"Ain't you got no men to do this?"
BROMAZEPAM FOR SALE, "No, ma'am, I don't,"

Movies don't usually have an overt thesis statement, but this exchange from Debra Granik's stark indie hit, Winter's Bone, serves pretty well.  It's a familiar kind of movie--it's a hard-boiled detective film--with unfamiliar trappings. We don't get the mean streets of the city at night. The movie is set in the Ozarks, BROMAZEPAM mg. And we don't get the cynical, Buy cheap BROMAZEPAM, hard-drinking private eye, either. Rather, BROMAZEPAM recreational, we get a seventeen-year-old girl who is just trying to keep her family together. We do, however, get most of the plot points of film-noir detective film, but given the other elements of the film, it all seems fresh and new, BROMAZEPAM FOR SALE. BROMAZEPAM from mexico, Certainly, the power dynamics are different when you have a poor teenage girl rather than a hardened detective, but she perseveres with the same stubbornness and moral rectitude of a Philip Marlowe or a Lew Archer, what is BROMAZEPAM.

This film is also a portrait of the wreckage left by late capitalism, BROMAZEPAM photos, envisioned by the film as a stark winter of discontent, possibly as a new dark age where established institutions like law and education have completely failed and where the feral world of drug trafficking has taken their place. Granik and her cinematographer, buy BROMAZEPAM no prescription, Michael McDonough, BROMAZEPAM online cod, capture all of this in a cold, desaturated style that casts its setting as vaguely post-apocalyptic. This is the world that men have wrought, buy no prescription BROMAZEPAM online, the film suggests, BROMAZEPAM coupon, and the men are absentee landlords, either literally as in the case of our heroine's missing father, or figuratively as weak, buy BROMAZEPAM without prescription, venal characters. BROMAZEPAM FOR SALE, Women are left to clean it all up, and frankly, it's a shit job. BROMAZEPAM pics, Ree Dolly, played by the a-MAY-zing Jennifer Lawrence, is this film's version of the private eye, cheap BROMAZEPAM, and a more unlikely candidate for the job is hard to imagine. BROMAZEPAM from canada, At least Marlow and Archer had contacts and the resources of their clients. Ree has only her own determination. This doesn't stop the film from throwing her into those brutal situations in which hard-boiled detectives sometimes find themselves, where to buy BROMAZEPAM. It doesn't stop the goons in the employ of the film's bad guys from kicking the shit out of her, BROMAZEPAM FOR SALE. In the traditional hard-boiled story, BROMAZEPAM samples, these kinds of scenes are designed to show how tough the detective is, and to knock the detective so far down that it seems that there's no way back up. It serves the same function here, buy BROMAZEPAM online cod, but the inequality between the opponents throws it into even starker contrast. Buy BROMAZEPAM online no prescription, Ree's major antagonist is Merab, played with stony resolve by Dale Dickey. In a lot of ways, BROMAZEPAM price, she's Ree's doppelganger, Buy BROMAZEPAM from mexico, in so far as she's stubborn and not above getting her hands dirty. BROMAZEPAM FOR SALE, She, too, is cleaning up the messes left by her men folk.  It seems oxymoronic to claim Merab as a feminist villain (meaning that she's not a villain because she's a feminist, by the way), BROMAZEPAM forum, but here she is. BROMAZEPAM duration, Both characters function as everywomen, as two sides of the same coin.

The auteurist in me looks at this movie and compares it to Granik's first film, where can i buy cheapest BROMAZEPAM online, the similarly titled Down to the Bone, Purchase BROMAZEPAM online, in which Vera Farmiga plays a rural housewife and mother struggling with drug addiction. Like that film, Winter's Bone is bracingly unglamourous, low dose BROMAZEPAM. Like that film, it links poverty with drug addiction as inextricably linked, BROMAZEPAM FOR SALE. Like that film, BROMAZEPAM blogs, it's about a woman trying to keep her family from getting sucked into the downdraft. Both films find the kind of stark beauty in poverty that one finds in depression era photography. Auteurs in the purest sense tend to make the same movie over and over again, BROMAZEPAM cost. It appears that Granik is doing exactly that, BROMAZEPAM overnight, but she's discovered, like many directors before her, that she can smuggle her thematic concerns to a wider audience by framing things in terms of genre, purchase BROMAZEPAM. BROMAZEPAM FOR SALE, That's the main difference between her two films. She links Winter's Bone to the plot and visual style of a film noir thriller, Taking BROMAZEPAM, while she was content to just turn her camera on the characters in Down to the Bone and let them play things out without genre archetypes. Good as Down to the Bone might be (and it IS very good), I think Winter's Bone is probably stronger for it.  It lets the story set the hook, then it reels the audience in for the rest.

Winter's Bone should still be in theaters. Down to the Bone is on DVD and is currently available for instant streaming from Netflix.

--Dr. Morbius.