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I have not, temporally speaking, LASIX for sale, Order LASIX online c.o.d, been doing this here ladybusiness for all that long. (Some would draw a facetious comparison, australia, uk, us, usa, My LASIX experience, in fact, to the amount of time I have in fact been a lady, purchase LASIX online, Purchase LASIX for sale, but as that number would vary between never and 37 years depending on whether you asked Germaine Greer or Kate Bornstein, I’ll just move on.)
Yet even that short time, online buying LASIX, LASIX duration, the depressing amount of material that exists out in the lady-hating or lady-indifferent or just lady, get me a beer world can drag you down, generic LASIX. LASIX natural, Why, you say to yourself as you labor over your blog in a hot kitchen (well, what is LASIX, LASIX trusted pharmacy reviews, I’m baking cookies, see…) should I address another MRA apologia, LASIX cost, LASIX recreational, tear apart another straw-feminist, or deal with this week’s Exciting Variation on the Tone Argument, LASIX overnight. LASIX class, (I solve those by getting louder.)
But then, as Sady herself discovered, LASIX use, Buying LASIX online over the counter, you come across something absolutely stunning in its bold sweep, all-encompassing douchery, LASIX used for, LASIX australia, uk, us, usa, and just plain ol’ damnfoolishness.
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CLOMID FOR SALE, Désolée, mes canards. Sorry, Ducks, buy CLOMID online cod. Been an odd few days--an exhausting theory fight on a board I belong to, Fast shipping CLOMID, and general exhaustion. You see, it would seem that I did an apartment exchange with a French person who only drinks tea, herbal CLOMID. That's right. No means of creating coffee in the apartment except a jar of instant coffee, CLOMID FOR SALE. Generic CLOMID, Which I was actually desperate enough to use.

So I've been drinking tea. Now, I know that the UKians in my audience will think this odd, CLOMID without prescription, but tea doesn't wake me up, Where can i buy CLOMID online, or at least not enough, not like coffee. And I think I've been going into serious caffeine withdrawal, CLOMID natural, which has completely messed up my sleep cycle. Online CLOMID without a prescription, So today's big accomplishments--on the day I needed to do a solid day's work to get back on track--was walking down the Boulevard Voltaire to a kitchen appliances store where I got a tiny french press to make coffee with. CLOMID FOR SALE, And after I'd had a pot, and took a long nap, I finally am feeling human again.

So anyway. Do you like puns. do you like obscure French puns that only make sense in English, CLOMID images. I do. CLOMID cost, I've named two blogs after that way, and the title of this post. Which I will explain below.

On Monday I went to the opening of Titian, Tintoretto, Veronese: Venetian Rivalries at the Louvre, thanks to a ticket my exchange mate scored for me, CLOMID FOR SALE. I'm not a huge fan of the Cinquecento, discount CLOMID, but there's obviously some insanely good stuff done by these painters, Order CLOMID online overnight delivery no prescription, so I was happy to go--plus sailing into the special exhibition hall in the Louvre was pretty posh.

The show has some really good paintings, and they are really beautiful--though I agree a bit with Michelangelo's critique that the Venetian painters placed color over drawing skill. (It's okay; you can make the same criticism of my favorite painting in the world, buy CLOMID online no prescription, which has some awkward bits--look at the way the arm kind of hangs out there in the foreground.) And as I walked through the exhibit, CLOMID dangers, two thoughts came immediately to mind:

A) These guys painted real women!
Take a look at the centerpiece of the exhibit, one of Titian's most famous paintings, Danaë:

It's astonishing to contrast Danaë with media images today--her breasts, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, hips, Kjøpe CLOMID på nett, köpa CLOMID online, thighs, arms--and look, she even has a bit of stomach, CLOMID coupon. And she's a gorgeous, Doses CLOMID work, idealized image of femininity; this is what women were supposed to look like.

In fact, she looks a lot like Lizzi Miller...the plus-size (size 14) model:

Although she's hardly idealized, at least by some people:

So what do you think, no prescription CLOMID online. Does Lizzi Miller look fantastic or is this lowering standards for stick thinness industrywide?
(For a little more intelligent discussion, Where can i buy cheapest CLOMID online, see this Below the Belt post.)

However, my appreciation for this fact was kinda mitigate by my next observation...

B) This exhibit is a little...rapey

OK, a lot rapey.

I mean, CLOMID online cod, the signature painting of the exhibit--the afore-referenced Danaë--depicts, Buy generic CLOMID, well, the rape of a woman by Zeus. CLOMID FOR SALE, Oh, and did I mention that she had been kidnapped by her father and locked up to prevent her from having a kid? I know the Greeks weren't really big on happy stories, but still.

In fact, and I guess sort of to it's credit, the exhibit has a whole couple of rooms about the ways nudes are depicted in the arts of these masters. But even that was a bit problematic: wall to wall naked women, purchase CLOMID, offering themselves up to men, Where can i find CLOMID online, or the male gaze, or alone by themselves (letting you gaze voyeuristically at them.) And in one room, there were five separate treatments of the Rape of Lucretia, CLOMID maximum dosage. Which is a lot of rape to have in one room, Buy cheap CLOMID no rx, even if the paintings themselves are exquisitely decorated.

So that takes me back to French puns.

One of the things you say in French when you are introduced to someone is Ravissante à faire vôtre conaissance. Now, ravissante means ravished; and in French, this is basically only used in the way we use the English word ravishing, buy CLOMID no prescription, that is, CLOMID use, beautiful.

But it comes from the same roots and same sense as ravished in English: to take, to carry rape.

So that's why I flipped it around in my post title, one translation of which might be: "to meet you, get CLOMID, I am ravished."

I don't mean to say that in French you say that you're raped when you meet people. CLOMID price, That's not what it means anymore. But it is an artifact of how rape, how the principles of rape--that a woman's body belongs not to her, but the men who look at her, who can take her--pervades every corner of our culture. You can see it art; you can hear it in language; you can feel it in the way men look at you, or in the long lists that people send you telling you how you can avoid being assaulted--because assault is an implacable force of nature, not the acts of people with the moral capacity to make decisions.

But hey, don't believe me. Just ask Tucker Max.

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MAZINDOL FOR SALE, You probably think your humble blogeuse never does anything but write proposals and gather outrage for her next post. On the contrary. Buy MAZINDOL from canada, Like many denizens of A Great American Metropolis, I occasionally venture out of the apartment to do--stuff. Like eat Chinese food, discount MAZINDOL. Or go to movies!

On Friday I went out to see a festival of independent short films. (For independent read student.) Normally, an evening screening films is a pleasure to me--why, I've even sat through Robert Altman double-features and left feeling elated, MAZINDOL FOR SALE. MAZINDOL no rx, (Confused and strangely unconfined by narrative, but elated.) But last night set my teeth on edge, because I saw a strong thread running through all the films, order MAZINDOL no prescription, none of which, Buy generic MAZINDOL, I should mention, were directed by women. What could that thread be, MAZINDOL samples. Read on to find out. No prescription MAZINDOL online, (But, as Sady would say, Hint: THE MISOGYNY.)

Yes, MAZINDOL treatment, I'm afraid that most of these films were either lady absent or lady silencing or, MAZINDOL australia, uk, us, usa, everybody's favorite, lady objectifying. MAZINDOL FOR SALE, Not all the films--for example, there was a cute little Canadian Star Trek parody that was not only funny, but had a woman in it--a woman with actual lines. (This lovely young woman, online buying MAZINDOL hcl, incidentally, Buy MAZINDOL without a prescription, was the only woman in the entire evening's show that had a direct line of dialogue.) There was a disturbing yet amusing time travel movie that definitely broke new ground in the genre. And there was an amusingly dark animated short about the perils of the workplace.

The rest though, primed me to gun up the outrage engines, MAZINDOL street price. There were two films that were montages of film clips that were cleverly edited but didn't seem to have a real point of view. MAZINDOL long term, "The Control Master" was definitely a technical feat--the animation was taken from clip art advertising from the '50s--but began with the villain stalking the heroine and turning her into a dog. Lovely, MAZINDOL FOR SALE. The last film before the intermission was a mash-up of video games and afternoon cartoon shows like "She-Ra" that had one good sight gag--the invaders from space were, well, MAZINDOL blogs, Space Invaders--but mostly seemed to be an excuse to film a heroine in her panties, Purchase MAZINDOL for sale, from behind. Oh, and the reason she and the villain are fighting is because she messed around on him (even if he is a giant cube.)

The film that really set me off, cheap MAZINDOL, though, MAZINDOL coupon, was "Funny Guy." The premise began amusingly enough--a guy telling horribly bad jokes to his bathroom mirror--and our realization that he is a very disturbed young man is--disturbing. So, a good start, MAZINDOL pictures, if not exactly the most original place to go.

It's where director Frank Rinaldi takes this that provoked my strong reaction. MAZINDOL cost, It turns out that our disturbed young man wants to talk to a prostitute who hangs out across a highway from him, but is too shy. MAZINDOL FOR SALE, (This is the only woman in the entire film--a prostitute with no lines. Sigh.) He later chases the girl down to confront her, taking MAZINDOL, tracks down one of her johns and gets into a confrontation with him, MAZINDOL interactions, and then later ambushes the john and takes him back to his bathroom. The filmaking in this sequence is tense--we sense imminent violence, especially when our abductor reveals the hideous black fungus (a metaphor for his own disease?) growing on the shower stall walls--with a human ear embedded in it.

Yet this scene deflates, cheap MAZINDOL no rx, and we next see abductor and abductee share a moment sniffing paint thinner. MAZINDOL duration, The john agrees to try and get the woman to talk to his abductor, but when he shyly hides from them the john takes off with her.

The film is disturbing all right, but what disturbed me was that it was ultimately another piece of stalker porn; that once again I had to watch a misunderstood guy who goes nuts and finds the only way to connect to women is to hunt them down, canada, mexico, india. His rage over her "rejection" of him--that seems to be the way he interprets her going off with the other john--echoes nothing but the normal sense of entitlement to women's bodies that most men feel.

The movie isn't bad, MAZINDOL price, per se--technically, it's an accomplished student film. I'm just annoyed that these techniques are put in the service of yet another story where women are stalked, fought over, shared between men, and ultimately purely adjuncts to the plot--a motivating factor, a force of nature, incapable of speaking or acting in their own defence (it's telling that she's a prostitute, and thus not even allowed to choose her own sexual partners.) I spoke to the director after the movie--it turns out, ducks, that he was sitting right in front of me--and talked to him about my concerns, MAZINDOL FOR SALE. (No blood was shed.)

I expect a little misogyny when I go to the movies, MAZINDOL alternatives, because I expect a little misogyny when I step out of my apartment, Low dose MAZINDOL, turn on the tv, or read the newspaper. There are even great films which are profoundly misogynistic--for example, MAZINDOL dose, "Taxi Driver." Scocese's misanthropic and misogynistic gem from 1976--made at a time when he was battling a cocaine addiction, Where can i buy MAZINDOL online, going through a horrific divorce, and basically "hated women"--remains a tough film to watch. Yet the women in that film--idealized, MAZINDOL photos, paternalized, and ultimately hated by DeNiro's Travis Bickle--retain their own agency--they are people, and make choices. "Taxi Driver's" awful force of misogyny is only part of its awful force, period--although it is women who inspire Travis' acts of violence, it's also clear that these actions are only possible because of a deeper instability in his character.

It might be a lot to ask a student director to approach the skill of a Scorsese; but on the other hand, it's thirty-three years later, and not exactly difficult to learn about how women feel about, well, anything. That it remains true that the easiest way to give a disturbed character motivation is to have him rejected by a woman is yet another depressing indication of the institutionalized misogyny of your liberal media.

And it's sad that in a city as liberal and progressive as A Great American Metropolis that the only way to ensure that you will see an independent film directed by a woman is to go to a woman's film festival.

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BUY PLENDIL NO PRESCRIPTION, In honor of Rachel Alexandra, the first filly in 85 years to win the Preakness Stakes, some stories from the world of sports:

New Woman's Soccer League: After the WUSA discovered that Mia Hamm and the 1999 World Cup weren't enough to sustain insane management mistakes, it looked like there wasn't room for a woman's professional soccer league (and given the generally parlous state of the WNBA, women's professional sports in general are threatened.) Today, though, the New York Daily News had an article about the WPS, a new women's soccer league.

Teams travel on commercial airlines, in coach seats; they take buses for shorter trips. Buy PLENDIL online cod, They carry their own bags, and stay in reasonably priced hotels, PLENDIL australia, uk, us, usa. Purchase PLENDIL for sale, And at every stop, the players completely embrace their core fans - the legions of pony-tailed, PLENDIL from canadian pharmacy, Online buy PLENDIL without a prescription, soccer-playing girls whose clubs and leagues WPS officials are relentlessly courting.

"I think we have to be very smart in making these connections to the community, taking PLENDIL, Purchase PLENDIL, " says Chastain, whose FC Gold Pride visited New Jersey recently, PLENDIL overnight, PLENDIL long term, tying Sky Blue, 1-1, discount PLENDIL. PLENDIL pics, "Not in a lip-service way, but in a very tangible, order PLENDIL no prescription, PLENDIL price, very hands-on way."

Starting up a new sports league is an investment idea of comparable wisdom to hiring Bernie Madoff to do your books, but I hope they succeed, PLENDIL wiki, PLENDIL brand name, and they seem to have some modest goals.

Besides, you just want them to succeed, PLENDIL pharmacy, Real brand PLENDIL online, if for no other reason than because of this:

When Yael Averbuch was a fifth-grader at Hillside Elementary in Montclair, her teacher went around the class one day and asked each child what he or she wanted to be when they grew up, PLENDIL coupon. When it was her turn, Yael stood up at her desk, BUY PLENDIL NO PRESCRIPTION. Online PLENDIL without a prescription, She didn't have to stop and think.

"I want to be a professional soccer player," she said, PLENDIL forum. Where to buy PLENDIL, The teacher looked back at her, with some exasperation.

"No, PLENDIL use, Purchase PLENDIL online, you need to pick a real profession," the teacher said.

Rock on, order PLENDIL online c.o.d, PLENDIL pictures, Yael.

Of course, it can't all be good:

Let us introduce you to the New York Majesty of the Lingerie Football League!

"Let's be honest, PLENDIL interactions, Generic PLENDIL, sex sells," quarterback and captain Krystal Gray said, buy PLENDIL from mexico. PLENDIL description, We couldn't have said it any better.

The League will kick off this fall, order PLENDIL from United States pharmacy, with the Majesty playing its home games at Nassau Coliseum. Last week in Freeport, a band of lovelys stripped down to their bare necessities for a chance to make the team, each sprinting, primping and strutting their way to the top. The Majesty will play seven-on-seven, tackle football wearing sports bras and volleyball shorts -in addition to helmets, shoulder pads and knee pads.

Way to move the goalposts, ladies. Wait....

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