to caucus against his own party--which for the first time in over 40 years was in control of the upper house of the New York State legislature and had an ambitious progressive and reform agenda, discount ATIVAN, ATIVAN dangers, including legalizing gay marriage--making good on his threat the second time and throwing the entire state government into chaos (and costing the taxpayers billions of dollars.) And both times, he couldn't even stand steadfast to his own dirtbag principles (well, ATIVAN used for, ATIVAN no rx, except the most important: look out for Hiram first)--he turned coat on his turncoat companions and slunk back to the Democrats.

And that's not even what earned him his nickname: Monster Rat, purchase ATIVAN online. ATIVAN use, That comes as a result of the "incident" of December 19th, 2009, ATIVAN dose. Monserrate brought his girlfriend, Karla Giraldo, to an emergency room over a half hour from his apartment, BUY ATIVAN NO PRESCRIPTION. Is ATIVAN addictive, She had been slashed down to the bone by a broken glass. Monserrate claimed he had tripped in a darkened room and accidentally smashed the glass into her face, buy ATIVAN without prescription. ATIVAN class, Giraldo disagreed, although she would later recant and say that his version was correct, ATIVAN for sale. Is ATIVAN addictive, But that night she called him "crazy" and said, "I can't believe he did this to me!"

It seems that he had been driven into a jealous rage by finding another man's business card in her purse, ATIVAN from canadian pharmacy. BUY ATIVAN NO PRESCRIPTION, A security camera would later show images of him beating her in the hallway, dragging her by her hair. ATIVAN dangers, She tried to get away from him but nobody opened their door.

He was indicted, order ATIVAN online c.o.d, ATIVAN class, but once Giraldo changed her story, it proved impossible to convict him of anything but misdemeanor assault, ATIVAN gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release. Comprar en línea ATIVAN, comprar ATIVAN baratos, Now, I can leave it there: yet another case of a powerful man using his privilege to abuse a woman and get away with it--as Joanna Molloy did in the New York Daily News:

In the hallway after the verdict, ATIVAN price, Kjøpe ATIVAN på nett, köpa ATIVAN online, women in jeans and lawyers' suits clustered in groups and shook their heads. "This sets women's rights back a long time, discount ATIVAN, ATIVAN street price, " said one female court officer.

Forgive us if we find the couple's story the most incredible coincidence since Thomas Jefferson and John Adams died on the same Fourth of July, BUY ATIVAN NO PRESCRIPTION.

Erlbaum did find Monserrate - who courthouse wags have been calling Monster Rat - guilty of reckless assault, ATIVAN from canada, Get ATIVAN, for forcibly dragging Giraldo out of the apartment in a scene caught on videotape.

It's a misdemeanor, ATIVAN trusted pharmacy reviews, After ATIVAN, so Monserrate gets to keep his job in Albany.

So for your enjoyment (read: rage), here is a gallery of Bramhall's cartoons, which are disturbing and triggering enough that (in a Second Awakening first) I present them after the jump.

A Gallery of the Damned

Most often, Bramhall used Monserrate's image as a commentary on politics, albeit one divorced completely from anything having to do with women's politics:

Don't you just love the terrified woman in that last cartoon. Way to exhibit sensitivity as well as your usual perspicacity, Bill.

The Cartoonist's Chore BUY ATIVAN NO PRESCRIPTION, A few times, Bramhall includes an image of Monserrate in cartoons commenting about how hard/easy it is for him to do his job, i.e. come up with cartoons:

Almost, But Not Quite

Once or twice, Bramhall almost shows some sensitivity to the underlying issue of violence towards women--but then as usual completely smothers that in a smug blanket of privileged fuckery that uses images of that violence to make a crude joke:

The Big Finish

This last cartoon ran during the height of the Senate leadership crisis. It is so full of douchebaggery and misogynistic imagery that it practically makes up its own genre: douchedy, maybe, or WTF-tire.

For those uninitiated into New York State politics: in addition to Senator Douche, you can see former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer (presumably with a prostitute) at upper center, and in a nice homophobic touch former Senate Majority Leader Malcolm Smith dressed in the little Lord Faunteleroy outfit. The horse's ass at lower right is Assembly leader Shel Silver (and an assessment of his character I tend to agree with.) .

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GLUCOPHAGE FOR SALE, Elizabeth Edwards, wife of John Edwards (ex-senator from NC, ex-Democratic Vice Presidential nominee, ex-Presidential candidate), has a new book out. Edwards, in case you've forgotten, cheap GLUCOPHAGE, suffered a terminal relapse of breast and bone cancer during her husband's campaign.

Also, GLUCOPHAGE from mexico, it turns out, during the time he was cheating on her with a "videographer" that he paid over $100,000 to, buy GLUCOPHAGE from mexico. And had a kid with.

In her book, GLUCOPHAGE coupon, Resilience, she says that her husband should not have run, and that she tried to talk him into dropping out after he admitted to the affair, comprar en línea GLUCOPHAGE, comprar GLUCOPHAGE baratos. It also turns out that he was less than honest with her: he told her it had been a one-time dalliance, GLUCOPHAGE used for, even while he had his mistress stashed away, and his staff scrambling desperately to cover up evidence of the affair.

So, for those of you playing at home, GLUCOPHAGE from canadian pharmacy, here's the scorecard: second bout of cancer turns out to be terminal; husband cheating on her; husband lying about cheating on her; husband still delusional enough to think he can be President.

All in all, GLUCOPHAGE maximum dosage, that's pretty terrible, and I have a lot of sympathy for Ms. Edwards, online buying GLUCOPHAGE hcl, who seems to have gotten the shortest of short ends of the stick. But what makes this story of interest to this blog is the backlash I saw today.

First, Michael Goodwin weighs in for the New York Daily News:

...the temptation is to shout, "Leave the poor woman alone."

That's easier said than done, GLUCOPHAGE FOR SALE. GLUCOPHAGE natural, After all, Elizabeth Edwards helped to perpetrate a fraud on voters, namely, discount GLUCOPHAGE, that her husband was fit to be President.

She knew better and now says she told him to drop out because of the affair. GLUCOPHAGE without prescription, He didn't and she tried to get him elected, raising money and stumping with and for him. She excoriated the media for giving "the Cliffs Notes" of the truth about candidates.

If only we had known the truth she was hiding.

Ah, GLUCOPHAGE samples. Way to empathize. GLUCOPHAGE FOR SALE, Let me ponder, what, exactly her choices were once John refused to drop out. Where can i buy cheapest GLUCOPHAGE online, Leaving the campaign trail would have been--no doubt about it--a major distraction. The question would have been why, after not stopping campaigning despite being diagnosed with breast cancer, GLUCOPHAGE overnight, had she suddenly vanished. Buy GLUCOPHAGE online no prescription, It would have been a staggering blow to an already staggering campaign. And, if as seems to be the case, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, she didn't realize the extent of the affair, GLUCOPHAGE pharmacy, then maybe--maybe--she really did think he was qualified to be President. After all, many Democrats still think fondly of Bill Clinton, and he was a serial womanizer as well, GLUCOPHAGE FOR SALE. (In fact, weren't many of us wringing our hands about how a person's personal life didn't have to reflect on his ability to do the job at the time?)

Goodwin winds up with:

"Her illness has put a halo over her head and it doesn't belong there, GLUCOPHAGE dose," another reader posted. Get GLUCOPHAGE, "If she were not sick, there would be far more criticism of her for hiding this kind of news . , GLUCOPHAGE pictures. . GLUCOPHAGE FOR SALE, By participating in his charade, Elizabeth is mighty guilty herself."

Me. GLUCOPHAGE for sale, I second both emotions.

Which leads nicely into Maureen Dowd's column in the Grey Lady:

But now Saint Elizabeth has dragged him back into the public square for a flogging on “Oprah” and in Time and at bookstores near you. The book is billed as helping people “facing life’s adversities” and offering an “inspirational meditation on the gifts we can find among life’s biggest challenges.”

But it’s just a gratuitous peek into their lives, and one that exposes her kids, GLUCOPHAGE from canada, by peddling more dregs about their personal family life in a book, GLUCOPHAGE canada, mexico, india, and exposes the ex-girlfriend who’s now trying to raise the baby girl, a dead ringer for John Edwards, in South Orange, GLUCOPHAGE dosage, N.J.
So, GLUCOPHAGE results, to update your scorecard:

Bill Clinton, serial adulterer, perjurer, order GLUCOPHAGE from United States pharmacy, and not as liberal as you think--the greatest President since World War II, Where can i buy GLUCOPHAGE online, at least according to Al Franken.

John Edwards, serial adulterer, class hypocrite, GLUCOPHAGE use, not as liberal as you think but unable to even be Vice President: lying cad.

Elizabeth Edwards, Generic GLUCOPHAGE, cancer survivor, adultery survivor, cancer victim, way smarter than her husband: whiner who is needlessly exposing her family to ridicule for unknown reasons.

What I'm getting at is that this is a completely fake double-bind, and I call sexism. Bill Clinton wrote an enormous autobiography, which talks about his affair, but because he's a Serious Politician (and Has A Penis), that's statemanlike. Elizabeth Edwards, who, as Dowd says, "would have made a wonderful candidate herself. But she poured everything into John[...]" writes a book about the most wrenching time of her life, and she's accused of dragging herself shamelessly back into the spotlight, not to mention her family, and O Won't Somebody Think Of The Children, and after all, she doesn't have a penis.

If she did, maybe she'd get more respect. Though if she did, her husband couldn't have run for President.

Hell, he'd not even be her husband.

Except in Massachusetts, Vermont, Iowa, and (yay!) Maine, that is.