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ANAFRANIL FOR SALE, Hey, ducks. I've been talking quite a bit of late about Ticked Off No-I-Won't-Say-Its With Knives. ANAFRANIL interactions, You know, because of the outrage, and because I went to the protest, ANAFRANIL without a prescription. What ho. Generic ANAFRANIL, Now, the general consensus here in Transland (Population: More than you think) is that this thing is outrageous, especially the trailer (which Luna has now modified to take out the references to recently brutally murdered transfolk, where can i find ANAFRANIL online. Um, thanks--I'm glad to know it took a massive outcry for you to display basic humanity, ANAFRANIL FOR SALE. No, ANAFRANIL over the counter, kudos to you, sir!) But that doesn't mean that there's massive agreement on the film. Some people actually are defending it, real brand ANAFRANIL online. Trans people. Taking ANAFRANIL, Trans people who were not employed in it as actors. ANAFRANIL FOR SALE, Take, for example, Tom Leger's post over at Trans Group Blog:

Essentially, the boycott was proposed by people who have very little experience with reading and comprehension of media and representations of trans people in film, perpetuated by GLAAD, an organization that is no friend to trans people who is seeking to jump on what it sees as an opportunity to curry favor with what it sees as a grassroots movement because it is too lazy to do any real work on trans issues. The "movement" is actually mostly a facebook group that has grown in size because of the lack of effort required to "join" a movement online (what I call single-click activism) and I predict very low turn out for tonight's "protest."

Oh, there's more--that's just the last graf--but modesty and my digestion prevent me from quoting further, ANAFRANIL description. Suffice it to say that for those of you who say trans people aren't "really" their gender--well, Order ANAFRANIL from United States pharmacy, Tom picked up mansplaining right away. (I'm going to run out of blue ribbons for that soon.)

Even sadder is the response of someone I generally admire, Kate Bornstein, ANAFRANIL mg, who put out this series of tweets the other day:

Look. ANAFRANIL from canada, We're all entitled to our opinion. Even me, ANAFRANIL FOR SALE. And no, I haven't seen the film, ANAFRANIL photos, so start flinging your brickbats in my direction. ANAFRANIL treatment, But. I've read the opinions--and talked to--people who have seen the film. They were appalled, ANAFRANIL price. ANAFRANIL FOR SALE, And frankly, anyone who'd be so unbelievably crass and insensitive as to use the names of our frakking martyrs to promote a film he gleefully concedes is trashy--well, I seriously don't need to go much deeper than that; when a guy yells "Fag!" at me, I'm not going to sit down and discuss how I'm actually bisexual; I've already gotten the message that he hates me.

What's really disappointing is that Bornstein falls into the same tired trap people always do when it comes to protests against movies or books or plays. ANAFRANIL for sale, It's not censorship if it isn't government action, or at least the action of the very powerful. What sets the protest against TOTWK off from, where can i buy ANAFRANIL online, say, Order ANAFRANIL online overnight delivery no prescription, the recent brouhaha about a college in Texas performing Corpus Christi, is ultimately that it was a state college in Texas that was being pressured--not a privately organized film festival.

But more: I'm not saying Luna can't make a movie, online buying ANAFRANIL hcl, or even show it--though I'll probably protest it wherever I can. He has the freedom to say whatever he wants, and let's face it, if he really wants people to see it, there's always the internet, ANAFRANIL FOR SALE. Where can i cheapest ANAFRANIL online, But I don't have to be blithe about one of the most prestigious film festivals in North America screening his movie. I don't have to sit by, impotent, kjøpe ANAFRANIL på nett, köpa ANAFRANIL online, while he gets to show his movie to a ton of distributors who potentially could bring him fame and (less likely) fortune by picking up his film. Buy ANAFRANIL online no prescription, More importantly, Luna isn't guaranteed the right to show this film anywhere, any more than I'm entitled to have my blog posts displayed on the big screen in Times Square, ANAFRANIL pictures. (As much, Buy ANAFRANIL no prescription, of course, as they infinitely deserve to be, so I can write for a living instead of chasing after computer jobs.)

I've covered some of the more ludicrous defenses of the film at Shakesville, canada, mexico, india, but it seems a few will never die. ANAFRANIL FOR SALE, So again: that some of the trans people who made the movie defend it doesn't mean that it should be shown at the Tribeca Film Festival. Buy ANAFRANIL from mexico, That it's "just a movie" doesn't mean it should be shown at the Tribeca Film Festival. And the "but it's a campy throwback to the blaxploitation/grindhouse movies of the 70s" is pretty much the least intelligent defense you can give. Again, ANAFRANIL price, coupon, folks: the "ploitation" stood for exploitation. Buy cheap ANAFRANIL, It's one thing to appreciate the blaxploitation genre for showcasing actors who wouldn't have been noticed otherwise. But let's not pretend that it wasn't a ghettoized genre, okay, ANAFRANIL FOR SALE. Or put it this way: I'm sure that Fred Williamson is proud of his work in those films. But don't you think he, doses ANAFRANIL work, and a lot of the people who watched his films, No prescription ANAFRANIL online, would have rather seen him as, say Han Solo, to cite another frequently copied genre from the 70s, ANAFRANIL australia, uk, us, usa. I am supposed to be all overjoyed that hey, some random non-trans guy has decided to make a film that mimics the exploitative (and in the case of the grindhouse films, pretty misogynistic) films of a period better forgotten about. No frakking thanks.

TOTWK ANAFRANIL FOR SALE, offends me as a trans person. It offends me as a woman--I'm rather sick of "light-hearted" films involving the rape, beating, and murder of women. It offends me as a trans woman, not the least because several of the performers in the film are cisgendered men playing trans women. It fucking offends me because it uses an ugly slur in the title. For these--and a ton of other reasons--I'd love to see Tribeca drop it.

Because too, defending this movie isn't standing on the side of the angels, ANAFRANIL FOR SALE. Censorship is pernicious because it prevents the speaking of truth to power. But what truth is being spoken here. How does this film upset even the tiniest piece of the ugly narrative so many of the powerful spin about trans women. That we're fake. ANAFRANIL FOR SALE, That we're gay men in dresses. That we only work as entertainers. That we're the lowest form of victim. This isn't standing up to oppression. This is fucking illustrating it.

So yeah, Tom, and yeah, Kate, I get that it's cool to be contrarian, ANAFRANIL FOR SALE. I get that it's cool to go against the popular opinion. I even get that it's cool to throw your own under the bus, especially when you can reinforce the mainstream narrative, and accuse us all of being too emotional, not rational, and completely humorless.

And I also get that those have been the classic techniques by which women and other minorities are silenced.

Who's censoring who now.

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BUY ANSAID NO PRESCRIPTION, In the spirit of spring training, I am apparently having an Away week, as all most posts so far have originated elsewhere!

Today's offering appears at Shakesville:

First Event is an annual conference held in January by the Tiffany Club of New England, a transgender support group. Like any conference, comprar en línea ANSAID, comprar ANSAID baratos, Rx free ANSAID, it consists of workshops, cocktail parties, purchase ANSAID online no prescription, Purchase ANSAID online, and banquets with awards ceremonies and occasionally pompous keynote addresses. About the only difference between it and, ANSAID no prescription, ANSAID cost, say, a Linux convention is that there will be slightly more trans people at First Event, ANSAID dose. ANSAID from canada, (There may also be more computer engineers, for that matter.)

But that's not all, ANSAID maximum dosage. Buy cheap ANSAID no rx, According to Southern Poverty Law Center-certified hate group Mass Resistance, First Event is what America will look like in the horrifying post-Homosexual Agenda world soon to be imposed upon the honest, ANSAID price, Buy cheap ANSAID, godfearing citizens of These United.

And to prove their point, they made a video....
 Fight the power, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal. ANSAID long term. ANSAID without a prescription. ANSAID over the counter. ANSAID overnight. ANSAID used for. ANSAID blogs. ANSAID samples. My ANSAID experience. Where can i cheapest ANSAID online. ANSAID online cod. Herbal ANSAID. What is ANSAID. Where can i find ANSAID online. Order ANSAID from United States pharmacy. ANSAID coupon. About ANSAID. Order ANSAID no prescription.

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BUY RETROVIR NO PRESCRIPTION, Where in the world is C.L. today?
Over on the Guardian's CIFA!

I don't much care for Julie Bindel, online buy RETROVIR without a prescription, RETROVIR street price, unlike Beatrix Campbell, who defended her on this site yesterday, buy RETROVIR online cod. Is RETROVIR safe, That does not mean I don't admire her. As a feminist whose radicalism would probably surprise her, where to buy RETROVIR, RETROVIR blogs, I appreciate Ms Bindel's advocacy and the genuine good that has come for her work against violence directed at women. Yet in her long, RETROVIR mg, Kjøpe RETROVIR på nett, köpa RETROVIR online, lonely crusade against transsexuals she contradicts three of her own three feminist principles:
 Yes, I get to take on Julie Bindel and her belief that I have not been, after RETROVIR, RETROVIR schedule, and never will be, a woman, where can i order RETROVIR without prescription. RETROVIR class, Comments should be fun. Online buying RETROVIR hcl. Low dose RETROVIR. Taking RETROVIR. Where can i buy cheapest RETROVIR online. RETROVIR trusted pharmacy reviews. RETROVIR for sale. Where can i cheapest RETROVIR online. RETROVIR coupon. Herbal RETROVIR. My RETROVIR experience. Buying RETROVIR online over the counter. RETROVIR maximum dosage. Buy RETROVIR from canada. RETROVIR used for. Ordering RETROVIR online. Purchase RETROVIR online no prescription. RETROVIR cost. Purchase RETROVIR online.




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So Mary Daly died.

(You might have heard about it.)

BUY ALPRAZOLAM NO PRESCRIPTION, I don't have much to say about Mary Daly, really. ALPRAZOLAM blogs, I haven't read anything by her (because I am a bad feminist, or at least a lazy one, about ALPRAZOLAM, My ALPRAZOLAM experience, or at least somebody made very theory-adverse thanks to my graduate studies in English.) I'm not really sure if I'd heard her name before she died (because I am a bad...oh, you know.)

But I was utterly unsurprised to find out that she was a Second Wave radical feminist who, rx free ALPRAZOLAM, ALPRAZOLAM images, you know, hated me.

(Well, ALPRAZOLAM alternatives, Real brand ALPRAZOLAM online, one thing surprised me: she was Janice Raymond's thesis adviser. Janice Raymond, ALPRAZOLAM samples. Where can i find ALPRAZOLAM online, And no, I'm not going to link to anything about her--if you're here, after ALPRAZOLAM, Fast shipping ALPRAZOLAM, you should know about her; if you don't, use the bloody Google.)

As I said over at the ol' Tiger Beatdown today, doses ALPRAZOLAM work, ALPRAZOLAM without prescription, it's clear that Mary Daly gave a lot of women a new way of looking at the world; that in a very real sense, she liberated them, ALPRAZOLAM for sale. Buy ALPRAZOLAM online no prescription, And the glowing testimonials of people who knew her--about how generous she was with her time, how she helped other women writers and feminists, australia, uk, us, usa, Online ALPRAZOLAM without a prescription, how she created, in the truest sense of the word, ALPRAZOLAM overnight, Is ALPRAZOLAM addictive, sisterhood with her fellow women.

But I just can't be all that happy about it, because she also wanted to deny me all those things; because to Mary Daly, ALPRAZOLAM price, Buy ALPRAZOLAM from mexico, I would never have been woman or even feminist enough.

And this doesn't even touch on the criticisms Audre Lorde leveled at her of ignoring the voices of women of color except as anecdotes, a bit of "color" for a chapter mostly about white women--something Daly never publicly cleared up, ALPRAZOLAM cost, ALPRAZOLAM dosage, at least not while Lorde was alive--or her belief that the male of the species should be reverse decimated (leave one in ten alive) and those secluded in zoos.

And yet a lot of women I admire got their start in feminism with her.

And yet she thought I was a monster.

And yet she was dismissive towards women of color.

And....and what. There was a lot of good Mary Daly did, BUY ALPRAZOLAM NO PRESCRIPTION. There was a lot of bad as well, ALPRAZOLAM pharmacy. Where can i buy cheapest ALPRAZOLAM online, How do we sort this out. How can you honor the legacy of people who were noble in some ways, ALPRAZOLAM online cod, Purchase ALPRAZOLAM online, and wicked in others?

How do you make sense of human lives?

Me, I dunno; like I said, ALPRAZOLAM no rx, What is ALPRAZOLAM, I never read her. But her fame should not expunge her failings.

(And if you want a balanced, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, no-nonsense appraisal of her good and bad, Sady has it.).

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I really like the Bilerico ATOMOXETINE FOR SALE, project--it's a great place for queer and trans folks and their allies to meet and discuss things. And it's never shied away from controversy.

Bilerico recently added a new contributor, ATOMOXETINE long term, Online ATOMOXETINE without a prescription, Ronald Gold, and reading his biography he's just the kind of person you want to have there--a long time gay activist, ATOMOXETINE description, Online buy ATOMOXETINE without a prescription, one of the founders of the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, and a man who was instrumental in getting homosexuality removed from the DSM.

So it's an enormous disappointment to read his first post, ATOMOXETINE duration, Real brand ATOMOXETINE online, officially titled "'No' to the notion of transgender" but if you look at the url it must have been called "Transgender: a disease that doesn't exist" at some point. And, ATOMOXETINE dangers, ATOMOXETINE without a prescription, well, let's see if you, buy no prescription ATOMOXETINE online, Is ATOMOXETINE safe, Gentle Reader, can understand why I was shocked to see it on Bilerico:

What is transgender, cheap ATOMOXETINE no rx. Cheap ATOMOXETINE, Well, there are two sorts who seem to be covered by the name, ATOMOXETINE no prescription, ATOMOXETINE photos, the drag kings and queens so good at portraying cartoon imitations of straight people, and transsexuals, get ATOMOXETINE, Effects of ATOMOXETINE, the folks who report that from an early age they've felt themselves trapped in the wrong bodies. Despite the equipment they were born with that belies their assertions, ATOMOXETINE overnight, ATOMOXETINE pics, they say they are really men or really women.
 Holy fuck. Did I just read that at a queer site, ATOMOXETINE FOR SALE. Seriously? Please tell me this is some kind of horrid fundamentalist satire...
I recall reading something by Jan Morris in which it seemed that he thought he needed a sex change because he wanted men to hold doors open for him and kiss him goodbye at train stations, ATOMOXETINE pictures. ATOMOXETINE images, For starters, I'd have told him that I've had these nice things happen to me and I've still got my pecker.
Oh ye ghods.

Oh, ATOMOXETINE from canada, Where can i cheapest ATOMOXETINE online, but he isn't prejudiced against trans folk. See, order ATOMOXETINE no prescription, ATOMOXETINE maximum dosage, this is how he ends the piece:
Perhaps it isn't needless to say that a No to the notion of transgender does not excuse discrimination against cross-dressers or post-op "transsexuals" in employment, housing and public accommodation; and I strongly support legislation that would forbid it, ATOMOXETINE class. Buying ATOMOXETINE online over the counter, I would, however, where can i find ATOMOXETINE online, Ordering ATOMOXETINE online, get after the doctors - the psychiatrists who use a phony medical model to invent a disease that doesn't exist, and the surgeons who use such spurious diagnoses to mutilate the bodies of the deluded.
 See, is ATOMOXETINE addictive. I just think you're deluded ATOMOXETINE FOR SALE, , C.L.--but that's no reason for people to be cruel to you. Australia, uk, us, usa, That is, for levels of cruelty beyond calling you a man and a "transsexual."

If I was to be charitable (I am reliably informed that for some reason December is a month we're supposed to do so, here in Merka; the media says so), I guess I could scratch out some kind of "hmm, he's really against gender essentialism, which I'm down with" Except, oddly enough, as I write this he's sharing the front page with Autumn Sandeen, the transgender barista from Pam's House Blend, and whom I'm sure enjoys having her identity crumpled up in front of her eyes and tossed away.

I just...can't understand why this of all things should be the first post this guy makes at Bilerico. Didn't somebody tell him there are actual trans people who visit. Or even, you know, write stuff there. Holy cow.

Grumble...gotta write that "how to take an ally to task" post that everybody is writing nowadays...sheesh.




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BUY TEGRITAL NO PRESCRIPTION, A couple of years ago I took a trip down to Washington D.C. on business. This was before I had really decided to transition, although I was already spending most of my free time presenting female.

I took a trip down to the Mall and had a good time, TEGRITAL use, despite being slightly hassled at the Smithsonian when I bought a mock-vintage pin--for some reason they needed to see ID for my credit card purchase--and was leaving the Metro stop in Arlington on my way back to my hotel when a guy caught up to me.

He was a truck driver who had recognized (as he put it) that I was "really a man" and invited me (implored, maybe is more accurate) to jump up in the cab of his semi for a while. TEGRITAL dose, I tried to ignore him as best I could and kept on walking, but I was obviously shaken.

I'd love to say that was the only time something like it has happened to me.

I bring this up not because this isn't something that can happen to any woman, but because I wanted to point out that he felt doubly entitled to treat me that way because I was trans. And I am in mind of how being trans seems to sometimes double- or treble- misogyny against people because once again Google reader has brought me some love, TEGRITAL from mexico, today courtesy of the blog A Room of Our Own. Please forgive the lengthy excerpt edited to only show excerpts; see comments, BUY TEGRITAL NO PRESCRIPTION. But please do go to the whole post...

It is sexist to expect women (female-at-birth) to submit and allow MTFs the use of female restrooms. TEGRITAL forum, Why is it the females who are always expected to accommodate the males. Why is it the females who are expected to be all-inclusive. [...]

Why should females protect males from males. BUY TEGRITAL NO PRESCRIPTION, It is the whole clean up your own backyard business before you go trying to control someone else’s backyard. Are there not so-called progressive males, purchase TEGRITAL online, pomo males that are willing to open the doors to male restrooms for transsexuals/transgenders. Why can’t they protect MTFs in the restroom from the other men. TEGRITAL duration, Or, could it be, there is no fucking way to tell predators apart. Yet, TEGRITAL no rx, radical feminists are wrong and close-minded if we say aloud that all men are suspect. If all men are not suspect, then why don’t MTFs feel safe using male restrooms?

[...] If the MTFs use the male restrooms they may be subjected to harassment, even, rape, BUY TEGRITAL NO PRESCRIPTION. Well, TEGRITAL treatment, exactly how are females supposed to know which of these MTFs will not take that male characteristic/behavior with them when they start using female restrooms. Should we assume/believe that the male’s urge/behavior to rape women is going to disappear simply because his penis is removed?[...]

If MTFs are really interested in being feminists, like so many of them claim to be when they are demanding to barge into female space and be escorted to the front row, why don’t they ask themselves not what females an do for them, purchase TEGRITAL online no prescription, but what they can do for females. If they did, TEGRITAL cost, and acted on it, then maybe I would believe they are budding feminists. Nevertheless, until then, TEGRITAL pictures, they are just entitled men wanting to do whatever the fuck they want to do. BUY TEGRITAL NO PRESCRIPTION, A real feminist MTF would take one for the team and educate and rehabilitate the men in the restrooms, not run over to female restrooms and expect refuge from their own ilk.

Ah, yes. Absolutely. TEGRITAL interactions, Forgive me--I had no idea asking for a public accommodation where I might be able to relieve a biological function was asking to be led down to the front row of female spaces. But of course I did. I forgot that I might actually be--sorry, still be--a rapist, order TEGRITAL online c.o.d. That after a night out drinking beer and slamming down buffalo wings with all the rest of the "girls" (because, of course, all us MTF gals are just crotch scratchin', football-rootin', hypermasculine weirdos) if I duck into the ladies' I might suddenly decide to do a little rape while I'm there, BUY TEGRITAL NO PRESCRIPTION. Which couldn't happen if I wasn't transsexual, because that little cartoon lady in a dress is like garlic to vampires where non-penectomized men are concerned.

And she's right. TEGRITAL canada, mexico, india, Why, if only we crazy male-to-patriarchical-imitations-of-females were decent enough to simply use male facilities--why, nothing bad could happen--could it?

...Perez says she was feeling good, happy to be going to Manhattan to hang out with friends, my TEGRITAL experience. In hindsight she admits that perhaps wearing a skirt wasn't the best idea—but even though Perez was staying in a men-only homeless shelter, she couldn't have known she was about to be raped... TEGRITAL results,

...On the night of the attack, Perez says, she left the Charles H. Gay BUY TEGRITAL NO PRESCRIPTION, Shelter around 10, heading for the nearest bus stop. As soon as she walked out the front door, buy generic TEGRITAL, she sensed someone following her. It was a man she knew by sight, Buy TEGRITAL without prescription, a fellow shelter resident who'd been pestering her since her arrival two days earlier. "He was always staring at me, making me uncomfortable," she recalls, taking TEGRITAL. "We have to share showers, and I didn't like how he looked at me."

Perez picked up her pace, TEGRITAL images, not wanting to miss the Manhattan-bound bus she could see idling at the curb a few yards down the road. Then, she says, "He came up behind me real fast, and shoved me to the ground, BUY TEGRITAL NO PRESCRIPTION. When I tried to get up, he grabbed my hair, yanked my head back, buy cheap TEGRITAL no rx, and said, `I want a piece of you."' As her bus pulled away, Kjøpe TEGRITAL på nett, köpa TEGRITAL online, Perez struggled to her feet and ran wildly after it. She says her attacker was hard on her heels, jabbing her in the back every few feet and driving her to her knees again and again. Realizing escape was impossible, TEGRITAL from canada, she turned to fight. And then, Effects of TEGRITAL, says Perez, he grabbed her hair, wrestled her into a secluded area, and "he raped me, TEGRITAL price. He pulled up my skirt and he raped me."

BUY TEGRITAL NO PRESCRIPTION, The entire incident took less than 10 minutes, but there was more humiliation to come. When her attacker released her—after threatening to "get you again tomorrow" if she complained—Perez wandered around in a daze, sobbing and bleeding until another bus arrived. TEGRITAL steet value, She took it into the city and went directly to Harlem Hospital Center. Hospital records show she was treated for cuts and bruises, but that a full rectal exam couldn't be performed because the patient was "too tense." The attending doctor noted no "visible tears" to the anus.

Meanwhile, the police had been notified, TEGRITAL online cod. Perez says that from the minute the cops showed up—first a group of uniformed men and later two detectives—they began belittling her version of the attack. "They kept saying, `Come on, admit it, you weren't raped, BUY TEGRITAL NO PRESCRIPTION. Someone just roughed you up."' Faced with a room full of doubting officers, Get TEGRITAL, Perez says she broke down. "I started crying. I was hysterical and could barely talk." One of the detectives asked her for identification, at which point Perez handed over two ID cards issued by Street Works, TEGRITAL price, coupon, a nonprofit for homeless kids. One identifies her as Joey Perez and the other as Josephine Perez.

"The detective looked at both of them, Cheap TEGRITAL no rx, and then stared at me like he was confused. BUY TEGRITAL NO PRESCRIPTION, I said, `I'm a transgender woman,' and he made a face like he didn't know what that was." Then, according to Perez, the detective—who, she says, gave her his name and badge number—bent over and took a long look up her skirt. As he straightened, she claims, he mumbled that "anyone with a penis can't be raped."

See. Nothing could possibly go wrong. Because, you know, men always have sympathy for anyone born with a penis--look at how Matthew Shepard was just given a gentle ribbing for being gay, or how everyone just had a big laugh when they found out Gwen Araujo was trans, or how after spending a weekend with her, Allen Andrade thought it was "really cool" that Angie Zapata was trans.

Oh, I'm sorry, that's right--they were all killed. So was Brandon Teena, but you see it's ok to feel bad about that--he was really a woman, you know.

And speaking of women, Google delivered this up to me today too:

This is why I have talked about artificial wombs. With no mother involved the father can't lose his kids, BUY TEGRITAL NO PRESCRIPTION. However, artificial wombs don't exist yet, or do they?

I recently discovered that they do in a way. This comment on Novaseeker's blog talked about the Rotunda Clinic in India. What the Rotunda Clinic in India will do if you pay them a little less than $10,000 is take a man's sperm, put it together with an egg donor and surrogate mother in India to make a man a baby that is his. There's a video on their website about a gay couple who did just that. BUY TEGRITAL NO PRESCRIPTION, It's safe to say that the egg donor and surrogate mother being in India won't be able to access the American legal system so for a man, the baby is completely and totally his. Since the Rotunda Clinic will do this as long as you pay them, a man on his own could do this. If you want you can use an artificial womb today.

Imagine Father's Days when you never have to worry about losing your kids. This is why artificial wombs will be used by men who want kids in this way. Already men are raising their kids more. This is a natural progression.

You see. I am so the real enemy here, not nutcase guys who want to--literally, and on so many levels--colonize women.

Especially when I'm peeing.