So Liss over at Shakesville notes that there's a new Ridley Scott version of Robin Hood coming in 2010 BUY SEPAZON NO PRESCRIPTION, , starring Russel Crowe as Robin Hood. This would be yawn inducing news, but for her hilarious transcript of the trailer:

TW] A lone figure runs through dark empty woods, SEPAZON australia, uk, us, usa. Armor-clad knights ride horses through the woods. SEPAZON online cod, A tripwire is released and a net flies up. A wolf walks among corpses from a battle. A man peeps on an undressing woman, BUY SEPAZON NO PRESCRIPTION. A thread is pulled through cloth, where can i order SEPAZON without prescription. Light streams in through a stone wall. Effects of SEPAZON, Armor-clad warriors creep through the woods. Text: "From Ridley Scott. The director of Gladiator BUY SEPAZON NO PRESCRIPTION, ." Armor-clad knights ride horses on the beach. Armor-clad knights run from the water onto the beach, herbal SEPAZON. Russell Crowe emerges from water screaming and raising a sword. My SEPAZON experience, More armor-clad knights ride horses on the beach. Russell Crowe rides a horse. Someone else strikes a tree with a hatchet, BUY SEPAZON NO PRESCRIPTION. Armor-clad knights scream and get hit by falling trees and fight with swords and shit, order SEPAZON online overnight delivery no prescription. Russell Crowe kisses a totes babe. SEPAZON over the counter, Russell Crowe on horseback throws a sword. Text: "Academy Award Winner Russell Crowe." Russell Crowe looks at a bald dude with a sword. BUY SEPAZON NO PRESCRIPTION, Text: "Academy Award Winner Cate Blanchett." Cate Blanchett appears for a brief instant; cut back to bald dude with a sword, who chops the fuck out of someone. Text: "Universal Pictures Presents." Sword-fighting, buy SEPAZON without a prescription. Fire. SEPAZON schedule, Text: "The story behind the legend." Vaguely swarthy dude with beard holds knife at totes babe's exposed bosom. Hey, arrows, SEPAZON long term. A dirty dude hand rubs over Cate Blanchett's face, BUY SEPAZON NO PRESCRIPTION. Russell Crowe runs. SEPAZON australia, uk, us, usa, Text: "The hero behind the outlaw." Gold coins. Swarthy dude on horse grabs Cate Blanchett by the neck. Russell Crowe rides a horse, buy SEPAZON online cod, waving a sword. BUY SEPAZON NO PRESCRIPTION, Russell Crowe kneels over a fallen comrade and makes the sign of the cross. SEPAZON class, Says: "Rise and rise again, until lambs become lions." Ooh, arrows again, buy SEPAZON online no prescription. Text: "Robin Hood." Russell Crowe aims an arrow, SEPAZON duration, blood on his face. Text: "Coming 2010."
 Now, that got me thinking, SEPAZON used for. I really don't need to see another Robin Hood movie: even the presence of BRIAN BLESSED and Alan Rickman couldn't save the unfortunate Costner vehicle Robin Dude: Prince of Dweebs, Where can i cheapest SEPAZON online, and everything ends up just being a sketch on the 1930s Errol Flynn classic.

But it did give me an idea for a blog post series. Movie trailers for films that were never made, BUY SEPAZON NO PRESCRIPTION. So I thought, instead of Russel Crowe as Robin Hood, SEPAZON brand name, howabout him as another hero of English folklore--Dennis Moore!

Dennis Moore. Purchase SEPAZON, That's right, Dennis Moore:

Below is a working script for the Dennis Moore trailer. Note how, order SEPAZON from United States pharmacy, as per the conventions of The Film of the Series, Buy SEPAZON no prescription, I worked in a cameo from the original version!

A group of richly dressed nobles get into a carriage. Text: "In an age of kings..." A masked rider on a horse rides through the night. BUY SEPAZON NO PRESCRIPTION, British soldiers in 18th century uniforms emerge from the mist. Various quick cuts of poor people in rags, buy SEPAZON from canada. Text: "One man dared to stand up." Another shot of the masked rider. SEPAZON treatment, A coach rumbles through the darkness. Cut to soldiers firing muskets. Something explodes, BUY SEPAZON NO PRESCRIPTION. The coach pulls up in front of the masked figure, buy generic SEPAZON, seen from behind in a slow tracking shot from his stirrups to his hat.

Russell Crowe: Stand and Deliver!"

More soldiers. Order SEPAZON from mexican pharmacy, Text: "From Academy Award-winning director Ridley Scott." Horsemen ride; Crowe rakes coins into a bag at a tavern. Text: "Starring Oscar winner Russell Crowe." A brief two second shot of Cate Blanchett in period dress, barely enough for us to register someone blonde, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, elegant, SEPAZON pharmacy, and far too talented for this crap. Text, briefly: "AndacademyawardwinningladyactorCateBlanchett" Crowe, SEPAZON alternatives, with a pistol, SEPAZON no prescription, is relieving the occupants of a carriage of their valuables. BUY SEPAZON NO PRESCRIPTION, One starts to run away. Crowe picks up an axe and flings it sideways, chopping the fleeing man's head off; the blood, as Eric Idle says, goes "pssssss" in slow motion.

Crowe: This redistribution of wealth is trickier than I thought.

Guns. Soldiers. Fire. Poor people dancing. Wealthy nobles at a ball, BUY SEPAZON NO PRESCRIPTION. Horses ride through the dark. Something murky happens while a rock ballad plays. Crowe clutches Blanchett under a waterfall. Text: "DENNIS MOORE"

John Cleese, dressed as a country squire, sits in his library holding a book. BUY SEPAZON NO PRESCRIPTION, He looks up.

Cleese: Dennis. How did the day go. Did you get any gold?

Crowe, off-screen: Sorry, father, they were all out.

Cleese: Ah, I see. Very good. (beat) Did they have any....lupins?

Text: COMING IN 2010.