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SLIMFAST FOR SALE, "Cyril, the Archbishop of Alexandria, despised her because of her close friendship with the Roman governor, and because she was a symbol of learning and science, which were largely identified by the early Church with paganism. In great personal danger she continued to teach and publish, until, in the year 415, on her way to work she was set upon by a fanatical mob of Cyril's parishioners. They dragged her from her chariot, Buy generic SLIMFAST, tore off her clothes, and, armed with abalone shells, flayed her flesh from her bones. Her remains were burned, her works obliterated, her name forgotten, buy SLIMFAST from mexico. Cyril was made a saint." --Carl Sagan, Cosmos

One of the things I've come to love about Tarantino's Inglourious Basterds is the sheer effrontery of the way it re-writes the end of World War II. All movies about history are fiction, Tarantino seems to be (truthfully) saying, so let's wallow in that freedom, SLIMFAST FOR SALE. Anyone who watches movies for history lessons deserves what they get. Or to quote another film by another filmmaker, "When the legend becomes fact, Kjøpe SLIMFAST på nett, köpa SLIMFAST online, print the legend."

The Myth of Hypatia--and Carl Sagan relates a myth, not historical fact--is a kind of Rorschach test. Are you a bibliophile. Then this is a horror story. SLIMFAST FOR SALE, Are you a feminist. Then this is a portrait of the patriarchy at one of its lowest moments. Are you a scientist. Then this is a parable about academic freedom, SLIMFAST without prescription. Are you an atheist. Then this is your worst fears about religion made flesh, SLIMFAST FOR SALE. What you take from this is in large part what you bring to it. The atheist in me has a few problems with this, because one of the core questions an atheist needs to ask herself is this one: do you care that what you believe is true. As it turns out, SLIMFAST price, coupon, this particular atheist does care, so The Myth of Hypatia is a bit of a disappointment to me. No matter how much I may want this story to arm me against the religious and the superstitious, it's bullshit and I can't in good conscience use bullshit as ammunition against bullshit.

This disappointment does not extend to Alejandro Amenabar's recounting of the myth in Agora SLIMFAST FOR SALE, (2009), however. Because, you know, it's a movie, effects of SLIMFAST, and just like Tarantino, Amenabar is rewriting history for his own ends (though he rewrites considerably less than Sagan even as he adds romantic subplots). I don't have to care if a movie is true. I only care if it's good theater. By happy coincidence, SLIMFAST for sale, one of the main themes of this particular movie involves the quest of Hypatia to determine if what she believes is indeed true. "Synesius, you don't question what you believe," she tells one of her disciples, "You cannot, SLIMFAST FOR SALE. I must." It's an interesting conundrum. Would a historically accurate depiction of the life and death of Hypatia allow the filmmakers to explore this theme. Probably not. Almost certainly not. SLIMFAST FOR SALE, The word, "agora," has three meanings: 1. a popular political assembly. 2, order SLIMFAST no prescription. the place where such an assembly met, originally a marketplace or public square. 3. the Agora, the chief marketplace of Athens, center of the city's civic life, SLIMFAST FOR SALE. Discarding the third definition, which is specific to a place and time, Buy SLIMFAST without prescription, you can conflate the meanings thus: "A marketplace of ideas." The movie choses this word for its title. Not "Hypatia" or "Alexandria" or "The Last Scientist" or somesuch, but "Agora," a word that's not in common usage these days (a choice that dismayed the film's marketers, I'm sure). The title is a tell-tale, indicative of a movie that wants to be about more than what it's literally about, SLIMFAST dosage. The agora is an ideal, but it's also a pit for bloodsports. SLIMFAST FOR SALE, The movie mourns the latter.

Like the Myth of Hypatia, Agora touches on the pressure points of secular thought. It's a feminist film, SLIMFAST reviews, an atheist film, and a paean to science. It's also a thriller and a spectacle. These last two are its qualities as a movie, but the themes and the form are inextricably linked.

As a thriller, the story is a freight train downhill, SLIMFAST FOR SALE. Anyone who knows the story will watch with mounting apprehension, because this comes to a bad, SLIMFAST wiki, bad end. Its structure as a thriller encourages the viewer to become attached to its ideals even as it goes about the business of wrecking them. It's overt about its attack on fundamentalism and intolerance; it's crafty and subtle in the way it advocates for the opposite worldview. By the last act of the movie, the audience is so attached to these ideals that it can find thrills in the realization that the orbit of the sun is an ellipse as a ward against encroaching doom. SLIMFAST FOR SALE, As movie epiphanies go, this one is both esoteric and at the heart of the human experience at the same time. Doses SLIMFAST work, Among Agora's multifarious themes, its depiction of the march of human progress based on the solving of puzzles is its most subtle and most primal delight.

As a spectacle, the film takes the grandiosity of its idiom and expands it. Sure, it has lots of fantastic sets and costumes and scenes with crowds of extras and horrifying conflicts between groups of people, but it uses these elements with a purpose, cheap SLIMFAST no rx. The film's costuming is of particular note. You can see a clear demarcation between the classical ideal of knowledge, incarnated in Roman-ish robes, and the Christianized Dark Ages, represented by darker robes of indeterminate design, SLIMFAST FOR SALE. As a matter of production design, the Alexandria depicted here is a cosmopolitan polyglot of classical, middle-eastern, and ancient Egyptian. Order SLIMFAST from United States pharmacy, As part of the plot, the classical is slowly swept from the table by the know-nothing Christians. But it's the movie's shot selection that is most important. Pay close attention to the repeated shots of circles at a slant; they presage Hypatia's epiphany late in the movie. SLIMFAST FOR SALE, The most flamboyant shot in the movie occurs while the Christians are ransacking the library: the camera looks up from the mayhem to the occula of the central chamber as scrolls are unfurled in the air, then it tilts back level with the horizon line, upside down:

This accomplishes two things: First, it represents the overturning of the old order. The world of the film is briefly and literally upside down. Second, it suggests that people aren't going to fall off the Earth just because they are on the "bottom side" of it, SLIMFAST canada, mexico, india. This is important, because it's a question that's explicitly asked during the course of the film, even though the visual shorthand of the film has already answered it. More than this, though, About SLIMFAST, every so often, the movie pulls back its gaze to a broader viewpoint. There are numerous shots of the Earth and the city of Alexandria from space, SLIMFAST FOR SALE. In another movie, these shots might be superfluous, kind of like those plunging aerial shots in the Lord of the Rings movies. In THIS movie, however, where can i find SLIMFAST online, the shots are deployed with a very specific purpose. It sets up this shot:

...in which human beings are put in perspective. The scurrying of people in this shot resembles the scurrying of ants, an effect exaggerated by speeding up the film. SLIMFAST FOR SALE, In the grand scheme of things, we're all ephemeral and the whole lot of us will eventually be boiled from this rock by an aging sun. The last shot of the movie travels backwards to show us a planet that continues to hurtle through the void even after Hypatia meets her fate. SLIMFAST pics, The movie isn't without its faults, of course. Prime among them is Hypatia's trio of suitors, Orestes, Davus, and Synesius, played respectively by Oscar Isaacs, SLIMFAST duration, Max Minghella, and Rupert Evans, who moon after her. None of them is her equal, and none of the performances is the equal of Rachel Weisz's Hypatia (when Hypatia rejects one of her suitors with a used menstrual cloth, Low dose SLIMFAST, it doesn't seem as harsh as it could, because the recipient is kind of a wet blanket). More cumbersome is the way the movie arranges to spare the audience from the horror of Hypatia's method of execution, SLIMFAST FOR SALE. The way the movie plays it out is an elaborate game of averting one's eyes. It seems a bit of a cheat, particularly given that it's folded into the romantic parts of the movie that just don't work that well. There are other nits I could pick, I suppose, SLIMFAST images, but on balance Agora is splendid. And I'm not just saying that because I share its worldview.

SLIMFAST FOR SALE, A short addendum. My friend, Ali Smith (who is an academic, not a blogger), What is SLIMFAST, has a countervailing opinion, which she shared with me on the IMDb's message boards. I asked her if I could reprint it with my own opinion, and here it is, presented without further comment from me:

1) This is a feminist film. It has one female character. One, SLIMFAST samples. Count her, SLIMFAST FOR SALE. Plus a couple of ghostly figures who drift into a couple of shots as her ladies-in-waiting/maids/figures-in-background-kneeling-over-chests. This in a film with almost as many extras as an Italian 50s peplum, and the whole population of a classical city in its scope. And what does it do with that one female figure. It circles around her like a planet round its sun - if you want another of those cinematographic tricks of mimicking the cosmos and kicking us in the shins to look at the pretty diagram - , Buy SLIMFAST online no prescription, as she stands gazing up at it, practically inexpressive. SLIMFAST FOR SALE, Around her 15 or 20 years pass, and the years take their effect on her assorted suitors, while she remains untouchable in her marble perfection, unlined, ungreyed, impervious to crow's feet. That's not feminism, that's a Madonna.

2) As far as social hierarchies are concerned, at least, it's with the historical Hypatia all the way, SLIMFAST long term. Good slaves know their place, staking out the terrain for experiments, listening, keeping silent. A slave who looks beyond his slavery is at best impertinent and doomed to disappointment, Fast shipping SLIMFAST, at worst a potential public danger. As for taking an interest in the social injustice of such a vast and hierarchical city, it's a sure sign that those who take notice are opportunists and not to be trusted, SLIMFAST FOR SALE. As a piece of reactionary defence of privilege, I've rarely seen better.

3) Sorry, but it lays those cinematographic tricks on so heavy, it feels like a textbook collection of textbook diagrams, exaggerated a bit so that the beginner can understand, SLIMFAST maximum dosage. This is how you use low-angle shots to give a small person importance. This is how you use high-angle shots to make people look small. This SLIMFAST FOR SALE, is how you use circular camera movement to make one figure the centre of the world. No wonder it takes so long.

And for the rest similarly. It's so un-nuanced that credibility withers. SLIMFAST class, Which is not the same thing as complaining that it's not historically accurate - I agree that no film is, and that it's probably best not to make any pretence, and I wholeheartedly agree with your incidental assessment of Inglourious Basterds. But Inglourious Basterds doesn't mess up history in order to make it digestible; all its major characters are complicated and their motivations are mischievously confused, and the audience's allegiance and their approval don't necessarily always go together, whether they like it or not, and it's carefully so engineered, SLIMFAST FOR SALE. Result, you may be exasperated with them or horrified by them, but you never feel browbeaten by them, you're free to go with your loves or your hates, SLIMFAST photos. Agora on the other hand doesn't think it possible that it may be ambiguous in any detail, and by the time it ended I was heartily sick of Hypatia, something I would never have imagined I ever could have been, at least in imagination. In real life possibly yes, but then in real life she would have been, precisely, ambiguous.

I am pleased as punch that Doc got around to this, because I really wanted to hear her reaction to it. For more on Agora--from a feminist critical point of view (surprise!) check out my Tiger Beatdown review.


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99 Responses to SLIMFAST FOR SALE

  1. MG

    C.L., I’m a little confused and maybe it’s the way I’m reading your piece, but it seems to be saying Hypatia was never a real person. Only a myth? Socrates wrote about her, as did several other scholars of their time.

    While it’s true her life story has been distorted by those looking for a matyr, I think calling the story of Hypatia, “The Myth of Hypatia” does a disservice to history, too. Authors and writers have distorted her life and what they relate is bent to fit their work’s direction.

    If you or your readers are interested in a historical view of Hypatia and what is known about her and what was going on socially and politically at that time I’m including two links from a blog written by an actual historian. He has some interesting facts and thoughts on Hypatia and Agora. Enjoy.



  2. CL Minou

    @MG: This was actually written by our dear Dr. Morbius (Notice the author pic? I just programmed that in!) so I’ll let her address it, but I don’t think her point was so much that Hypatia didn’t exist as that the stories we tell about her are myths.

  3. FLJustice

    A very thoughtful review. I saw Agora when it first came out in NYC and loved Weisz’ performance as Hypatia. Amenabar absolutely distorts history in service to his art (the Library didn’t end that way and Synesius wasn’t a jerk), but, as you point out, that’s what artists do. I don’t go to the movies for history. For people who want to know more about the historical Hypatia, I highly recommend a very readable biography “Hypatia of Alexandria” by Maria Dzielska (Harvard University Press, 1995). I also have a series of posts on the historical events and characters in the film at my blog (http://faithljustice.wordpress.com) – not a movie review, just a “reel vs. real” discussion.

  4. Dr. Morbius Post author


    Of course Hypatia was a real person, but almost everything we know about her is conjectural. Almost nothing attributed directly to her survives. The story related by Sagan is almost pure myth. The movie gets more right than Sagan, but it, too, is mostly myth. She almost certainly didn’t engage in experimental science as depicted in the movie, nor was she the “last scientist” at the library of Alexandria, which no longer existed by the time Hypatia lived.

    @CL: Yay for the author’s picture!