GLUCOPHAGE FOR SALE, Elizabeth Edwards, wife of John Edwards (ex-senator from NC, ex-Democratic Vice Presidential nominee, ex-Presidential candidate), has a new book out. Edwards, in case you've forgotten, cheap GLUCOPHAGE, suffered a terminal relapse of breast and bone cancer during her husband's campaign.

Also, GLUCOPHAGE from mexico, it turns out, during the time he was cheating on her with a "videographer" that he paid over $100,000 to, buy GLUCOPHAGE from mexico. And had a kid with.

In her book, GLUCOPHAGE coupon, Resilience, she says that her husband should not have run, and that she tried to talk him into dropping out after he admitted to the affair, comprar en línea GLUCOPHAGE, comprar GLUCOPHAGE baratos. It also turns out that he was less than honest with her: he told her it had been a one-time dalliance, GLUCOPHAGE used for, even while he had his mistress stashed away, and his staff scrambling desperately to cover up evidence of the affair.

So, for those of you playing at home, GLUCOPHAGE from canadian pharmacy, here's the scorecard: second bout of cancer turns out to be terminal; husband cheating on her; husband lying about cheating on her; husband still delusional enough to think he can be President.

All in all, GLUCOPHAGE maximum dosage, that's pretty terrible, and I have a lot of sympathy for Ms. Edwards, online buying GLUCOPHAGE hcl, who seems to have gotten the shortest of short ends of the stick. But what makes this story of interest to this blog is the backlash I saw today.

First, Michael Goodwin weighs in for the New York Daily News:

...the temptation is to shout, "Leave the poor woman alone."

That's easier said than done, GLUCOPHAGE FOR SALE. GLUCOPHAGE natural, After all, Elizabeth Edwards helped to perpetrate a fraud on voters, namely, discount GLUCOPHAGE, that her husband was fit to be President.

She knew better and now says she told him to drop out because of the affair. GLUCOPHAGE without prescription, He didn't and she tried to get him elected, raising money and stumping with and for him. She excoriated the media for giving "the Cliffs Notes" of the truth about candidates.

If only we had known the truth she was hiding.

Ah, GLUCOPHAGE samples. Way to empathize. GLUCOPHAGE FOR SALE, Let me ponder, what, exactly her choices were once John refused to drop out. Where can i buy cheapest GLUCOPHAGE online, Leaving the campaign trail would have been--no doubt about it--a major distraction. The question would have been why, after not stopping campaigning despite being diagnosed with breast cancer, GLUCOPHAGE overnight, had she suddenly vanished. Buy GLUCOPHAGE online no prescription, It would have been a staggering blow to an already staggering campaign. And, if as seems to be the case, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, she didn't realize the extent of the affair, GLUCOPHAGE pharmacy, then maybe--maybe--she really did think he was qualified to be President. After all, many Democrats still think fondly of Bill Clinton, and he was a serial womanizer as well, GLUCOPHAGE FOR SALE. (In fact, weren't many of us wringing our hands about how a person's personal life didn't have to reflect on his ability to do the job at the time?)

Goodwin winds up with:

"Her illness has put a halo over her head and it doesn't belong there, GLUCOPHAGE dose," another reader posted. Get GLUCOPHAGE, "If she were not sick, there would be far more criticism of her for hiding this kind of news . , GLUCOPHAGE pictures. . GLUCOPHAGE FOR SALE, By participating in his charade, Elizabeth is mighty guilty herself."

Me. GLUCOPHAGE for sale, I second both emotions.

Which leads nicely into Maureen Dowd's column in the Grey Lady:

But now Saint Elizabeth has dragged him back into the public square for a flogging on “Oprah” and in Time and at bookstores near you. The book is billed as helping people “facing life’s adversities” and offering an “inspirational meditation on the gifts we can find among life’s biggest challenges.”

But it’s just a gratuitous peek into their lives, and one that exposes her kids, GLUCOPHAGE from canada, by peddling more dregs about their personal family life in a book, GLUCOPHAGE canada, mexico, india, and exposes the ex-girlfriend who’s now trying to raise the baby girl, a dead ringer for John Edwards, in South Orange, GLUCOPHAGE dosage, N.J.
So, GLUCOPHAGE results, to update your scorecard:

Bill Clinton, serial adulterer, perjurer, order GLUCOPHAGE from United States pharmacy, and not as liberal as you think--the greatest President since World War II, Where can i buy GLUCOPHAGE online, at least according to Al Franken.

John Edwards, serial adulterer, class hypocrite, GLUCOPHAGE use, not as liberal as you think but unable to even be Vice President: lying cad.

Elizabeth Edwards, Generic GLUCOPHAGE, cancer survivor, adultery survivor, cancer victim, way smarter than her husband: whiner who is needlessly exposing her family to ridicule for unknown reasons.

What I'm getting at is that this is a completely fake double-bind, and I call sexism. Bill Clinton wrote an enormous autobiography, which talks about his affair, but because he's a Serious Politician (and Has A Penis), that's statemanlike. Elizabeth Edwards, who, as Dowd says, "would have made a wonderful candidate herself. But she poured everything into John[...]" writes a book about the most wrenching time of her life, and she's accused of dragging herself shamelessly back into the spotlight, not to mention her family, and O Won't Somebody Think Of The Children, and after all, she doesn't have a penis.

If she did, maybe she'd get more respect. Though if she did, her husband couldn't have run for President.

Hell, he'd not even be her husband.

Except in Massachusetts, Vermont, Iowa, and (yay!) Maine, that is.