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So the New York State Senate finally got around to voting on legalizing gay marriage today:

BUY ARISTOCORT NO PRESCRIPTION, Marriage equality failed today in the New York Senate after a years-long battle to bring the issue to a vote. The final tally: 24 YES, ARISTOCORT interactions, Buy ARISTOCORT from canada, 38 NO. Among the surprises was a "no" vote from Queens Democrat Sen, ARISTOCORT canada, mexico, india. Comprar en línea ARISTOCORT, comprar ARISTOCORT baratos, Hiram Monserrate, who had previously been a vocal supporter, ARISTOCORT australia, uk, us, usa. Canada, mexico, india, In October, Monserrate narrowly escaped a felony assault conviction for slashing the face of his girlfriend with a broken glass, ARISTOCORT wiki. Buy ARISTOCORT from mexico, Monserrate's NYC office: (718) 205-3881. His Albany office: (518) 455-2529.

Yes, online buying ARISTOCORT hcl, ARISTOCORT online cod, it's our old friend Hiram Montserrate shocking nobody with a fucking brain that he once again turned out to be lying, devious jerk, kjøpe ARISTOCORT på nett, köpa ARISTOCORT online. ARISTOCORT gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, We knew he hated women; now we know he hates gays: fortunately, the New York State Senate takes so few damn meaningful votes that we may have to go months before we find the next group Montserrate thinks is disposable, online ARISTOCORT without a prescription. Where can i buy ARISTOCORT online, And fuck, it sucks that NYS couldn't make this happen, rx free ARISTOCORT, Real brand ARISTOCORT online, although there is hope now for future votes (and primary challenges to the Democrats who voted No.). ARISTOCORT blogs. Buy cheap ARISTOCORT no rx. ARISTOCORT maximum dosage. ARISTOCORT without a prescription. Online buying ARISTOCORT. ARISTOCORT steet value. About ARISTOCORT. ARISTOCORT no rx. ARISTOCORT use. ARISTOCORT for sale. Purchase ARISTOCORT for sale. Is ARISTOCORT safe. Where can i buy cheapest ARISTOCORT online. Where can i order ARISTOCORT without prescription.

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BUY SIBUTRAMINE NO PRESCRIPTION, O HAI AGAIN, DUCKS. And yes, this really is a Monday Media Watch--I get in just under the wire by virtue of being in California.And being in California, Where can i buy SIBUTRAMINE online, I decided to put aside my usual Monday Media Watch sparring opponent--the New York Times--and try one of the local papers for a change.

So today's target: The San Francisco Comical, er, Chronicle, and specifically this article on Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, online buying SIBUTRAMINE hcl. Take it away, Joel Brinkley:

So Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi is shaming his nation. Rx free SIBUTRAMINE, That's what pundits and commentators are saying as the Italian courts pursue charges of bribery, corruption and tax evasion. But by far the most visible allegations revolve around his sexual escapades.

But before we all clamber aboard that bandwagon, is it possible we misunderstand?
 Hey, SIBUTRAMINE reviews, that is one promising start, Mr. Brinkley--because certainly lady people have noticed a disturbing trend to judge us by our sexual escapades rather than the substance of our scandals, BUY SIBUTRAMINE NO PRESCRIPTION. SIBUTRAMINE mg, In fact, we often get judged on our "sexual escapades" in the absence of any other "scandal". Let's take a look at Mr. Berlusconi's issues:
After all, SIBUTRAMINE dosage, as the prime minister explained at a recent news conference, "to my male colleagues present here I say: Raise your hand and tell me you don't think it's nice to rest your eyes on pleasant and enjoyable feminine presences - rather than sitting at a table with people lacking aesthetic qualities."
Oh. SIBUTRAMINE online cod, I see. BUY SIBUTRAMINE NO PRESCRIPTION, I think I can diagnose these difficulties. He's a douche.

Now, "pleasant and enjoyable feminine presences" by its very nature is enough to make me do a Radfem Stomp. But for the sake of my blood pressure, purchase SIBUTRAMINE online no prescription, and the possible edification of a dudebro who stumbles upon this site, let's unpack that: first, Purchase SIBUTRAMINE, only feminine presences are pleasant and enjoyable--this comes as a surprise not only to big ol' bisexual me, who has been known to find masculine presences both pleasant and mm-hmm-hmm enjoyable, but it also pretends that there are no men who might agree with Your Duckmistress about said pleasant and enjoyable masculinities.

But let's dig, Starbuck, buying SIBUTRAMINE online over the counter, to the little lower layer: you can't just utter a sentence like that without it seeping context. And the context for it is that for men in power, SIBUTRAMINE no prescription, women have far too long been seen only as, well, pleasant decoration and the occasional useful sex object. One would presume, SIBUTRAMINE from mexico, just from his saying such an asinine thing, that a room with Chancellor Merkel, SIBUTRAMINE pictures, Baroness Thatcher, Secretary Clinton, and Secretary Albright would not be one of "pleasant and enjoyable" presences, despite all the named presences being female, cheap SIBUTRAMINE no rx. So to sum up, on the Berlusconi scorecard of douchiness:

Female Heterosexual Desire....................................................Inconsequential
Male Homosexual Desire........................................................Invisible
"Plesant and Enjoyable" Males................................................Ignorable
Women Who Aren't "Pleasant and Enjoyable"
by virtue of Silvio's Lust..........................................................Inconceivable

Okay, I know what you're saying: I'm making some leaps of logic here, BUY SIBUTRAMINE NO PRESCRIPTION. Maybe his (very debatable) Excellency isn't a douchebag--maybe he's just a man of his time, well-meaning but saying douchey stuff. Online SIBUTRAMINE without a prescription, Allowances should be made, etc. And maybe you're right; maybe I haven't given him a fair shake...
Certainly that must be why he showed up at 18-year-old Noemi Letizia's birthday party last spring. It's probably a coincidence that Letizia, SIBUTRAMINE pics, a model, poses for provocative photos in her underwear. BUY SIBUTRAMINE NO PRESCRIPTION, That couldn't have been why he gave her a nice birthday present, a gold necklace worth about $10,000.

Berlusconi's wife was angry. SIBUTRAMINE price, coupon, She left him, saying his visit to the birthday party "really surprised me because he has never come to the 18th birthday parties of any of our three children, despite being invited."

Come, now, SIBUTRAMINE coupon. Berlusconi is the prime minister of Italy. He has a busy schedule. Comprar en línea SIBUTRAMINE, comprar SIBUTRAMINE baratos, Even a young Noemi Letizia understands that. "I am in awe of him," she told an interviewer, BUY SIBUTRAMINE NO PRESCRIPTION. "He calls me, and I go to him." But only "if he has time."
 Right. Well-meaning guy who can make time for underwear models but not his own children...como si dice "douchebag" in italiano?

But let's not stop at Italian heads of state--there's plenty of members of the doucheoisie right here at home!
For example, SIBUTRAMINE overnight, two newspapers, Corriere della Sera and La Stampa, Taking SIBUTRAMINE, recently reported that [businessman Giampaolo] Tarantini told police he lined up 30 women for Berlusconi and his friends, "if the need arose," and brought them to 18 parties in Berlusconi's homes in Rome and Sardinia in 2008 and 2009.

"I wanted to meet Premier Berlusconi, and to that end I spent a lot to get into contact with him, SIBUTRAMINE results, knowing his taste for women," Tarantini told the papers. SIBUTRAMINE street price, "I merely accompanied to his house young women who I introduced as my friends while keeping quiet about the fact that I sometimes paid them."

You'd assume that all of the press coverage, all of that back-room business, would spell Berlusconi's political demise. Think of Gov, SIBUTRAMINE price. BUY SIBUTRAMINE NO PRESCRIPTION, Mark Sanford of South Carolina and Sen. John Ensign of Nevada, both of whom are accused of covering up extramarital affairs. SIBUTRAMINE samples, The South Carolina legislature is considering impeachment, and Ensign's re-election prospects in 2012 appear to be slim.

What about Berlusconi. Do we misunderstand. If the public opinion polls are an indicator, SIBUTRAMINE over the counter, we do. His popularity among Italians, in recent polls, stands at 63 percent - a figure any chief of state would envy.

What do Italians know that we don't?
Well, Joel, first off, maybe Americans do know something about this--President Clinton had approval ratings at or near the 60% range all during l'affaire Lewinsky, BUY SIBUTRAMINE NO PRESCRIPTION. And you conveniently ignore the fact that in the case of Urbin and Sanford, Australia, uk, us, usa, a huge part of the scandal is the hypocrisy of a candidate who deliberately cultivates an image of being squeaky clean and virginal (outside the God-sanctioned marriage bed) being caught metaphorically with their trousers down. Neither Berlusconi nor Clinton built their image around their presumed superior morals, and more importantly neither routinely made political hay out of condemning other people for their presumed moral failings.

And of course the article ignores, or minimizes, SIBUTRAMINE natural, the fact that Berlusconi is the richest man in Italy, someone who routinely throws bushels of money into his various political campaigns (he owns his own political party) and has been mired in controversy, Buy SIBUTRAMINE from canada, legal actions, and charges of criminality pretty much from the inception of his political career. With Berlusconi, his sexist actions are just the tip of the iceberg, SIBUTRAMINE australia, uk, us, usa. Which could have been an interesting jumping off point for an article that might look at how hidebound belief in personal superiority (such as sexism) might also be revealed in other aspects of someone's personal dealings (such as rampant corruption from within the government.) But that wouldn't be as fun to write as a "Europe good sexy fun, America evil Puritanical morals police" article, which continues to get written whenever any scandal remotely sniffing of sex heaves into view--witness how often people have taken this precise tack over the Polansky arrest, even when European opinion is hardly neither uniform nor even close to the perception of the writer.

And besides--writing about how a European leader who is both sexist and corrupt, and whose sexism reveals things about his corruption, might force you to consider the same things about American leaders--and then who would invite you to the cool parties, or give you op-eds in local papers?


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Hiram Monserrate BUY ATIVAN NO PRESCRIPTION, is a douchebag.

Need proof, ATIVAN pharmacy. Buy ATIVAN from mexico, Consider the lovely legislative record of the freshman NYS senator: he not once, but twice threatened to caucus against his own party--which for the first time in over 40 years was in control of the upper house of the New York State legislature and had an ambitious progressive and reform agenda, discount ATIVAN, ATIVAN dangers, including legalizing gay marriage--making good on his threat the second time and throwing the entire state government into chaos (and costing the taxpayers billions of dollars.) And both times, he couldn't even stand steadfast to his own dirtbag principles (well, ATIVAN used for, ATIVAN no rx, except the most important: look out for Hiram first)--he turned coat on his turncoat companions and slunk back to the Democrats.

And that's not even what earned him his nickname: Monster Rat, purchase ATIVAN online. ATIVAN use, That comes as a result of the "incident" of December 19th, 2009, ATIVAN dose. Monserrate brought his girlfriend, Karla Giraldo, to an emergency room over a half hour from his apartment, BUY ATIVAN NO PRESCRIPTION. Is ATIVAN addictive, She had been slashed down to the bone by a broken glass. Monserrate claimed he had tripped in a darkened room and accidentally smashed the glass into her face, buy ATIVAN without prescription. ATIVAN class, Giraldo disagreed, although she would later recant and say that his version was correct, ATIVAN for sale. Is ATIVAN addictive, But that night she called him "crazy" and said, "I can't believe he did this to me!"

It seems that he had been driven into a jealous rage by finding another man's business card in her purse, ATIVAN from canadian pharmacy. BUY ATIVAN NO PRESCRIPTION, A security camera would later show images of him beating her in the hallway, dragging her by her hair. ATIVAN dangers, She tried to get away from him but nobody opened their door.

He was indicted, order ATIVAN online c.o.d, ATIVAN class, but once Giraldo changed her story, it proved impossible to convict him of anything but misdemeanor assault, ATIVAN gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release. Comprar en línea ATIVAN, comprar ATIVAN baratos, Now, I can leave it there: yet another case of a powerful man using his privilege to abuse a woman and get away with it--as Joanna Molloy did in the New York Daily News:

In the hallway after the verdict, ATIVAN price, Kjøpe ATIVAN på nett, köpa ATIVAN online, women in jeans and lawyers' suits clustered in groups and shook their heads. "This sets women's rights back a long time, discount ATIVAN, ATIVAN street price, " said one female court officer.

Forgive us if we find the couple's story the most incredible coincidence since Thomas Jefferson and John Adams died on the same Fourth of July, BUY ATIVAN NO PRESCRIPTION.

Erlbaum did find Monserrate - who courthouse wags have been calling Monster Rat - guilty of reckless assault, ATIVAN from canada, Get ATIVAN, for forcibly dragging Giraldo out of the apartment in a scene caught on videotape.

It's a misdemeanor, ATIVAN trusted pharmacy reviews, After ATIVAN, so Monserrate gets to keep his job in Albany.

So for your enjoyment (read: rage), here is a gallery of Bramhall's cartoons, which are disturbing and triggering enough that (in a Second Awakening first) I present them after the jump.

A Gallery of the Damned

Most often, Bramhall used Monserrate's image as a commentary on politics, albeit one divorced completely from anything having to do with women's politics:

Don't you just love the terrified woman in that last cartoon. Way to exhibit sensitivity as well as your usual perspicacity, Bill.

The Cartoonist's Chore BUY ATIVAN NO PRESCRIPTION, A few times, Bramhall includes an image of Monserrate in cartoons commenting about how hard/easy it is for him to do his job, i.e. come up with cartoons:

Almost, But Not Quite

Once or twice, Bramhall almost shows some sensitivity to the underlying issue of violence towards women--but then as usual completely smothers that in a smug blanket of privileged fuckery that uses images of that violence to make a crude joke:

The Big Finish

This last cartoon ran during the height of the Senate leadership crisis. It is so full of douchebaggery and misogynistic imagery that it practically makes up its own genre: douchedy, maybe, or WTF-tire.

For those uninitiated into New York State politics: in addition to Senator Douche, you can see former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer (presumably with a prostitute) at upper center, and in a nice homophobic touch former Senate Majority Leader Malcolm Smith dressed in the little Lord Faunteleroy outfit. The horse's ass at lower right is Assembly leader Shel Silver (and an assessment of his character I tend to agree with.) .

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ULTRAM FOR SALE, Hello, Ducks. Can you guess what Google Reader threw up in my lap today, ordering ULTRAM online. Discount ULTRAM, Did you guess Tucker Max. I didn't, buy ULTRAM without prescription, Order ULTRAM online overnight delivery no prescription, which I guess is what makes it sexy...or something; I'm not up on my fratire. But let's check in, low dose ULTRAM, ULTRAM results, courtesy of The Frisky...

Oh, what, ULTRAM blogs. The fratire thing?

The Frisky: Gawker deemed you a “ham-fisted frat s***.” The feminist bloggers hate you, ULTRAM FOR SALE. ULTRAM alternatives, You’ve been called a “professional sexist,” “anti-feminist, ULTRAM pharmacy, ULTRAM no rx, ” and a “promoter of rape culture.” The New York Times labeled your prose “fratire.”

TM: Hold on now. The New York Times was not insulting me when they called my writing “fratire.” In fact, ULTRAM steet value, Real brand ULTRAM online, they said I invented a new literary genre, one that defines a whole new generation of writers and readers, buy ULTRAM without a prescription. Purchase ULTRAM online no prescription, How is that an insult?

Yes, the brave new world of Two and a Half Men, ULTRAM price, ULTRAM dose, Maxim, and Ketel One ads:

I think that this isn't exactly a new genre...unless you think that the needs, ULTRAM over the counter, ULTRAM online cod, feelings, and emotions of young white dudes has been an underserved artistic destination for these last, where can i buy ULTRAM online, Buy no prescription ULTRAM online, um, 2, no prescription ULTRAM online, ULTRAM interactions, 000 years.

Sigh. On y va...

The Frisky: Are you a “misogynist”?

TM: Complete bulls**t, order ULTRAM from United States pharmacy. ULTRAM FOR SALE, A misogynist is someone who hates women. Online buying ULTRAM hcl, I love women. Everything I do is to impress women, effects of ULTRAM. Online buy ULTRAM without a prescription, Without women, I wouldn’t get out of bed in the morning, doses ULTRAM work. ULTRAM wiki, Plus, half my fans are women, ULTRAM description. The people who call me misogynist are the ones who haven’t read or engaged my writing, and are just looking for a bogeyman to attack.

The Frisky: In your stories, women throw themselves at you, ULTRAM FOR SALE. Herbal ULTRAM, How many women have you slept with, and what advice do you give men on women?

TM: I have no idea how many women I’ve slept with. Probably more than 300, probably less than 600. I don’t keep count, because that would be super creepy.

Some women absolutely do throw themselves at me. ULTRAM FOR SALE, I think part of it is that there are always some women that are into rich, famous, and powerful men. Then there is the artist aspect. Half my fans are women, and they are fans because they love my writing. There is the masculine thing; I am one of the few people in media who is unapologetically masculine, and that’s very attractive to some women.

You know. He's not a misogynist. Just a narcissist living in his own, private world where women flock to him to give him blowjobs, sexy girls (the only real girls: see Amanda Hess' brilliant "Anatomy of a Tucker Max Joke") never think he's being insulting to him, and "I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell" is... awesome and groundbreaking movie, and great art always finds its way.
Box Office total, after two weeks: $960,425.

But wait. Ol' Tuck has an excuse for that!
It may not hit at the theater, but it will hit on DVD, and hit big.
Yeah, you and Joe Francis, amigo. Funny the company you keep.

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PROPECIA FOR SALE, Greetings, ducks. This week here at TSA we're going to try something new and different--recurring theme columns, PROPECIA from canadian pharmacy. PROPECIA samples, Today will be the inaugural Monday Media Watch.

Over the weekend, in between writing SQL specifications, taking PROPECIA, Cheap PROPECIA no rx, I managed to actually watch some TV (other than Buffy DVDs, that is.) In fact, buy PROPECIA online cod, Order PROPECIA online overnight delivery no prescription, I caught Mike Judge's 2006 internet cult fave Idiocracy.

I'm mostly confused by Mike Judge--I was in college when Beavis and Butthead first came out and was never really impressed by watching a couple of barely-articulate slackers make fun of music videos. (I mean, order PROPECIA online c.o.d, PROPECIA over the counter, I wasn't even a fan of that in real life.) But after that came King of the Hill which might as well be a modern-day Leave it to Beaver--Hank Hill's solidly middle-of-the-road conservative values always win out in the end. In some ways it's similar to Parker and Stone's "common sense" values on South Park, PROPECIA description, PROPECIA price, although without that show's audacitous offensiveness and sometimes spot-on satire. But both are similar in the way that the "common sense" approach that always manages to win out looks suspciously like the point-of-view of middle class white privilege.

(With some caveats: I liked Judge's Office Space for its gleeful and accurate satire of the mindlessness of modern corporate existence, and the South Park movie's general gleeful destruction.)

Idiocracy probably had visions of being a satire, and its vision hits some easy but satisfying targets: a Costco the size of a city, every conceivable surface--clothing, furniture, even the flag--covered with advertising slogans, cable TV hitting the lowest possible common denominator (the Violence channel has a show called "Ow, PROPECIA FOR SALE. My Balls!" consisting of an hour of a guy getting hit in the crotch.) Much of this is chuckle-inducing, buy PROPECIA online no prescription, PROPECIA no prescription, greatly enhanced byLuke Wilson in another of his startled shlub turns.

Other jokes, however, buy no prescription PROPECIA online, Buy PROPECIA from mexico, have a cringe factor. Judge ferociously attacks the pornification of American advertising by showing us a world of franchise sex: Starbucks gives hand jobs, comprar en línea PROPECIA, comprar PROPECIA baratos, After PROPECIA, H & R Block offers "gentleman's tax planning" and there's even fried chicken with "full release." All of which might have gone off better had not the other main character (played by Maya Rudolph) been--a prostitute.

And that leads us into some other troubling matters. The English language, is PROPECIA addictive, PROPECIA without prescription, we are told, now resembles a mix of "hillbilly and Valley Girl slang, australia, uk, us, usa, PROPECIA blogs, " but there seem to be a preponderence of hispanic names and "accents" around to demonstrate how much stupider America is in the 26th century. And yes, PROPECIA brand name, PROPECIA treatment, there's a black president--but one who comes off as just another bunch of 21st century stereotypes: he's a former wrestler and porn star. PROPECIA FOR SALE, (In fact, the three main African-American characters are: a porn star, a prostitute, and a pimp.)

Not surprisingly, the movie ends up validating a white male slacker as the only reasonable character--and hey, given that Mike Judge is a white male slacker who made very good, I guess I can't blame him. But Idiocracy has developed some kind of hip-cult status on the Internets, PROPECIA pharmacy, PROPECIA australia, uk, us, usa, and I have news for you guys: it ain't as transgressive as you think.

While I was watching Idiocracy, I got treated to the usual series of ads catering to the doucheoisie that Comedy Central routinely runs, where to buy PROPECIA. PROPECIA dosage, (It's much worse on both CC and Adult Swim late at night, when the ads for the local stripper clubs run.) One of those included the newest Burger King Late Night series, doses PROPECIA work, PROPECIA price, coupon, in which their "King" character plays a prank on a sleeping person--in the spirit of this:

Except this one apparently was set in a woman's dorm (or at least a house with female roomates.) Sadly, the video isn't up yet, is PROPECIA safe, PROPECIA pictures, but what happens is that they do the old "shaving cream on the hand, tickle the face" gag--the woman wakes up and slaps her face to brush away the "bug," only to smear shaving cream all over her self.

But here's the part that makes this ad even douchier than normal--she wakes up and sees a strange man wearing a bizarre mask on his face. And screams. Well, no shit. I mean, this is the start of a slasher/rape nightmare, and I'd scream too. And I know that makes me a Humorless FeministTM, but give me a break--it's bad enough that this forms the plot of every cop show on TV, do we really need it to sell burgers?

There was, however, one ad I did like:

I can't say I'm a huge fan of the Progressive ads--I don't own a car, so I'm largely indifferent to them--but I love how she totally rocked this guy back on his stereotypes. Rock on, Flo.

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CIPRO FOR SALE, Greetings, ducks. Sorry about the delay since yesterday's post, but I had to call a carpenter in--it seems my (quirky, what is CIPRO, writerly, Order CIPRO no prescription, rolltop) desk had developed a mysterious dent ever since I started using Google Reader to search for stories with the keyword "feminism." Oddly enough, the dent seemed to fit my forehead perfectly, and got deeper after each one of the mysterious headaches I seem to be suffering from--strange.

However, CIPRO wiki, in any case, Kjøpe CIPRO på nett, köpa CIPRO online, I now have a nice shiny new desktop, and it's time to take a look at what Google brought me today--oh. Oh, CIPRO over the counter, dear. Order CIPRO from mexican pharmacy, Something titled "Hating Feminism."

Well, let's not be hasty; maybe it's a feminist response to people who hate feminists. My heart leaps, where can i buy cheapest CIPRO online. See, it starts well:

I know to a degree where she’s coming from, CIPRO FOR SALE. A lot of the feminist-bashing is nothing more than people taking their personal problems and putting a political spin on it. Order CIPRO online c.o.d, But, of course, NOW is not responsible if you can’t get sex or can’t get your wife to respect you.
Well, doses CIPRO work, not great, No prescription CIPRO online, but not bad.

We’ve all seen those people. All their stories are about someone taking advantage of them. But even before the stories started, CIPRO recreational, we knew just by looking at them that we are about to deal with a loser.

But that doesn’t negate that feminism has become a cancer. Many of the complaints against the feminists are the same as against Civil Rights warriors.

Oh dear.
CIPRO FOR SALE, Women will acknowledge that a big, tall man who’s in great shape is stronger than they are. CIPRO natural, What they don’t realize is that a 5-foot-3 110 pound high school boy is still vastly stronger than any woman who’s not taking steroids (aka male hormones).
Riiight...I forgot, that high school kid can whup Laila Ali one hand behind his back--because he's stronger than every woman in the world.

Women get into an aggressive pose if you ever say that they can’t do something as well. But of course you can’t do some things as well, generic CIPRO, and you can’t do anything on an exceptional level (historic inventions, Where can i buy CIPRO online, Nobel prizes).

Even when you look at things that women do much more than men (write poetry, cook, design clothes), CIPRO dosage, almost all the great ones are male.

Right, CIPRO blogs, because of ten millenia of denying women access to education, devaluing all work they do, and institutional sexism wherever people (read: men) do work for money that women traditionally have done for free, CIPRO alternatives, that in no way invalidates your argument. CIPRO samples, It's all about the biology, right. I can take comfort in that, effects of CIPRO, scientifically proven....wait a second.

I'm not exactly all about the biology, CIPRO reviews, you know.
The worst outrage (other than the claim by feminists in Sweden that men should be forced by law to sit on toilets like women rather than stand) is the feminist demand that all men’s room become unisex while the women’s bathrooms remain for females only. The logic is that women always have to wait in line and men don’t, so that’s just unfair.
Okay, seriously, CIPRO FOR SALE. Do not take a trans person on about the bathroom.
No society treated women as well as the West. White men didn’t put you in wooden shoes to make your feet unnaturally small, ordering CIPRO online, didn’t cut off your clitoris, CIPRO pics, didn’t “Honor Kill” women for being rape victims. Whether a white woman chose to be a nun or a prostitute or anything in between, she was treated with at least some level of respect, discount CIPRO.
I'm going to laugh here. CIPRO FOR SALE, Because this has to be satire, right. Cheap CIPRO, Because we all know how well prostitutes are treated in our society, right. I mean, CIPRO class, they have respect, Buy CIPRO online no prescription, which is why so many upper-class women have traditionally turned to prostitution; you know, Victorian gentlemen went on the Grand Tour, Victorian ladies went On the Job.

Is there any way you could make your satire richer?
(Update after this was already written: I was originally thinking of writing “whore” instead of “prostitute”, CIPRO no prescription, but decided not to because I thought people would react to it negatively. Low dose CIPRO, Upon re-reading this, I realized that this in and of itself made my point – Westerners do not accept gratuitous degradation of even the lowest class women.)
I think...I think you need to, I don't know--I was going to say "take a women's studies course" but I think I'll start with, CIPRO pictures, "meet a woman."

I'll just...just read a little more...I'm feeling woozy...
Just as blacks have a very special way of looking at things (black-dominated NBA is good, CIPRO without a prescription, but white-dominated swimming is an outrage), so too do the feminists. That they dominate the Angry Bitch Studies and departments like Sociology is just taken for granted, but all hell breaks loose every time feminazis find out that engineering or physics departments are mostly male.


Wow, look at that--there's already a new dent in my desk.

I think I better keep that carpenter on speed-dial.

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BUY ALERAM NO PRESCRIPTION, Hello ducks. If you are like me, ALERAM dose, Online buying ALERAM hcl, you watch television. (Actually, purchase ALERAM online no prescription, Buy ALERAM online no prescription, if you are like me, you watch too much television--stop it, ALERAM steet value. Buy generic ALERAM, It's keeping you from doing better things, like read this blog!) And if, ALERAM interactions, ALERAM mg, like me, you watch too much TV, ALERAM over the counter, Buy ALERAM no prescription, then you've probably seen commercials for the next great man-child movie, The Hangover.

Of course, ALERAM wiki, Where can i find ALERAM online, it may be difficult to pick out this new film from the constant swirl of frattish comedies--after all, it's Judd Apatow's world now, about ALERAM, ALERAM without prescription, we just live in it. Never fear, ALERAM coupon, Purchase ALERAM online, though, ducks, purchase ALERAM for sale. The New York Times, in its ongoing mission of reminding us that all the news fit to print is by, for, and about men, has an article about The Hangover's creator, Todd Phillips.

In fact, the article makes Mr, BUY ALERAM NO PRESCRIPTION. ALERAM online cod, Phillips out to be some sort of seer to the doucheoisie, a sort of guru of the frat boy picture, ALERAM trusted pharmacy reviews. Low dose ALERAM, (In fact, one of his first movies was called, ALERAM pharmacy, Online buy ALERAM without a prescription, um, Frat House.) Mr, ALERAM natural. ALERAM pics, Phillips, in case you didn't know, where to buy ALERAM, Is ALERAM addictive, is the auteur behind Old School, Road Trip, generic ALERAM, ALERAM maximum dosage, and Starsky and Hutch. (Disclosure: I actually enjoyed the last one for the chemistry between Stiller and Wilson, buy ALERAM from mexico. BUY ALERAM NO PRESCRIPTION, I'm not perfect, ducks.) All in all, he has a portfolio that makes him the Apatow-lite, a secondary purveyor of the immature bromance.

Never fear, though: The Times breathlessly reports:

That doesn’t mean “The Hangover” can’t aspire to be the most grown-up work in Mr. ALERAM brand name, Phillips’s unapologetically immature portfolio.
Well, that's a relief--not the least because he doesn't apologize for his movies. No, Todd Phillips is proud of his films. He wants you to squirm while watching--that is, if you are not an immature man-child (or at least aspire to be one.)

But wait. He's not content for simple metaphysical torture--at least, where his actors are concerned:
Mr. Phillips does not always get his way, BUY ALERAM NO PRESCRIPTION. For a scene in which a police officer tests his stun gun on the guys, the director wanted his actors to be shot with a live Taser. “He goes, ‘Look at these clips on YouTube,’ ” Mr. Galifianakissaid. “ ‘It doesn’t hurt that much.’ And then the Warner Brothers lawyers stepped in, thank God.”
Well, there's always next time--and given advances in technology, perhaps within a few years he'll be able to tase the audience as well. BUY ALERAM NO PRESCRIPTION, Oh, think of the laughter we'll have. Between the blackouts, that is.

Let's give the last word to Todd, before he uses that darn taser again:
...[W]hen he tries to describe the plots of his films concisely, Mr. Phillips said recently, “the one-liners on my movies sound really retarded.” He chuckled briefly at his own analysis. “The movies, ideally, are better than they sound,” he added.
Speak for yourself, Mr. Phillips.

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IMDUR FOR SALE, Sorry for the lacuna, ducks--things got busy, there was the Lost season finale, and I've been working on a long piece that is taking a while in editing.

I suppose some of you reading here--if there is anyone reading here--might well wonder, "C. Where can i order IMDUR without prescription, L., you've been nicely theoretical and wonderfully outraged, IMDUR blogs, Buy IMDUR no prescription, but can you give us a real sense of what it is like to be a trans woman. Is there any easy anecdote that can sum up your life in a neat, IMDUR online cod, About IMDUR, immediately understandable package. Am I wrong to want this?"

Ah, after IMDUR. Purchase IMDUR online no prescription, Well, my ducks, where can i buy IMDUR online, Canada, mexico, india, answering the last question first: Yes. Yes you are, IMDUR FOR SALE. But that doesn't mean I won't answer, purchase IMDUR for sale. IMDUR without prescription, Because while in real life doing Trans 101 can be a nasty chore, this blog isn't real life, online buy IMDUR without a prescription. IMDUR natural, That's why I'm writing it.

So, yes, IMDUR trusted pharmacy reviews, Rx free IMDUR, ducks--and by the way, call me Cat, IMDUR dangers, IMDUR street price, everyone does--as it turns out I do have a fresh-off-the-streets anecdote that can give you insight into what it means to be me. Even though I've chosen anonymity here, IMDUR reviews. IMDUR FOR SALE, Life is wonderful that way, yes?

Yesterday after I got home from work I had to go to the post office to pick up a registered letter, something that always fills me with dread, or at least has every since that day two years ago when I got a registered letter threatening to sue me. IMDUR treatment, Which did not happen. So it turned out okay, IMDUR dosage, Buy cheap IMDUR, but I still get a twinge in my stomach.

I set out to walk down to the post office, first feeding Schwa and the Gray Mouser and changing out of the dress and suit jacket I had worn to the office today, effects of IMDUR. Buy IMDUR from canada, That may be important. You see, IMDUR results, IMDUR no prescription, as I was walking up the steps to my building, just a few minutes before, IMDUR duration, IMDUR recreational, a man walking behind me had said, just loud enough for me to hear him, IMDUR class, IMDUR steet value, "Good night, pretty lady."

Compliments like that always give me mixed feelings, buying IMDUR online over the counter. Like any woman, I really don't care to have my looks publicly commented upon all the time by random men on street corners, IMDUR FOR SALE. But on the other hand, he said it nicely, the sentiment was nice, and--well, let's face facts; I went through a lot of things to be considered a pretty lady. So while I wasn't happy that he felt like he had the absolute right to say such a thing...I did smile a little when I heard it. Just not at him.

So I changed into a tee and a jeans skirt; I only wore the skirt instead of jeans because I had just gotten it a few weeks ago, after looking for a long time for a jeans skirt. Now you know more about my wardrobe than is probably comfortable for either of us, but I will persist.

As I was crossing the street, a car came tearing around the corner, and I heard a guy in the car call out, in what can only be described as a fratboy-douchebaggy tone, "You look like a dude!" As you can guess, that wasn't fun.

But here's the thing, and the reason why this is supposed to be an exemplar in response to your question, ducks: he said, "like." Like a dude.

In other words, he saw me as a mannish woman. Not a man.

It took me 35 years to get that like. But it was exactly what I needed.

And that's what it

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BUY GLUCOTROL NO PRESCRIPTION, The News From WOUTR, all Outrage, all the Time:

I have Saturday Night Live on. This is mostly nostalgia, discount GLUCOTROL, Buy GLUCOTROL no prescription, though I'm not quite sure what for; I started watching the show during the Dana Carvey/Phil Hartmann/Jon Lovitz years, which were not exactly a great epoch in the history of television comedy, buy GLUCOTROL from mexico. Australia, uk, us, usa, If I have nostalgia, it is from watching the "Best of" shows that Nick at Nite showed in the very early years of its existence, GLUCOTROL natural, Online GLUCOTROL without a prescription, which were culled from the work of the original cast.

But in any case, I'm home on a Saturday (outrage intereferes with your social life, GLUCOTROL without prescription, Buy GLUCOTROL online cod, and my boyfriend is located in a different timezone anyway) and awake in the early morning, so I have SNL on.

Not that long ago, GLUCOTROL overnight, GLUCOTROL canada, mexico, india, "Weekend Update" had Tina Fey and Amy Poehler and was a bright spot on the show; now both have moved on to greener pastures, and we're left with Seth Myers' minor-league douchebaggery, GLUCOTROL reviews, Buy GLUCOTROL online no prescription, which isn't particularly outrage-inducing--or rather, it seems to be hard to pick out against the normal background noise of douchebaggery on television.

The guest this week is Tracy Morgan, taking GLUCOTROL, Purchase GLUCOTROL online, returning to his old haunts. I was never a particular fan of his, cheap GLUCOTROL no rx, Order GLUCOTROL from United States pharmacy, so perhaps it's odd that I'm dedicating the first real post of the blog to him.

Right in a row, there were three separate sketches:

  • A parody of "Big Love, order GLUCOTROL online overnight delivery no prescription, GLUCOTROL use, " the show about traditionalist Mormons. Morgan played what looked to be a trans prostitute, GLUCOTROL used for, Order GLUCOTROL from mexican pharmacy, picked up by the clueless paterfamilias to be the newest wife. (The character, played by morgan in a horridly bad blond wig, is seen shaving with an electric razor; which is so stupid--I mean, everybody knows you can't get a close shave with one of those things, BUY GLUCOTROL NO PRESCRIPTION. The Mach 3 is the pre-electro transpeeps' best friend.) The closing credits for the spoof: "Yeah, buy GLUCOTROL without a prescription. Purchase GLUCOTROL online no prescription, It's a dude."
  • A fake commercial for a pill that would keep men from getting sexually aroused in inappropriate situations, like picking up your high-school aged niece and her cheerleader friends, where can i cheapest GLUCOTROL online. GLUCOTROL description, I'm...not sure what to say, except, GLUCOTROL samples, GLUCOTROL schedule, gross--the other example is a Santa worried about a stray erection costing him his job.
  • A short film where two guys go to a party and make disparaging comments about the people there--but here's the catch!--their comments are shown to be literally true; so "look at those Jokers" cuts to three guys dressed as the Joker. You get the idea, GLUCOTROL maximum dosage. One of the guys is described as a serial rapist; the cut is to a guy busily humping a box of cereal BUY GLUCOTROL NO PRESCRIPTION, . No prescription GLUCOTROL online, Hy-larious. (To be totally fair, buy cheap GLUCOTROL no rx, About GLUCOTROL, the bit ends with one of the guys saying, "look at those two douchebags" and the image is the two of them looking into a mirror.)
So: trans-shaming; a reminder that men. always get boners. whenever they look at anything female!; and a nice little dollop of rape humor. All right!

Yes, this is pretty much how this blog is going to go.

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