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RETIN-A FOR SALE, Greetings, meatbags and meatbaguettes.

I come to you a witness to a bleak, insipid future, twisted from apathy and self-amusement, online buying RETIN-A. A future where I awake in the middle of the night and realize that despite the multitude of laughs my faux queer studies critiques of Star Trek: TNG and World of Warcraft may have provided the queer community, ultimately I have done less good for the feminist cause than Kate Gosselin and granola-flavored sports drink. Low dose RETIN-A, Overwhelmed with self-loathing and despair, I throw myself to the floor, weeping. The cacophony gives away my position to the mecha samurai gender police, RETIN-A without a prescription, who pull me away to die in the high fructose corn syrup mines before I have time to make sure my eyebrows are even.

We must rewrite the future, RETIN-A FOR SALE. Or, Where can i cheapest RETIN-A online, at the very least, vandalize its Wikipedia article.

Thus I have come to the present day to fight the kyriarchy on its own turf. And get some of those banana waffles from Trader Joe’s that I like, RETIN-A interactions.

I’m going to take the fight to The Man or get a million pageviews trying. RETIN-A FOR SALE, Which brings me to the other reason I’ve come before you.

I know you were all really excited about charging into the belly of the beast all cowgirl style getting gunned down in righteous infamy, Buy RETIN-A no prescription, but the truth is you’re probably better off staying here and holding down the fort. We can’t all be guerilla feminist cyberspace commandos. Commandettes. Nevermind, where can i order RETIN-A without prescription.

What I’m getting at is that the cause needs sympathizers as much as, if not more, than it needs soldiers, RETIN-A FOR SALE. No, I’m not talking about when an American pro wrestler suddenly turns bad and starts dressing as whatever country or culture we’re at war with to anger all the white cis hetero fans in the audience. RETIN-A price, coupon, Jesus.

The fuck are you doing watching that haberdashery anyhow. ChickFight or gtfo. RETIN-A FOR SALE, I’m talking about establishing a support network. Grassroots and shit, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal. Setting up safe houses and supply drops and raising morale and stuff.

Hey, RETIN-A from mexico, don’t rush me. I’ll get to the literal logistics in my own whimsical time. Chill, RETIN-A FOR SALE.

We have, as a community, RETIN-A treatment, grossly underestimated the effect of activist burnout on our numbers. This isn’t saving the rainforest or getting Facebook to add a polyamorous option in the relationships section. RETIN-A schedule, Nobody’s going to burn down your crops on Farmville for speaking your mind or demanding your rights. The threat of harassment in this “line of work” has a money back guarantee. RETIN-A FOR SALE, Even if you make it through the jungles without being picked off by the enemy, you can still get team-killed by misinformed allies or other activists who feel your gender identity is an “invasion of their space”. Experts in the field call this phenomena “fucking bullshit”.

Let’s clap our hands and believe very hard that we can achieve unilateral equality within a year, RETIN-A coupon. That’s a year you may have to go without family, childhood friends, RETIN-A canada, mexico, india, job security, physical safety, steady housing, social validation, RETIN-A price, and a whole litany of other basic life necessities that I won’t go into because getting up as early as I do for my day job is daunting enough already. Now add onto that the questions universal (How will I pay all these bills. How much food will it take to keep me alive, RETIN-A FOR SALE. RETIN-A steet value, Where do I get those shiny metal things that turn on the pinball machine?) Then there’s, you know, that whole “write essays, read lots of blogs, RETIN-A trusted pharmacy reviews, protest on street corners and talk into microphones without drooling all over yourself” business, which shouldn’t take up TOO much of your time if you’re the fucking Flash. Canada, mexico, india, Yeah. Not so “copy and paste”, is it.

So okay, purchase RETIN-A online no prescription. RETIN-A FOR SALE, You probably can’t, or shouldn’t, be joining the fray. You have your reasons. A job. Taking RETIN-A, A family. Living with illness or disability. Whatever the reason, you just can’t devote as much time to the fight as others, RETIN-A FOR SALE. That does not, no matter what anyone (especially me) tells you, RETIN-A forum, make you less vital to the cause.

Here. Online RETIN-A without a prescription, If you’ll permit me to get all anecdotal:

When I played little league soccer and my team lost or I got a fucking cleat right in the knee or something, the only solace there was to be had was knowing at the end of the game there would be juice boxes and fruit and feigned (but well-meaning) praise from my parents. I played soccer for three years. RETIN-A FOR SALE, Without those end of the game morale boosts to mend my frayed self esteem, I wouldn’t have lasted two months.

Soccer kids need juice boxes, about RETIN-A. Freedom fighters need safe houses. Mix and match as you see fit. RETIN-A alternatives, One to do the fighting and one to give the former a helping hand when they need it is more valuable than two who fight, burn out from lack of support, and quit within a year.

Now, before you open another browser tab and bring up my last post and make me eat my words, let me clarify: being a sympathizer, a support, a helping hand, can also be a 24/7 gig, RETIN-A FOR SALE. In some cases, order RETIN-A from United States pharmacy, being a supporter is a greater challenge than being an activist.

My activism consists mostly of writing and art, Buy RETIN-A no prescription, both of which I would be doing anyway if I wasn’t an activist. I can’t fucking wait for this civil war to be over so I can actually do this shit for money. I enjoy this. RETIN-A FOR SALE, I get an immense amount of gratification for this. Much more, online buying RETIN-A hcl, I imagine, than you will doing any of the things I suggest at the end of this article (with maybe one or two exceptions…brown chicken brown cow). RETIN-A recreational, I’m not a hero. I just know all the songs.

If there’s any money left over after I make my student loan payment this month, I will buy a hat and tip it towards you, RETIN-A results.

So, TCMV, I hear you ask in a shrill monotone that for some reason makes me miss my days in art school, what are some ways I can assist in the overthrowing of the patriarchy from the comfort of my own home, RETIN-A FOR SALE.

Here is a small list of things our boys and girls out in the field needed yesterday.

• A hot meal. RETIN-A mg, Feminists don't let feminists eat hot pockets in the dark. A pretty girl who made me dinner did more for my state of mind than a fistful of pharmaceuticals. RETIN-A FOR SALE, • Gifts. Right as I was about to quit queer blogging forever, someone sent me a copy of Transparent in the mail. Now I'm writing for twice as many publications as before, and tomorrow I'll be taking an international conference call to discuss being a managing editor of one of the biggest gender studies blog out there. OMG THE BOOKS ARE FUCKING MAGIC.

• Taking one for the team. Right now I want you to type “Sex improves” into google and see all the autocompletes it generates, RETIN-A FOR SALE. Concentration. Health. Studying. Athletic Performance. RETIN-A FOR SALE, Other stuff you probably need a little help with. Don't guard that shit like the Guggenheim. Pass it around. Do your part in helping us create an army of super flexible human calculator feminists to bring down The Man. Hot damn, I'm getting horny just thinking about it.

• A place to crash (if they're in town for something), RETIN-A FOR SALE. The less money spent on accomodations or rental cars/public transit, the more you can spend on like flyers and signs and shit. And booze. Not that I think 24 packs of PBR should be associated with feminism. I'm just saying. RETIN-A FOR SALE, We could use to win over as many people as possible.

•Pretty much anything you would do for a local band you were really into and wanted to see succeed. Hey. You never know. Maybe you'll hit the jackpot and meet a trans feminist who's also in a band. I hear these people exist out there, somewhere...(tell the door man you're there to see Trapped In The Arcade and if we get enough to show up they'll actually pay us!)

Til next time.

Fight the chaotic good fight.


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3 Responses to RETIN-A FOR SALE

  1. Lucy

    I’ll cook you dinner, but I’m not going to be a comfort woman for the cause.

    My college thesis was supposed to be about how to integrate practices to boost resilience into activist movements to avoid burnout … and then I got burnt out and churned something half-assed out six months after the due date when I had dropped out of any activism movement. This stuff is hard.